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LV, or Level, is a stat in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ that is used by the Player, Medals, Keyblades, and Enemies.

The Player's LV is determined by the total amount of Lux collected. Increasing the Player's LV restores AP, rewards the Player with Avatar Coins, and unlocks new Avatar Boards at certain Levels. The Player's LV also determines which Medals show up on the Friend Medal list, in addition to the Medals shared by other members of the Player's Party (if the Party is not at full capacity). The current maximum LV is 850+ in the English version, and 800+ in the Japanese version.

A Medal's LV determines the STR and DEF of that Medal. A Medal's LV can be raised by giving it enough EXP. The maximum LV of a Medal is determined by its rank; 10 for ★, 20 for 2★, 40 for 3★, 60 for 4★, 80 for 5★, 100 for 6★, and 120 for 7★. A Medal needs to be at its maximum LV before it can be evolved.

A Keyblade's LV determines the Slot Multiplier, Friend Multiplier, and number of gauges. A Keyblade's LV can be raised by upgrading it with the required materials. Upon reaching certain LVs, the Keyblade's appearance changes.

An enemy's LV determines its HP, STR, and DEF. Each quest has a default enemy LV. However, certain Event quests contain higher, or lower, LV enemies.


AP, or Action Points, are a stat used for playing quests.

Most Event quests and Raid Boss have AP costs. When the Player's AP runs out, they have to wait for it to recover, or refill it immediately by spending Jewels. 1 AP is restored for every 3 minutes in real time. Increasing the Player's LV refills the Player's AP for free. The maximum AP can be increased by unlocking AP Nodes on Avatar Boards. The current maximum AP is 198.


HP, or Hit Points, is a stat that is used for the Player and enemies.

The Player's HP determines how much damage the Player can take before being knocked out. The Player's maximum HP can be increased by unlocking HP Nodes from Avatar Boards. Equipping Medals with the HP +800 Trait temporarily raises the Player's HP, as long as that Medal is equipped in the active Keyblade set. The Player can recover HP during quests by collecting HP Prizes, or by using the Special Attack of certain Medals. When the Player's HP reaches 0, HP Recovery I Pet trick and Second Chance Skills have a chance to activate and revive the Player. If the Skill doesn't activate, the Continue screen will be shown, where Jewels can be used to revive the Player. Some game modes, like Proud Mode, disable the ability to continue. In Union Cross Quests, if the Player's HP reaches 0, other Players have a small period of time to help the Player and revive them.

An enemy's HP determines how much damage it can take before it is defeated. An enemy's amount of HP depends on its LV. Some enemies can restore a portion of their health when attacking. The Green Requiem and Emerald Sonata restore HP to all enemies when their counter reaches 0. Some bosses only require the Player to decrease their HP past a certain point to win, instead of bringing it to 0.


STR, or Strength, is a stat that determines the damage dealt with attacks.

A Medal's STR determines the base damage it deals. It can be increased by raising the Medal's LV. An extra 1000 STR can be given to a Medal by fusing Chip Medals into it. The STR +1000 Trait increases the Medal's STR even further. Boosted Medals come with 1000 more base STR. If a Medal is boosted, or has a STR +1000 Trait, the STR stat is displayed in yellow.

A Keyblade's STR is a combination of each Medal's STR, multiplied by the Slot Multipliers.

An enemy's STR is determined by its LV.


DEF, or Defense, is a stat that determines the damage received by attacks. The minimum amount of damage the can be dealt is 1 per hit.

A Medal's DEF determines the damage the Player receives from attacks. The higher the DEF stat, the less damage the Player receives. It can be increased by raising the Medal's LV. An extra 1000 DEF can be given to a Medal by fusing Dale Medals into it. The DEF +2000 Trait increases the Medal's DEF even further. Some boosted Medals come with 1000 more base DEF. If a Medal is boosted or has a DEF +2000 Trait, the DEF stat is displayed in yellow.

A Keyblade's DEF is a combination of each Medal's DEF.

An enemy's DEF is determined by its LV. Using a Medal with the Ground Enemy DEF -60%, or Aerial Enemy DEF -60%, Trait will cut the enemy's DEF by 60% for that attack. Some Special Attacks deal fixed damage regardless of the enemy's DEF stat.


Rank is a stat used for Medals and Pets.

A Medal's Rank is represented by the number of ★s it has. A Medal's Rank can be increased by evolving it. A Medal's Rank determines the maximum LV, STR, DEF, and Damage Multiplier of the Medal. The effect of Support Medals improves the higher the Rank.

A Pet's Rank is similar to the LV stat. It can be increased by equipping the Pet with Medals, although the Medals aren't used and can be taken out freely. Therefore, the Pet's Rank can also decrease, unlike the LV stat. The higher the Pet's Rank, the higher the Pet Slot Multiplier. Pets also learn new Tricks in each Rank.


EXP, or Experience, is a stat exclusive to Medals.

A Medal needs EXP to increase in LV. EXP can be given to a Medal by fusing other Medals into it. Huey, Dewey, and Louie Medals give more EXP when fused into a Medal with the same attribute. Cid and Huey & Dewey & Louie Medals give more EXP, regardless of the Medal's attribute. On certain occasions, the game gets a Double EXP Campaign, doubling the amount of EXP given to Medals.


Cost is a stat used for Medals and Keyblades.

A Medal's Cost determines how much space it takes up in a Keyblade. The base cost depends on the Medal's rank; 1 for 1★, 2 for 2★, 12 for 3★, 13 for 4★, 14 for 5★, and 46 for 6★. A 6★ Medal's Cost can be decreased by fusing Cid Medals into it, with a maximum of 20.

A Keyblade's Cost determines how much Medals it can hold. Medals can only be placed in a Keyblade if the total Cost of all Medals don't exceed the Keyblade's Cost. The Cost for all Keyblades can be increased by unlocking Cost Nodes on Avatar Boards.

Damage Multiplier[edit]

Damage Multiplier is a stat used exclusively for Medals.

A Medal's Damage Multiplier determines the amount of damage dealt when using its Special Attack. The Damage Multiplier increases when evolving a Medal to a higher rank. The Damage Multiplier can be increased further by unlocking and increasing the Medal's Special Attack Bonus.

Special Attack Gauges[edit]

Special Attack Gauges, SP, or Gauges, is a stat used exclusively for Keyblades.

A Keyblade's Special Attack Gauges determines how many Special Attacks can be used. Each Special Attack has a Gauge Cost, lowering the Keyblade's gauges by that amount. SP Attack Gauge Skills can be used to lower the amount of gauges used. When a Medal requires more gauges than the Keyblade has, the Medal's Special Attack can't be used. Gauges can be restored by collecting Attack Prizes or using certain gauge-restoring Special Attacks. The maximum number of Special Attack Gauges can increase by increasing the LV of the Keyblade. It can also be temporarily increased by equipping a Medal with the Gauges +2 Trait in the Keyblade set.

Slot Multiplier[edit]

Slot Multiplier is a stat used for Keyblades and Pets.

Slot Multiplier multiplies the STR of the Medal placed in it, if it matches the slot's attribute. A slot usually has two multipliers; one for Power, Speed, or Magic, and one for Upright or Reversed. The Upright/Reversed multiplier is higher than the Power/Speed/Magic multiplier, so a Medal gets the best multiplier when it matches both attributes. The Upright/Reversed multiplier only takes effect if the Medal matches the Power/Speed/Magic multiplier. For example, putting a Reversed Magic Medal in a Reversed Speed Medal won't give it the Slot multiplier. Slot Multipliers can be increased by increasing the LV of the Keyblade.

The Pet Slot has a special Slot Multiplier, as it doesn't have an attribute. Therefore, it gives the same multiplier to all Medals, regardless of attribute. The Pet Slot Multiplier can be increased by increasing the Pet's Rank.

Friend Multiplier[edit]

Friend Multiplier is a hidden stat used for Keyblades.

Like Slot Multipliers, the STR of Friend Medals is also multiplied. This multiplier also increases when increasing the Keyblade's LV.

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