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Extra Battle 1/3 (07/08/2018)

Extra Battle 1/3 in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ is the thirteenth quest of the Daily Extra Battle Event.

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Extra Battle 1/3
Beast's Castle Logo KHII.png
Maps: East Wing
AP Level Raid Boss
5 100 Trident Tail
Magic AttributeWizard
Only special attacks with a bonus value of 200% or higher allowed.
EN Objectives
Defeat all enemies within 1 turn Moogle 6★ KHUX.png1 Moogle 6★
Inflict 10000 or more damage with 1 hit (excl. Nova) Cid 6★ KHUX.png1 Cid 6★
Complete within 30 seconds Huey 5★ KHUX.png1 Huey 5★
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None None
JP Quest Rewards



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
 1 Armored Knight
 1 Darkball
East Wing
 1 Large Body
 2 Armored Knights
East Wing
 1 Wizard
 4 Bad Dogs
East Wing Target enemy
Total Number of Enemies: 10

Enemy typesEdit



Icon Items found Locations Notes
Attack Prize East Wing