Coliseum Quests

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PvE ColiseumEdit

The (PvE) Coliseum is a set of quests that consists of beating groups of enemies. Each time the Player beats a Round, the next one will feature stronger enemies with different Attributes.

The (PvE) Coliseum is unlocked after beating Quest 130.

When a Coliseum Tier is completed, the next Tier will feature stronger versions of the enemies defeated in previous rounds, and award Coliseum coins after completing a Tier.
If all enemy groups get defeated within 1 turn, the next several rounds will be unlocked at once. Completing any round will lock skipped rounds.

Players can compete online to reach Top 10. After the player beats an entire Tier of Rounds, they will receive different rewards. Players who reach a certain rank in the Coliseum by clearing Rounds, will receive different rewards.

PvE Coliseum QuestsEdit

Month English Coliseum Quest Japanese Coliseum Quest
June 2021 June 2021
May 2021 May 2021
April 2021 April 2021
March 2021 March 2021
February 2021 February 2021
January 2021 January 2021
December 2020 December 2020
November 2020 November 2020
October 2020 October 2020
September 2020 September 2020
August 2020 August 2020
July 2020 July 2020
June 2020 June 2020
May 2020 May 2020
April 2020 April 2020
March 2020 March 2020
February 2020 February 2020
January 2020 January 2020
December 2019 December 2019
November 2019 November 2019
October 2019 October 2019
September 2019 September 2019
August 2019 August 2019
July 2019 July 2019
June 2019 June 2019
May 2019 May 2019
April 2019 April 2019
March 2019 March 2019
February 2019 February 2019
January 2019 January 2019
December 2018 December 2018
November 2018 November 2018
October 2018 October 2018
September 2018 September 2018
August 2018 August 2018
July 2018 July 2018
June 2018 June 2018
May 2018 May 2018
April 2018 April 2018
March 2018 March 2018
February 2018 February 2018
January 2018 January 2018 January 2018
December 2017 December 2017
November 2017 November 2017
October 2017 October 2017
September 2017 September 2017
August 2017 August 2017
July 2017 July 2017
June 2017 June 2017
May 2017 May 2017
April 2017 April 2017
March 2017 March 2017
February 2017 February 2017
January 2017 January 2017
December 2016 December 2016
November 2016 November 2016
October 2016 October 2016
September 2016 September 2016 September 2016
August 2016 August 2016 August 2016
July 2016 July 2016
June 2016 June 2016
May 2016 May 2016
April 2016 April 2016
December 2015 December 2015
November 2015 November 2015
October 2015 October 2015
September 2015 September 2015

PvP ColiseumEdit

Main article: Coliseum Quests/PvP

PvP Mode has been introduced, as of version 2.6.0 (May 25, 2018).

  • In PvP Mode, you'll face off against other players using multiple Keyblades.
  • As both you and your opponent will have infinite HP, the player that dishes out the most damage will be the winner.
  • There will be monthly ranking periods for PvP, and the Keyblades that can be used in PvP during these periods will be pre-determined.
  • While the number of times you can play PvP is limited per day, you can increase your number of tries by purchasing the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza.

PvP Battle RulesEdit

  • When three Keyblades are used in PvP, you and your opponent will use them one at a time in a three round battle.
  • The player that deals the most damage per round will win that round. The player that wins two rounds first will win the overall match.
  • You and your opponent will alternate who gets the first attack each round.
    For example, if you get the first attack during round one, your opponent will attack first during round two.
  • Buffs and debuffs that last for multiple turns will carry over between rounds.
  • When you defeat your opponent, you and your opponent will swap ranks.
    (Should you defeat an opponent whose rank is lower than yours, there will be no effect on either player's rank.)
  • Battles have a 5 minute time limit. Should the battle exceed this limit, it will be treated as a loss.
    (In this event, rankings will not be affected.)

Other RulesEdit

  • Both you and your opponent will be considered to have no attribute, and therefore have no weak attribute.
    (Excludes Special Attacks that ignore attributes)
  • Status effect skills will have special PvP Mode only effects, and will have different durations from regular battle.
  • Your opponent will be considered a "ground enemy."

Equipping Your KeybladeEdit

  • On the PvP Mode Keyblade screen, you can customize the order of your Keyblades and the Medals in each Keyblade setup.
  • Drag a Keyblade to change the order you'll use your Keyblades in battle.
  • Unlike normal, you cannot use the same Medal more than once in different setups.
    You'll need to strategize carefully about what order to use your Keyblades in and where to place your most powerful Medals!

About Point RewardsEdit

  • You will receive points for participating in PvP battles, and can get different rewards based on these points.
  • You will receive points even in the case of a draw or losing a battle, but you'll receive more points should you win battles instead.
  • Points earned will be reset when each ranking period ends.


  • Should you exit a PvP match before completing it, your progress will not count towards completing the Daily Missions.

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