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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ

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Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ Logo.png
Kingdom Hearts Union χ Logo.png

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ, later renamed as Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], is a Kingdom Hearts game exclusive to the iOS and Android smartphone platforms/mobile devices; and was first announced on May 12, 2015.[1] During Square Enix's E3 Conference on June 16, 2015, a trailer for the game was released showcasing gameplay. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ was released in Japan on September 3, 2015 and in North America on April 7, 2016.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ features plot and gameplay elements from the Japan-exclusive web browser game Kingdom Hearts χ, and is free to play, but contains in-app purchases. It is the first Kingdom Hearts game to be released on smartphone platforms/mobile devices.

In April 2017, the game was rebranded with the Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] content update, featuring multiplayer and a theater mode.[2]

On September 7, 2018, a new game mode called χ3 [ex tres] (composed of 5 "Classic Kingdom" mini-games) was added to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross], which, once all cleared, would grant access to a product code that would allow the player to redeem a Starlight Keyblade skin in Kingdom Hearts III, for the platform of their choice.

Version history

Version 3.3.0

Release date: June 27, 2019 (EN)[3]

Update Details

– Added the Beginner's Guide button to the Home screen.
– Increased visibility of Boosted, Supernova, and Supernova+ Medals in Medal List.
– Up to 99 of the same Trait Medal can now stack into one slot in Medal Storage.

  • In conjunction with the update, players will no longer be able to place Trait Medals in their spirit slots (6th slot) and select them as their shared Medal.
  • Trait Medals cannot be stacked in the following situations.

 - [Caution] Medals with traits.
 - Leveled up Medals, or Medals with their special attack enhanced.
 - Medals with skill attached to them.
 - Locked Medals and shared Medals.
[Caution] Please note that Medals with Special Traits (and nothing else) obtained through Spirit Training can be stacked, but will lose its Special Trait once it is stacked.

– Added new Filter categories in Medal List: Trait, Can Evolve, and Supernova.
– Adjusted the Special Attack sort option in Medal List.
Huey & Dewey & Louie Medals will now appear when selecting [Optimize] in the Level Up menu.

  • Attack Medals will no longer be selected when using [Optimize].

– Adjusted the transition after a Raid Boss spawns.

Addressed Issue

– Addressed issues with Reflect.

Version 3.2.0

Release date: March 28, 2019 (JP),[4] April 4, 2019 (EN)[5]

Update Details
  • Added Spirit Training.
  • Added feature to increase battle and movement speed during quests.
    • This feature can be found by selecting the [INFO] button in the top-right corner of the screen during a quest.
      • The speed can be increased up to two levels.
      • This feature is not available in multiplayer (Union Cross).
  • Added the following bonuses to Jewel Box E purchases.
    • Jewels rewards earned from completing Daily Missions are doubled.
    • Unlocks 1 additional Medal slot in Spirit Training.
      • These bonuses will be available until the 11:59 p.m. (PT) of the last day of the month on which you purchased the Jewel Box E.
      • These bonuses will NOT stack even if you purchase multiple Jewel Box E for the month.
  • Added a Ground / Aerial Enemy DEF -60% effect to all Novas and Supernovas.
    • This effect applies ONLY to damage dealt from Novas and Supernovas. It will NOT affect damage dealt by normal attacks and Special Attacks.
  • Added feature to evolve the tier of Blue Fairy Medals by one tier, using Blue Fairy Medals of the same tier.
  • Raid Bosses that you have spawned will now appear in the Raid Boss aid requests screen.
  • Supernova and Trait slots information can now be confirmed when evolving a Medal.
  • The amount of Lux earned from certain enemies has been adjusted.
  • Data download sizes are now displayed.

Version 3.1.1

Release date: December 20, 2018 (JP), December 20, 2018 (EN)

  • Implemented various bug fixes

Version 3.1.0

Release date: November 29, 2018 (JP),[6] December 6, 2018 (EN)[7]

System Additions
  • Product codes for the Starlight Keyblade that can be used in KINGDOM HEARTS III are now being distributed.
    • Product codes will be redeemable after the release of KINGDOM HEARTS III.
  • Added option to automatically equip Medals into Keyblade subslots.
  • Added option to unlock all spaces of a Board at once if you have a sufficient amount of Coins to unlock all spaces.
  • Added feature to remove a specific Medal from all Keyblades and subslots.
    • The feature can be found in each Medal's Medal Details screen. Medals will be unequipped from all Keyblades and subslots, including Spirit slots and PvP decks.
  • Buffs and debuffs can now be stacked up to +/-15.
  • Adjustments have been made to the "Optimize" option when equipping Medals.

Version 3.0.1

Release date: October 4, 2018 (JP),[8] October 4, 2018 (EN)

  • Players are now able to navigate directly between χ3 [ex tres] Mode and the HOME screen
  • Super Skip Tickets are now given instead of Skip Tickets as a bonus for purchasing certain Jewel packs
  • Tapping on the description for special attacks and Supernova stops the scrolling.
  • In timed quests, the timer now stops after dealing the finishing blow, rather than after the enemy's defeat animation.
  • Implemented various bug fixes

Version 3.0.0

Release date: September 6, 2018 (JP),[9] September 7, 2018 (EN)[10]

System Additions
  • Added χ3 [ex tres] Mode,
  • Added Classic Kingdom to χ3 [ex tres] Mode.
  • Added Community to χ3 [ex tres] Mode.
  • Added Limited-Time Challenge to χ3 [ex tres] Mode.
  • Updated app icon
  • Revised the "Help" section (Accessible by going from "MENU > Other > Help" in the menu.)
  • Implemented various bug fixes

Version 2.7.0

Release date: July 12, 2018 (JP),[11] July 19, 2018 (EN)[12]

Version Update Contents
  • The Missions screen, which was previously only viewable from the Home screen, will now be viewable from all locations.
  • Changed the options of the lineup sorting feature, which is available when you tap the screen while in the Home screen.
  • If the Raid Boss that you are battling is defeated by another player, your contribution will now appear in that player’s Results screen.
  • Added the option to flee from Raid battles. *Please note that the damage that was done prior to fleeing will be counted properly.
  • Added the “Imitation (Unleashes the same attack as the previous or next Medal)” option to the Medal filter.
  • Changed the appearance of the damage indicators in quests so that it is easier to read.
  • Changed the placement of your opponent's skill indicators in Coliseum battles.
  • Facebook posts will now utilize the Facebook interface.
  • Edited app icon
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 2.6.0

Release date: May 23, 2018 (JP),[13] May 25, 2018 (EN)[14]

System Additions
  • Added PVP Mode, which can be accessed through the Coliseum
  • Added 7★ Medal rarity
  • Added Keyblade subslots
  • Added ability to use the Medal 'optimize' feature to Story Quests, Proud Mode, and PVP Mode
  • All following quests in the same questline will now unlock automatically after completing a Story Quest
    • Skipped quests will be uncleared.
    • There are some Story Quests you will not be able to skip.
    • The skip feature does not extend to Proud Mode.
  • A PUSH notification will now be sent out when a party member activates their 'Lux Boost'
  • Added the following Medal filter options:
    • 7★ Rarity, SP Attack Bonus 7, SP Attack Bonus 8, Upright/Reverse Buff/Debuff
  • Added the following Medal sort option:
    • Sort by score bonus (useful for score events, like High Score Challenges)
  • Made the following adjustments to Keyblade upgrade materials, making it easier to upgrade Keyblades to +25:
    • Mythril Stones, Mythril Gems, Mythril Crystals, Orichalcum, and Adamantite Ore are no longer required upgrade materials
    • Only one Mythril Shard is required to upgrade a Keyblade to +1
    • Only one each of upgrade material collected from stages (such as Curative Leaves, Copper Ore, etc.) is required to upgrade a Keyblade to +1
    • The Moogle O' Glory Keyblade quests are now permanently available
    • The following quests have been removed: each Keyblade's corresponding Materials quest, Mythril Madness, Adamantite Ore Challenge quests.
    • No changes have been made to the amount of Gems, Electrum Ore, or Dark Matter needed to upgrade Keyblades.
  • Made the following adjustments to Special Quests:
    • Mon.-Fri.: one of five former Combination VIP Quests will be offered daily
    • Sat./Sun.: former VIP Skill Quest will be offered
  • Fusing two of the same Medal together, even if they are different rarities, will now result in the base Medal gaining a new trait
    • Example: fusing a 4★ No.200 KH II Aerith into a 6★ No.202 KH II Aerith will result in the 6★ KH II Aerith gaining a trait
  • Increased maximum Medal slots from 1300 to 2000
  • Added names to Jewel packages available for purchase (no changes have been made to the amount of Jewels in each package)
  • Added display support for iPhone X

Version 2.5.1

Release date: ??? (JP), March 27, 2018 (EN)[15]

Update Contents
  • 'New' will now display by unread notices.
Additionally, the following features and bug fixes were implemented on March 29, 2018
  • Increased Lux level cap to 500.
  • Increased Keyblade upgrade level cap to 40.
  • Fixed a bug where Upright/Reversed buffs would not be removed after using a Medal with a 'remove target's status effects' Special Ability. Example Special Abilities affected by this bug include Alice's 'Dispel' and Antiform Sora's 'Antihero.'

Version 2.5.0

Release date: January 18, 2018 (JP),[16] February 1, 2018 (EN)[17]

Version Update Contents
  • Added Low resolution option.
  • Added "Draw Odds" button where players can check the odds of receiving Medals in-game from each current banner.
  • Added ability to use Nova Attack during Auto-Battle.
  • Increased max Lux obtainable from raid bosses.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.4.1

Release date: ??? (JP), November 27, 2017 (EN)[18]

Version Update Contents
  • Fixed a bug where the end battle animation would slow slightly if a Spirit's Trick activated at the end.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the "Boosters" button on the character profile screen would cause the app to crash.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 2.4.0

Release date: November 2, 2017 (JP),[19] November 8, 2017 (EN)[20]

Version Update Contents
  • Added Booster feature that temporarily boosts parameters.
  • Added Mission feature.
  • Added party members' login status display.
  • Adjusted Raid Boss notifications.
  • Added Auto-Battle feature to quests.
  • Adjusted Auto-Battle save function.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 2.3.1

Release date: September 21, 2017 (JP),[21] September 28, 2017 (EN)[22]

System Additions
  • Added the Pet System.
  • Added support for iOS Game Center achievements.
  • Added 'come back' incentive quests which will trigger after a player has not logged in for 60+ days.
  • Added additional features to be implemented at a later date.
UI Tweaks
  • Added the "View Equipment" button to the Coliseum and High Score ranking screens so players can check the Keyblade set ups used by other players.
  • Added the ability to sort by "Border Rank" on ranking screens in addition to "Me" and "Top 10". This option will display the players ranked in the tail end of a specific reward tier.
  • Added ability to sort Medals by "Special Attack Bonus" and "Traits".
  • Changed the Lux Ranking TOP 5 Crown display on the avatar details screen.
Various Bug Fixes/Adjustments
  • Increased amount of Jewels received from the daily login bonus.
  • Increased all players' Medal storage capacity by 100.
  • Improved the tutorial story quests (1-6).
  • Adjusted the following story quests to make them more enjoyable to play: 8, 14, 24, 34, 47, 54, 66, 76, 81, 96, 102, 120, 130, 160, 183, 200, 217, 230, 250, 275, 325.
  • Added one new Cost board, which will be available from the beginning of the game.
  • Changed the special attack effect for all ★4 and lower rarity Medals.
  • When using the Auto function during a raid battle, devices will no longer auto-lock due to a lack of input.
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 2.2.0

Release date: July 13, 2017 (JP),[23] July 20, 2017 (EN)[24]

Added completion percentage to Quest selection screen (Menu → "Quests")
  • Story screen: completion percentage for Standard Mode and Proud Mode challenges added.
  • Special screen: completion percentage for active quest challenges added.
  • Event screen: completion percentage for active event quest challenges, along with Raid Boards and Event Boards added.
  • Union Cross screen: completion percentage for active Cross Boards added.
  • Coliseum screen: current rankings will now be displayed.
Added completion icon to Event/Special banners
  • When you fully complete a challenge and board (if applicable), a completion icon will become filled in.
Added MVP Rewards to Union Cross
  • There are two categories for MVP rewards: total damage done and number of times reviving a player.
  • The damage MVP status will be awarded to the player who does the most total damage during the quest.
  • The player revival MVP status will be awarded to the player who revives the most other players while in the downed state.
  • Rewards will be given for both MVP statuses.
  • Should no players need to be revived during a quest, all players will receive the MVP rewards for that category.
Change to Party Lux Ranking Specifications
  • After joining a party, the Lux Boost button cannot be pressed until after 11:59 p.m. (PT) on the same day.
  • Party Lux Rankings will refresh in real time. (Previously once per day.)
  • Party Lux totals will be the sum of Lux accumulated by each member while they are in that specific party.
Added category to filter "Outfits" accessories by each Perk
Various UI tweaks
  • Enlarged banner sizes on the Home screen to make them easier to read. Home screen can now display up to 5 banners at a time.
  • On the Avatar Boards selection screen, for boards with accompanying announcements, a "details" button will now appear on the lower part of the Avatar Board.
  • On the Medal List screen, a Special Attack Bonus icon will now display near the particular Medal.
Other minor bug fixes

Version 2.1.0

Release date: June 8, 2017 (JP),[25] June 8, 2017 (EN)[26]

Added Features and Adjustments
  • Players now have the option to play Union Cross Multiplayer content with party members only.
  • Quest selection screens in Coliseum and High Score events will now display the player’s current ranking, as well as the rewards for one ranking above the current ranking.
  • Players will now be able to view post-upgrade stats before upgrading a Keyblade.
  • Damage and Lux values have been adjusted to fit within the screen during raid boss battles.
  • Cooldown times between raid boss fights have been lowered.
  • Raid boss battles now feature an Auto Mode. By selecting the Auto button on the bottom of the screen, attacks will be automated.
  • New skill icons have been added. Skills have been categorized by function for easier distinction.
  • During events where additional boards become available, boards will now be available even without having to return to the Home screen.
  • Medals with BGM now play their BGM when viewing their details in the Draw Results screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the ability damage from the "Damage in Raids +40%" trait ability was lower than intended.
  • Ability damage from the "Extra Attack: +40% Power" trait has been adjusted to have an easier time going through enemies’ defense.
  • The traits "Extra Attack: +40% Power" and "Damage in Raids +40%" now affect normal attacks (both Single and All target).
  • The Android version now supports Google Play achievements.
  • The Android version no longer supports multi-window mode.
Bug Fixes
  • Weekly Union rankings now display values up to 999,999,999,999,999.
  • Fixed an issue where Lux values above a specific value did not display correctly in raid boss fights.
  • Fixed a bug where party invite notifications were only displayed for party leaders, and when not in a party.
  • Android 7.0 devices can now receive AP recovery notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where Android 7.0 devices were sometimes unable to start multiplayer mode when power-saver mode was enabled.
  • Fixed several other minor issues.

Version 2.0.2

Release date: April 14, 2017 (JP),[27] April 20, 2017 (EN)[28]

Union Cross (Multiplayer Quests) Adjustment
  • Items dropped from enemies will now be given to all players who participated in the battle with that enemy. (Previously, these items were only given to the player who landed the finishing blow on the enemy.)
Union Cross (Multiplayer Quests) Bug Fixes
  • When tapping on another player's Revive icon, the player would perform a normal attack.
  • If the Main Objective and Time Objective were completed at the same time, only the players that attacked the Time Objective enemy would receive rewards.
  • Players who became disconnected after pressing "Play Again" on the Results screen would be unable to progress.
  • Other players' attack animations would not play when the Continue window appeared.
  • Fixed an issue where, if you are in the middle of a Special Attack while the rest of your party completes the main objective, certain Special Attack graphics would continue to remain on the screen into the Results Screen.
  • Buff/Debuff/Status Effect icons would not display properly on Target boss enemies.
Other Quest Bug Fixes
  • An issue when fighting enemies with counters where certain Medal images would remain on the bottom left of the screen.
Traits Adjustments and Bug Fixes
  • The values for the traits "Ground Enemy DEF -20%" and "Aerial Enemy DEF -20%" have been increased from -20% to -60%. In addition, this trait can no longer be stacked. (Having two of one of these traits on the same Medal will not increase its effect)
  • Fixed an issue where the "Damage in Raids +40%" trait would only apply to Special Attacks, and not to normal single attacks or normal area attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where "Extra Attack: 40%" would only trigger on Special Attacks, and not on normal single attacks or area attacks.
UI Fixes
  • Fixed an issue on the Keyblades overview screen where, if in possession of 10 or more Keyblades, tapping on an empty space would select another Keyblade.
  • Fixed an issue on the Party Members screen where wide avatar parts like the "Juggler: Accessory" would cover a player's Lux level.
  • Fixed Cross Boards to display a message on screen indicating that a Cross Board has been opened.
  • Fixed an issue where "Overwrite Failed" would appear on the screen even if a skill overwrite was successful.
  • Fixed an issue where certain text would not appear properly on certain Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue on the Keyblade sets selection screen where the app would sometimes crash when attempting to max one's Special Gauge with an unstable connection.
  • Fixed startup issues occurring on several Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue in the second Main Quest (in the initial Tutorial) where the game would become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where an error message would sometimes appear when using Jewels to replenish the Special Gauge when progressing through the Coliseum.
  • Fixed several other issues.

Version 2.0.0

Release date: March 23, 2017 (JP),[29] April 6, 2017 (EN)[30]

  • Renamed to Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]
Image Updates
  • Design of the app icon has been updated.
  • The opening cutscene has been updated.
  • The title screen has been updated.
  • The BGM for the title, home, and UI screens have been updated.
New Content and Features
  • Multiplayer mode "Union Cross" has been added.
  • Theater Mode has been added.
  • Medal Traits have been added.
  • New facial expressions and skin colors have been added.
  • Tutorial Quests have been added.
System and Parameter Updates
  • Strength buffs (including attribute-based strength) can now be stacked up to 7 times (previously 3).
  • Defense debuffs (including attribute-based defense) can now be stacked up to 7 times (previously 3).
  • You will now be able to reduce the cost of Medals up to 20 (previously 10) using ★6 Cid Medals.
  • You will now be able to recruit players that belong to a party.
  • Game data will now be downloaded after a player completes the tutorial (Quests 1 through 6).
  • The ability to unlock Special Attack Bonus on a Medal will now be achieved upon completing the Quest 34 (previously 200).
UI Updates
  • "Union Cross" has been added to the Quests page.
  • The Special Attack Bonus tier will now be displayed as a number in addition to the previously used icon.
  • The Medal filter feature has been expanded.
  • The Medal will now display the Special Attack Bonus tier upon being pulled.
  • Added shortcuts to the Keyblade selection screen.
Battle Speed Adjustments
  • You will now be able to act immediately after the text “PLAYER TURN” appears when engaging an enemy.
  • Increased the speed of the jump attack animation when battling raid bosses.

Version 1.2.1 (JP: 1.4.0)

Release date: November 2, 2016 (JP),[31] November 10, 2016 (EN)[32]

System Additions
  • Added the new “Nova” system.
  • Added functions for future events.
UI Adjustments
  • While in the Medal Fusion screen, if you sort by Special Attack, Medals equivalent to the base Medal will now appear on the top.
  • Adjusted the speed of the fast-forward via tap feature in the Results screen.
  • Added the “Special Attack Bonus” and “No Special Attack Bonus” options to the Filter feature.
  • Added the ability to sort by Proud Mode and standard quests in the story quests.
  • When selecting a Keyblade for a quest, it will now display an animation of the Keyblade.
  • Avatar Board slot unlock animation has been sped up.
  • Improved the speed of the chat feature.
Quest, Battle Additions and Adjustments
  • If you are on top of a warp point after battle, you will now not warp immediately.
  • Poison damage is now capped at 40,000.
  • Enemies of higher level will now have higher resistance to status ailment effects such as poison, paralysis, and sleep.
  • Adjusted how damage is calculated for Special Attacks that have a variable damage multiplier. The damage multiplier values displayed for certain Special Attacks have also been modified. (Please note that these adjustments are all improvements beneficial to the player.)
  • The application icon has been updated.
  • Addressed an issue wherein if the “Second Chance” skill is triggered by an enemy’s pre-emptive attack, even if you take more than one turn to defeat the enemy, the game will treat it as a 1 TURN TRIUMPH.
  • Other minor issues have been addressed.

Version 1.1.2 (JP: 1.3.1)

Release date: August 4, 2016 (JP)[33], September 1, 2016 (EN)[34]

System additions and adjustments
  • Added Perks System.
  • Added Daily "Lux Boost" Function.
  • Added multiple decks per Keyblade.
  • When navigating and then returning to the Home screen, the music will now continue playing where it left off rather than restarting the theme.
  • After failing or giving up a quest, your ability gauge will now reset to its pre-quest state.
UI Adjustments
  • On the Medal List, Boost/Evolve/Munny/Cost/EXP Medals (except for Scrooge) can now be stacked up to 99.
  • We improved the member overview on the Party screen.
  • We have placed a Party button on the profile screen.
  • It is now possible to search other parties without leaving your own party.
  • Medal deals that guarantee a specific Medal within a certain number of attempts will now display a counter that indicates the number of attempts remaining before the specified Medal is certain to appear.
  • You can now view Coliseum information on the profile screen.
  • During battle, triggered buffs will now display their icon before the attack.

Version 1.1.0 (JP: 1.3.0)

Release date: June 30, 2016 (JP)[35], July 7, 2016 (EN)[36]

Resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue causing certain Android devices to receive "Error 103", preventing installation.
  • Fixed slowdown issues in quests for certain devices .
  • Fixed Medal graphics appearing blurry during quests on certain devices.
UI Adjustments
  • Added a timer to show remaining time for Medal deals. Note that while a timer will be displayed next to Daily Deals and Small Deals, these offers will never expire.
  • Time will be shown in relative time, such as "X days before" and "X hours before".
  • Added option to send party invites to players level 200 or higher.
  • After leveling up or evolving a Medal from the Medal List or Equipment screens, you can now return to the position you were at on those screens.
  • You can now scroll to the end of the quest rewards screen with a single tap instead of a long press.
  • Players can now return from the raid support request screen during a raid battle.
  • Ticker scroll speed has been adjusted.
  • Several other adjustments have been made.
Added Features
  • Added functions for Events and Campaigns.
  • Added support for free text entry in other languages using the system font.
Quest Adjustments
  • Fixed an issue causing players to immediately engage another group of nearby enemies after finishing a battle.
  • Adjusted icons for buffs and debuffs.

Version 1.0.0

Release date: September 3, 2015 (JP), April 7, 2016 (EN)

  • Initial release of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.

JP-only Version updates

  • Version 1.1.0: December 7, 2015.[37]
  • Version 1.2.0: March 31, 2016.[38]
  • Version 1.2.1: April 28, 2016.[39]

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