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Treasure Chest

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Treasure chests are small objects that can contain different prizes when opened.

HP Prize 1 KHX.png HP Prize 2 KHX.png HP Prize 3 KHX.png The Green chests contain HP prizes which refill the HP Gauge.

Attack Prize 1 KHX.png Attack Prize 2 KHX.png Attack Prize 3 KHX.png The Orange chests contain attack prizes which refill the Special Attack Gauge.

Item Prize 1 KHX.png Item Prize 2 KHX.png Item Prize 3 KHX.png The Red, Blue, and Purple chests contain Prize Boxes that give Medals or Rare Materials. They may also be a Pretender that will attack and need to be defeated instead.

Pretenders can be identified by these three methods:

-They are invisible during fights with other enemies.

-They load after the quest starts with a purple cloud.

-Roughly every 10 seconds, they will shake in place.

Though not a chest there are sparkling icons which will give common materials depending on the world you are in.