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Parties are groups of players that have come together for a common purpose. People wishing to create parties together must have joined the same union.

Creating A Party[edit]

Creating a party is fairly simple. You can go to the party menu from the home screen by clicking party, or selecting it from the Menu, and then Other. Simply tap "Create Party", enter the name, the type of play style you're looking for from members, a short message to all that will be viewing the party, and your approval method.

The approval methods are as follows:

  • Auto - Anyone who tries to join your party is accepted automatically
  • Manual - Anyone who tries to join your party is put into a list where the leader and administrators can choose to accept.
  • Decline - All requests to join are automatically rejected, A.K.A. the party becomes invite-only

The party leader can choose members to be administrators. Administrators have the ability to invite new members, accept join requests, and kick members. If the party leader is inactive for a long period of time, party members can promote someone else to become the new leader.

Should you wish to delete your party, you must kick out every member and then leave the party yourself. 'Warning: This deletes the party permanently. Use caution.'

Joining A Party[edit]

You can join a party in one of two ways:

  • By having an administrator or leader from a party invite you
  • By searching via "Find Party" from the party sceen

You can filter to the kind of party you'd like to join when searching. Once you've found a party you wish to join, simply tap "Send Request" and wait to be accepted.

If you wish to leave your party, select "manage" from the party menu, and then tap "leave" at the top right. If you wish to re-join, you'll need to send a request again.

Party Features[edit]

Parties have a few features that make them unique and beneficial. In addition to turning the home screen into a hub for viewing all members, there is:

  • A party chat accessible next to the menu button
  • A members list to check players and when they were last online
  • A new leaderboard for parties to compete for prizes based on their ranking
  • Party members' shared medals will appear frequently when choosing a Friend Medal to assist you in quests
  • If a party member cannot defeat a raid boss, the member can call upon others to defeat it, rewarding every player involved

Party Rankings[edit]

Much like individual rank, parties also have a rank that can be viewed on a leaderboard that is updated daily. At the end of each weekly period, all party members are awarded Avatar Coins and a rank 5 Moogle medal. Parties increase in ranking when its members gain Lux. The Lux gained by all members gets calculated into a total figure that determines the party's overall standing.


  • Ranks 1st through 50
    • 100 Avatar Coins and a rank 5 Moogle medal
  • Ranks 51 through 300
    • 50 Avatar Coins and a rank 5 Moogle medal
  • Ranks 301 through 2000
    • 30 Avatar Coins and a rank 5 Moogle Medal
  • Ranks 2001 through 10000
    • 15 Avatar Coins and a rank 5 Moogle Medal