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Prizes are a gameplay mechanic in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ. Prizes can be collected by attacking enemies or opening treasure chests.


Main article: Lux

Lux is used to level up, and to compete in the Weekly Rankings. Lux can be obtained by attacking enemies. Raid Bosses give higher amounts of Lux, and activating a Lux Plus Skill increases the amount of Lux obtained.


Main article: Munny

Munny KHX.png Munny is used when fusing Medals. Munny can be obtained by defeating enemies.

Attack Prize[edit]

Attack Prizes are orange orbs that refill the Keyblade's Special Attack gauges. They can be obtained by attacking enemies or opening Attack Prize Chests. The amount of Attack Prizes dropped by enemies can be increased by activating an Attack Prize Plus Skill.

HP Prize[edit]

HP Prizes are green orbs that refill the Player's HP. They can be obtained by attacking enemies or opening HP Prize Chests.

Item Prize[edit]

Item Prizes are silver and gold boxes that contain rare materials or Medals. They can be obtained by defeating enemies or opening Item Prize Chests. The Pet Trick Steal I can double the contents of an Item Prize, while Steal II can triple the contents. Pretenders, Great Pretenders, and King Pretenders disguise themselves as a small, medium, and large Item Prize Chest, respectively.


Barrels are a type of treasure chest that can contain Attack Prizes, HP Prizes Item Prizes, or nothing at all. However, the contents are always fixed.


Pots are a type of treasure chest that can contain Item Prizes. However, sometimes it is a Pot Spider or Pot Scorpion instead.

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