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Union Station KHX.png

Unions are the five factions led by the five foretellers. The five foretellers are Keyblade Masters, apprenticed to the same Master and each bestowed with a copy of the Book of Prophecies. Each foreteller has an associated animal, and hides their identity behind a mask representing that animal. In addition, the foretellers represent one of the deadly sins, as hinted by their names. The two sins not represented in the foretellers are "Luxuria" (Lust) and "Superbia" (Pride).

  • Anguis (アングイス Anguisu?)
  • Leopardus (レオパルドス Reoparudosu?)
  • Unicornis (ウニコルニス Unikorunisu?)
  • Ursus (ウルスス Urususu?)
  • Vulpes (ウルペウス Urupeusu?)

Joining A Union[edit]

After the introductory cutscene and character creation, you'll be asked to join a Union. Each Union is similar to a game server in that you have no contact with anyone in the other Unions. If you are planning on playing with friends, it is advised that you all join the same Union.


Union Foreteller Keyblade Armor Animal Sin
Female Male
Anguis Union KHX.png
Foreteller Invi KHX.png
Foreteller Invi's Keyblade KHX.png Anguis Armor (Female) KHX.png Anguis Armor (Male) KHX.png Snake Invidia
Leopardus Union KHX.png
Foreteller Gula KHX.png
Foreteller Gula's Keyblade KHX.png Leopardus Armor (Female) KHX.png Leopardus Armor (Male) KHX.png Leopard Gula
Unicornis Union KHX.png
Foreteller Ira KHX.png
Foreteller Ira's Keyblade KHX.png Unicornis Armor (Female) KHX.png Unicornis Armor (Male) KHX.png Unicorn Ira
Vulpes Union KHX.png
Foreteller Ava KHX.png
Foreteller Ava's Keyblade KHX.png Vulpes Armor (Female) KHX.png Vulpes Armor (Male) KHX.png Fox Avaritia
Ursus Union KHX.png
Foreteller Aced KHX.png
Foreteller Aced's Keyblade KHX.png Ursus Armor (Female) KHX.png Ursus Armor (Male) KHX.png Bear Acedia

Weekly Union Ranking[edit]

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