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Welcome Back missions

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The Welcome Back missions are a set of missions, one per day, that are available after not playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ for 60 or more days.

List of Welcome Back missions[edit]

Day Mission Reward
Day 1 Complete 3 story quests! Jewel KHUX.png 3000 Jewels
Day 2 Try fusing Medals! KH III Sora (EX) 6★ KHUX.png KH III Sora [EX]
Day 3 Play a tutorial quest! Cid 10 6★ KHUX.png Cid 10 x 5
Day 4 Play Union Cross with friends! Scrooge 6★ KHUX.png Attack Boost IV Max
Day 5 Try joining a party and making friends! Jewel KHUX.png 3000 Jewels

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