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This month's Events ve
August ? Lux KHX.png Surprise Event
August 1 BP KHDR.png Monthly Mission Update
August 3 Lux KHX.png Chasm of Challenges
BP KHDR.png Elemental Challenge Events
August 4 Lux KHX.png Deluxe PvP Rewards
August 6 BP KHDR.png Main Quest
August 7 Lux KHX.png 3-Day Limited Union Challenge
BP KHDR.png Premium Quest Key Challenge
August 10 Lux KHX.png Strong Boss Battle
Lux KHX.png Returning Scenario Event
Lux KHX.png Deluxe LUX Ranking
Lux KHX.png Union Cross Summer Festival
August 13 Lux KHX.png Bambi Screen Debut Event
August 17 Lux KHX.png Defeating Boss Event
Lux KHX.png Deluxe Union Cross Rewards
BP KHDR.png New Cards Added
August 21 Lux KHX.png Onward Event
August 24 Lux KHX.png Big Bonus Challenge
Lux KHX.png High Score Challenge
Lux KHX.png Gem Drop Raid Event
August 25 Lux KHX.png Deluxe PvP Rewards (Gems)
August 29 Lux KHX.png KHUX JP Version 5 Year Anniversary Countdown Event