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Quest 362: To Waterfront Park Pt. 3

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« Quest 362
To Waterfront Park Pt. 4
Let's Go Check on Waterfront Park 4
Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png
Maps: Boardwalk

Kana 臨海公園の様子を見にいこう 4
Rōmaji Rinkai Kōen no Yōsu o Mi ni Ikō 4
AP Level Raid Boss
??? 110 Trident Tail
Power AttributeLarge Armor
EN Objectives
Defeat all enemies within 1 turn Avatar Coin KHUX.png6 Avatar Coin
Defeat 15 or more enemies Avatar Coin KHUX.png4 Avatar Coin
Trigger the skillAttack Boost All 1 Mythril Shard KHX.png1 Mythril Shard
JP Objectives
Defeat the Target Enemy within 1 turn Avatar Coin KHUX.png5 Avatar Coin
Defeat at least 10 enemies Avatar Coin KHUX.png5 Avatar Coin
Use the skill Attack Up All S Mythril Shard KHX.png1 Mythril Shard
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None Curative Leaf KHX.png15 Curative Leaf
Curative Flower KHX.png2 Curative Flower
Copper Ore KHX.png9 Copper Ore
Iron Ore KHX.png14 Iron Ore
Spring Water KHX.png4 Spring Water
Forest Mushrooms KHX.png1 Forest Mushrooms
Curative Bulb KHX.png5 Curative Bulb
JP Quest Rewards

Quest 362 takes place in Daybreak Town.

Story summary[edit]

The Player meets Ephemer and they decide to investigate the castle.


After quest

Player sees a boy fighting off an Invisible.

  • Boy: "I'm all right."

Player helps the boy up.

  • Ephemer: "Thanks. I guess I got a little cocky."

They put away their Keyblades.

Player nods.

  • Ephemer: "But I'm working on something other than my Union task today, so think of me as Union free for the day. Hmm. I guess I can tell you what it is, since you helped me out. Can you keep a secret?"

Ephemer approaches Player, who backs away.

  • Ephemer: "The worlds we visit--the worlds of fairy tales--are nothing more than holograms. You know, projections. The light we collect there is actually this world's light."

Player looks thoughtful.

  • Ephemer: "Umm, to put it simply: There are lots of worlds, right? And they're all connected by land. But it's impossible to go around all of them. That's why there's a mechanism that projects those worlds here and allows us to collect Lux from far away lands. I'm gathering information, trying to figure out how the whole thing works. My hunch is that the Book of Prophecies held by the fortellers is what's creating these holograms. Get it? Or have I lost you?"

Player nods and holds their hand toward Ephemer.

  • Ephemer: "Good. Anyway, we're in this town, gathering the light that belongs to this vast world. Not just gathering, fighting over it, without knowing why. After a little digging, I discovered that all the Unions have different goals."

Player thinks about the Fortellers and the Master of Masters.

Player explains their vision.

  • Ephemer: "Really? Interesting... Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't you come with me?"

Player nods assent.

  • Ephemer: "Great! Then let's head to the place you saw in your dream."

Both run off.

  • Chirithy: "Is he yours?"
  • Darker Chirithy: "I don't know, is he?"
  • Chirithy: "You're not the same color you were before."
  • Darker Chirithy: "Very perceptive. So what's your next move? He's getting closer to the truth. Are you going to allow that?"

Zoom on the castle, and pan down to Player and Ephemer running to the gates.

  • Ephemer: "So you don't know where the room is?"

Player shakes head, and looks up at the castle.

  • Ephemer: "I've been here a few times, but I haven't found a way in."

Player looks disappointed.

  • Ephemer: "All right, let's split up and see if we can get inside somehow."

Player and Ephemer smile and run off.

  • Text: "Search for a way into the tower."



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Munny Egg KHUX.png
Power Attribute1 Munny Egg Waterfront Park Has a chance of appearing.
Shadow KHX.png
Power Attribute5 Shadows Waterfront Park
Red Gummi Copter KHX.png
Power Attribute1 Red Gummi Copter
Speed Attribute1 Yellow Gummi Copter
Magic Attribute1 Blue Gummi Copter
Waterfront Park
Aerial Knocker KHX.png
Power Attribute2 Aerial Knockers Waterfront Park
Possessor KHX.png
Magic Attribute3 Possessors Waterfront Park Attacks First
Aerial Knocker KHX.png
Power Attribute1 Aerial Knocker Waterfront Park
Large Armor KHX.png
Power icon KHUX.png1 Large Armor
Power Attribute3 Dire Plants
Waterfront Park
Total Number of Enemies: 19

Enemy types[edit]



Icon Items found Locations Notes
Item Prize 3 KHX.png
Item Prize Waterfront Park
Attack Prize 1 KHX.png
Attack Prize Waterfront Park
HP Prize 1 KHX.png
HP Prize Waterfront Park
Attack Prize 3 KHX.png
Attack Prize Waterfront Park

Proud Mode[edit]

  • Counterpoint, AOE abilities.
  • Defeat all enemies within 1 turn (Dark Matter)
  • Collect 1000 or more Lux (Avatar Coins)
  • Use at most 1 ability (Dark Matter)