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KH III Sora (EX)

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The correct title of this article is KH III Sora [EX]. The substitution or omission of any brackets is due to technical restrictions.
This article is about the "KH III Sora [EX]" Medal.
You may be looking for other uses of Sora.

Speed Attribute 725: KH III Sora [EX] Upright Attribute
KH III Sora [EX]
A Medal celebrating the new trailer for KINGDOM HEARTS III.

Kana ソラ KHIII Ver 【EX】
Romaji Sora KHIII Ver 【EX】
EN Set 16
Class Type Attributes
VIP Attack Speed Upright
STR DEF Trait Slots Spirit Points
5996 / 7781 5826 / 7560 2 20 / 24
Raging Cyclone +5
Deals 5 hits. Raises S-STR by 2 tiers for 1 turn. Lowers targets' S-DEF by 2 tiers for 1 turn. Inflicts more damage the higher your HP.
Damage (Base) x1.74 - 3.08 Target All Target KHUX.png All
Damage (5 dots) x1.96 - 3.48 Gauges 2
Damage (Max) x4.90 - 8.70 SAB Tier Special Attack Bonus Level 5 KHUX.png 5
Speed Attribute 1354: KH III Sora [EX] Upright Attribute
KH III Sora [EX]
A Medal celebrating the new trailer for KINGDOM HEARTS III.

Kana ソラ KHIII Ver 【EX】
Romaji Sora KHIII Ver 【EX】
EN Set 16
Class Type Attributes
VIP Attack Speed Upright
STR DEF Trait Slots Spirit Points
9245 / 12607 9047 / 12354 2 20 / 24
Raging Cyclone +6
Deals 5 hits. 1 turn: ↑ U-STR & S-STR by 3, ↓ targets' S-DEF by 3. Inflicts more damage the higher your HP.
Damage (5 dots) x7.12 - 8.64 Target All Target KHUX.png All
Damage (Max) x17.80 - 21.60 Gauges 2
Subslot +0.012% SAB Tier Special Attack Bonus Level 5 KHUX.png 5

Speed Attribute 964: Sora KHIII Ver 【EX】 Upright Attribute
KH III Sora [EX]
A Medal celebrating the new trailer for KINGDOM HEARTS III.

Kana ソラ KHIII Ver 【EX】
Romaji Sora KHIII Ver 【EX】
JP Set 23
Class Type Attributes
Super Rare Attack Speed Upright
STR DEF Trait Slots Spirit Points
5996 / 7781 5826 / 7560 2 20 / 24
Raging Cyclone +5
Deals 5 hits. Raises S-STR by 3 tiers for 1 turn. Lowers targets' S-DEF by 3 tiers for 1 turn. Inflicts more damage the higher your HP.
Damage (Base) x1.74 - 3.08 Target All Target KHUX.png All
Damage (5 dots) x1.96 - 3.48 Gauges 2
Damage (Max) x4.90 - 8.70 SAB Tier Special Attack Bonus Level 5 KHUX.png 5
Speed Attribute 1449: Sora KHIII Ver 【EX】 Upright Attribute
KH III Sora [EX]
A Medal celebrating the new trailer for KINGDOM HEARTS III.

Kana ソラ KHIII Ver 【EX】
Romaji Sora KHIII Ver 【EX】
JP Set 23
Class Type Attributes
Super Rare Attack Speed Upright
STR DEF Trait Slots Spirit Points
9245 / 12607 9047 / 12354 2 20 / 24
Raging Cyclone +6
Deals 5 hits. 1 turn: ↑ U-STR & S-STR by 3, ↓ targets' S-DEF by 3. Inflicts more damage the higher your HP.
Damage (5 dots) x7.12 - 8.64 Target All Target KHUX.png All
Damage (Max) x17.80 - 21.60 Gauges 2
Subslot +0.012% SAB Tier Special Attack Bonus Level 5 KHUX.png 5

KH III Sora [EX] is a VIP Attack Medal in the English version, and a Super Rare Attack Medal in the Japanese version of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.

KH III Sora [EX] was given away to all players on July 16, 2017 in the English version, and July 17, 2017 in the Japanese version, to celebrate the release of a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III.

In the English version, one additional KH III Sora [EX] could be obtained each week in the KH III Sora [EX] - Complete the quest to get this special Medal! series of VIP Quests, from July 17 to September 3, 2017, and from June 4 to July 22, 2018.[1][2]

In the Japanese version, players had a chance of drawing additional KH III Sora [EX] Medals during the "10 Consecutive Special Draw", which was available at random time periods of 30 minutes on July 22 and 23, 2017. Players also had a chance of drawing a boosted version of KH III Sora [EX] that has 1,000 more base strength and defense. During this period, the Medal came with its Special Attack strengthened to 5 dots.

In the English version, one KH III Sora [EX] could be obtained each week in the Get one 7★ KH III Sora (EX) and one 7★ KH III Riku (EX+)! series of VIP Quests, from January 28 to March 3, 2019.

Notes and references[edit]

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Medal Set 12 (Mar. 2017)

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Aladdin & AbuEAladdin & GenieELexaeus BENekuShikiJoshuaKH 0.2 AquaSRKH 0.2 King Mickey ASRKey Art #8SRKH 0.2 Terra & VentusB

Medal Set 15 (June 2017)

KH II Cloud [EX]L-SRKey Art #9VOrchestra SoraEDonald & DaisyEIllustrated Donald AEZexion BEKey Art "Sky"L-SRKey Art "Bonds"L-SRKey Art "Beginning"L-SRMaleficent (Dragon)SRTerra-Xehanort ASRVanitas Remnant AE

Medal Set 16 (July 2017)

Axel Art [EX]L-SRIllustrated ViviVKH 0.2 RikuSRSP VanitasSRIllustrated Terra BSRArmored VentusESaïx BEKH III Sora [EX]VKH 0.2 KairiSRChernabogEPence BEHayner BEOlette BESea-Salt Ice CreamEHayner & Pence & OletteEHD VentusSRSP AnsemSRHD Wisdom Form SoraSRSora Art [EX]L-SRKey Art #10V

Medal Set 17 (Aug. 2017)

SP Donald & GoofyESP SoraEAxel BEWinnie the Pooh BETiggerERabbitEPooh & Tigger & RabbitEWORLD OF FF LannL-SRWORLD OF FF ReynnL-SRVentus-VanitasSRLord of the DeadSRSephiroth [EX]L-SRTifa & AerithSRKey Art #11V

Medal Set 18 (Sep. 2017)

Tsum Tsum Pooh & PalsLTsum Tsum Mickey & MinnieLTsum Tsum Mickey & PalsLTsum Tsum Sora & RikuL-SRMan in BlackEDemyx BERoxas Art [EX]L-SRHD XionSRIllustrated Pride Lands SoraVLingering WillSRKH 0.2 TerraSRKH 0.2 SoraSRKH 0.2 King Mickey BBKH 0.2 Donald & GoofyEFinal Boss XionSRHD Xion [EX]L-SR

Medal Set 19 (Oct. 2017)

King's RoarSRHD Valor Form SoraSRHD Master Form SoraSRHD Limit Form SoraSRHD Antiform SoraSRIllustrated Donald BEIllustrated GoofyELuxord BEAqua & StitchVHalloween Goofy CEHalloween Sora CEHalloween Donald CESora & Donald & Goofy CERiku Art [EX]L-SRIllustrated Aqua BSRIllustrated NekuSRThe World Ends with You ArtVIllustrated Kairi [EX]L-SR

Medal Set 20 (Nov. 2017)

Illustrated AuronSRIllustrated KH II Sora & Riku [EX]L-SRTrickmasterEToon KH II King MickeyL-SRToon VentusL-SRToon AquaL-SRToon RikuL-SRToon RoxasL-SRToon XionL-SRToon SoraL-SRSora & NekuEIllustrated Marluxia [EX]VTwilight ThornEHD Ira [EX]L-SRHD Invi [EX]L-SRHD Aced [EX]L-SRHD Gula [EX]L-SRHD Ava [EX]L-SRKey Art #12VArielE

Medal Set 21 (Dec. 2017)

Dual Wield Roxas [EX]L-SRRoxas BEHD LarxeneSRHD VanitasSRHD ZexionSRHD Final Form SoraSR358/2 Days Black Coat RikuSRValor GenieEDestroyer BehemothEXion BEHD King Mickey [EX]L-SRKey Art #13VIllustrated Xion [EX]L-SRSora & MoogleL-SRPuppyEPongoEPerditaE101 DalmatiansEHD KH II LeonSRHD PeteSRHercules BSRIllustrated Atlantica SoraSRIllustrated Halloween DonaldEKey Art #14VIllustrated Halloween GoofyEMaster Xehanort [EX]V

Medal Set 22 (Jan. 2018)

Launchpad McQuackL-SRHuey, Dewey & LouieL-SRWebby VanderquackL-SRScrooge McDuckL-SRChicken LittleVHD Axel [EX]L-SR

Medal Set 23 (Feb. 2018)

KH II NaminéL-SRHD Sora & Kairi [EX]L-SRToon Sora & PalsVAladdin & Magic CarpetEKH III King Mickey [EX]VHD Terra [EX]L-SRHD Aqua [EX]L-SRHD Ventus [EX]L-SRTyroL-SRDr. MogL-SRElarraL-SRFFRK TerraL-SR

Medal Set 24 (Mar. 2018)

FFRK Warrior of LightESetzerEIllustrated KH Riku [EX]L-SRThe World Ends with You Art 2SRToon Santa RoxasVFlashEKing TritonESephiroth [EX+]L-SRKH II Cloud [EX+]L-SRKey Art #15VHD Vanitas [EX+]L-SRIllustrated MoogleL-SR

Medal Set 25 (Apr. 2018)

Vexen [+]L-SRKey Art #16 [EX+]L-SRHD Armor of EraqusSRScarSRYuna & Rikku & PaineSRHD ZackSRHD Riku ReplicaSRYoung King Mickey BEMaster Xehanort [EX+]VToon MoogleEStained Glass #1 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #2 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #3 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #4 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #5 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #6 [EX+]L-SRIllustrated DiZE

Medal Set 26 (May 2018)

Lexaeus [+]L-SRToon Axel & PlutoVBlue Fairy

Medal Set 27 (June 2018)

Prime - Illustrated AxelL-SRBeagle BoysL-SRLion PeteL-SRToon Sora & GoofyVZexion [+]L-SRPrime - Key Art #17L-SRKH II Kairi [EX+]L-SRMusketeer PeteEPrime - Buzz LightyearL-SRPrime - WoodyL-SRJessieEXion [EX+]L-SR

Medal Set 28 (July 2018)

Prime - KH II Riku & MickeyL-SRIllustrated InvisibleVSaïx [+]L-SRPhantomL-SRMiguelEMiguel & HéctorEPrime - Lea & IsaL-SRPrime - Young XehanortL-SRMiguel & DanteVSora & SimbaEPrime - Illustrated RoxasL-SR

Medal Set 29 (Aug. 2018)

Prime - Mr. IncredibleL-SRPrime - Mrs. IncredibleL-SRPrime - VioletL-SRPrime - DashL-SRBob & Jack-JackEPrime - Roxas & XionL-SRThe Incredbles 2VAxel [+]L-SRPrime - Riku VS RoxasL-SRNaminé [EX+]L-SRIllustrated DuskL-SRToon Roxas & PalsVWardrobeELumière BEMrs. Potts & ChipEBelle BECogsworth BEKH III Riku [EX+]L-SRKH II Sora & MoogleL-SRHD Ava [EX+]L-SRKey Art #18VHD Ira [EX+]L-SRHD Invi [EX+]L-SR

Medal Set 30 (Sep. 2018)

Demyx [+]L-SRHD Aced [EX+]L-SRHD Gula [EX+]L-SRBoss XemnasEXaldin [+]EStained Glass #7 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #8 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #9 [EX+]L-SRThe World Ends with You Art 3VZack BEPrime - KH CloudL-SRSupernova - SephirothL-SR

Medal Set 31 (Oct. 2018)

Prime - Halloween SoraL-SRLuxord [+]L-SRVanitas Remnant BVPrime - Neku & JoshuaL-SRPrime - MaleficentL-SRSupernova - Key Art #19L-SRWhite Mushroom AVToon NaminéL-SRIllustrated Timeless River SoraE

Medal Set 32 (Nov. 2018)

Terra-Xehanort BVMarluxia [+]L-SRPrime - HD King MickeyL-SRRiku & MoogleL-SRPrime - KH II YuffieL-SRSupernova - Riku ReplicaL-SRVivi BENo HeartV

Medal Set 33 (Dec. 2018)

SN - KH III Kairi AL-SRToon Kairi & XionVPrime - KristoffL-SRPrime - AnnaL-SRPrime - OlafL-SRSupernova - ElsaL-SRAnna & ElsaBLarxene [+]L-SRPrime - ChernabogL-SRSupernova - KH III StarlightL-SRSupernova - HD XionL-SRCaptain JusticeVSupernova - HD TerraL-SRSupernova - HD VentusL-SRSupernova - HD AquaL-SRSupernova - Terra, Ven, AquaL-SRCaptain DarkV

Medal Set 34 (Jan. 2019)

Illustrated RaiL-SRIllustrated SeiferL-SRIllustrated FuuL-SRXemnas [+]L-SRDual Meow WowSRSupernova - KH III RikuSRSupernova - KH III SoraSRSN - KH III Young XehanortSRKH III GoofySRKH III DonaldSRKH III Buzz LightyearSRKH III WoodySRKH III PeteSRKH III MaleficentSRKH III HerculesSRKH III PhilSRKH III MegaraSRKH III HaynerSRKH III PenceSRKH III OletteSRKH III ShadowSRKH III SoldierSRKH III Marine RumbaSRIllustrated TidusVKH III IenzoSRSupernova - KH III VanitasSRSora & Peter PanE

Medal Set 35 (Feb. 2019)

Xigbar [+]L-SRSN - KH III Monster SoraSRKH III MikeSRKH III SulleySRChocolate ValentineESupernova - FFRK LightningL-SRFFRK CloudL-SRFFRK ExdeathL-SRFFRK GilgameshL-SRSupernova - FFRK SephirothL-SRFFRK KefkaEAnsem the Wise BVSupernova - KH III AnsemVSupernova - KH III Lea (Axel)SRKH III King MickeySR

Medal Set 36 (Mar. 2019)

Roxas [+]L-SRKH III BaymaxSRKH III HiroSRKH III Go GoSRKH III PascalVSP Chip & DaleVSupernova - Key Art #20SRSN - KH III Master XehanortSRSupernova - KH III MarluxiaSRKH III RapunzelSRKH III GothelSRSora & Chip & DaleEKH III MinnieV

Medal Set 37 (Apr. 2019)

KH III MoogleL-SRSN - Guardian Form SoraSRSupernova - KH III ZeusSRSupernova - KH III HadesSRKH III PegasusSRKH III Rock TitanSRKH III DarksideVSN - KH III Anti-AquaSRSN - KH III Youth in WhiteSRSN - KH III Youth in BlackSR

Medal Set 38 (May 2019)

SN - Blitz Form SoraSRSN - Angelic AmberSRKH III NeoshadowSRKH III High SoldierSRKH III Flame CoreSRSN - Illustrated GoofyVSupernova - KH III RoxasSRSora & StitchE

Medal Set 39 (June 2019)


Medal Set 40 (July 2019)

SN - KH III TerraL-SRSN - KH III VentusL-SRSN - Ultimate Form SoraL-SRSN - KH III XemnasVSpirit Lord KyrooESpirit Chef KyrooESpirit Sir KyrooENM Lord KyrooENM Chef KyrooENM Sir KyrooE

Medal Set 41 (Aug. 2019)

SN - KH III Dark RikuL-SRSN - KH III Dark BaymaxL-SRSupernova+ - AvaL-SRSupernova+ - IraL-SRSupernova+ - InviL-SRSupernova+ - AcedL-SRSupernova+ - GulaL-SRWhite Mushroom BESN - KH III LichV

Medal Set 42 (Sep. 2019)

Supernova+ - Key Art #21L-SRSN+ - KH Cloud DissidiaL-SRSN+ - KH Leon DissidiaL-SR

Medal Set 43 (Oct. 2019)

SN+ - KH III LarxeneL-SRSN+ - KH III Xion BL-SRSN - GraveyardESN+ - KH III Saïx BL-SRSN+ - KH III LuxordL-SRSN+ - KH III VexenL-SRSN+ - Second Form SoraL-SRSN+ - Trick GhostVSN+ - KH III NaminéL-SR

Medal Set 44 (Nov. 2019)

SN++ - KH CoM SoraL-SRSN++ - KH III Terra-XehanortL-SRSN++ - KH Sephiroth DissidiaL-SRSN+ - KH III DuskVSN++ - KH III ElsaL-SRSN+ - KH III AnnaE

Medal Set 45 (Dec. 2019)

SN++ - FiendL-SRSN++ - Rock TrollL-SRSN+ - MarionetteL-SRSN+ - Patchwork AnimalsL-SRSN+ - FloodL-SRSN+ - Parasol BeautyL-SRIllustrated Santa SoraESN++ - Key Art #22L-SRSN++ - Peter PanVSN++ - KH III TerraL-SRSN++ - KH III VentusL-SRSN++ - KH III AquaL-SRSN++ - Terra, Ven, AquaE

Medal Set 46 (Jan. 2020)

SN++ - KH III Yen SidL-SRSN++ - Rage Form SoraL-SRSN++ - Hostile ProgramVSN++ - KH III XionL-SRSweetheart MinnieEMickey & MinnieE

Medal Set 47 (Feb. 2020)

SN++ - KH III Lea (Axel)L-SRSN++ - KH III PoohL-SRSN++ - KH III PigletL-SRSN++ - KH III RabbitL-SRSN++ - KH III TiggerVSN++ - KH III AerithL-SR

Medal Set 48 (Mar. 2020)

SN++ - KH III YuffieL-SRSN++ - Lingering WillL-SRSN++ - KH III LeonL-SRSN++ - Mickey & PlutoVSN++ - KH III RoxasL-SR

Medal Set 49 (Apr. 2020)

SN++ - TR MickeyESN++ - FF7R AerithESN++ - FF7R CloudL-SRSN++ - FF7R SephirothL-SRSN++ - FF7R TifaL-SRSN++ - KH III ReaperL-SRSN++ - KH III SorcererL-SRSN++ - KH III Sora & RikuL-SRSN++ - IenzoVSN++ - KH III Dark RikuL-SR

Medal Set 50 (May 2020)

SN++ - KH III GamblerL-SRSN++ - KH III BerserkerL-SRSN++ - XemnasL-SRSN++ - Illustrated SoraL-SRSN++ - KH III GoofyV

Japanese Medals
Medal Set 1 (Sep. 2015)

WakkaGoofy APainePence AYoung HerculesKH RikuCaptain GoofyMushuPhilBambiKH CloudGoofy BKH II Black Coat Riku AHercules ADiZTidusKH Sora ARikkuHayner AStitchMulanKH Sora BKH II Sora AWhite RabbitDr. Jumba JookibaAbuKH II Sora BLimit Form SoraKH II RikuKH II AerithSelphieDonald AYunaOlette AJiminy CricketKH II Leon AMagician DonaldAuronKH AerithDumboTinker BellDonald BWisdom Form SoraKH II King MickeyVivi AMoogleHueyLouieDeweyScroogeCheshire CatMerlinFairy GodmotherYen SidFantasia Mickey AFloraFaunaMerryweatherChipDaleCid

Medal Set 2 (Oct. 2015)

SimbaKH II CloudKH II Leon BValor Form SoraTifaMaster Form SoraDaisyPeter PanKH YuffiePlutoMinnieGenieKH 3D RikuEKH 3D SoraEMeow WowEBeastBlack Coat King MickeyKH II YuffieJack SkellingtonHalloween Goofy AEHalloween Sora AEHalloween Donald AEKH KairiKH CoM NaminéKH CoM Black Coat RikuSP Roxas

Medal Set 3 (Nov. 2015)

Zack AAladdinFinal Form SoraMegaraCinderellaJasmineSeven DwarfsESnow WhiteETimeless River MickeyEAliceKH II KairiPinocchioTimeless River PeteThe QueenHagSephirothSR

Medal Set 4 (Dec. 2015)

Fantasia Mickey BEIllustrated CidEIllustrated YuffieEIllustrated AerithECerberusPain & PanicHadesIllustrated CloudLChristmas SoraEMusketeer GoofyMusketeer MickeyMusketeer DonaldPooh & Piglet

Medal Set 5 (Jan. 2016)

Lexaeus AMarluxia ALarxene AVexen AZexion ASP AxelSRMagic BroomETimeless River GoofyTimeless River SoraTimeless River DonaldSora & Donald & Goofy ASRPlaying CardEQueen of HeartsEXaldin ASaïx AXigbar ADemyx ALuxord ASP XionSR

Medal Set 6 (Feb. 2016)

Sweetheart MinnieEMickey & MinnieERoxas & Axel & XionBLumière ABelle ACogsworth AIllustrated Sora ASRXemnas AAxel ARoxas AShadowIllustrated Aqua ASR

Medal Set 7
(Mar. 2016)

Sweetheart BeastEPrince & BelleEWinnie the Pooh AOwlPigletIllustrated Riku ASRCid 5Cid 10Huey & Dewey & LouieRock TitanHydraIce TitanIllustrated AnsemSRIllustrated Sora & PalsE

Medal Set 8
(Apr. 2016)

Uniform KairiUniform SelphieAnsem the Wise AIllustrated VentusSRFlowbermeowERiku ReplicaKH CoM King MickeyAntiform SoraBoss MarluxiaSRJudy HoppsENick WildeEYoung SoraEMaster EraqusVanitasMaster XehanortIllustrated Terra ASR

Medal Set 9
(May 2016)

Young RikuEYoung KairiETerra & Ventus & AquaBCrocodileCaptain HookMr. SmeeIllustrated SephirothSRDarksideEClassic GoofyEIsaLeaXion AIllustrated KairiSR

Medal Set 10
(June 2016)

Classic DonaldEHD AquaESora & Riku & KairiBIllustrated King MickeySRSora & Riku & Meow WowEExperiment 626 (Stitch)ETerraVentusAquaHD SoraSRAlice & Cheshire CatEMagic MirrorE

Medal Set 11
(July 2016)

PeteEMaleficent AEHD RikuSRHD King MickeyBBeat & RhymeENeku & Shiki & JoshuaEIllustrated XemnasSRBehemothEAtlantica GoofyAtlantica SoraAtlantica DonaldIllustrated XionSRHercules & PhilESebastianEAriel & FlounderE

Medal Set 12
(Aug. 2016)

Pooh BearEHD AxelSRKing LouieEMowgli & BalooEMowgli & PalsESeiferRaiFuuCasual RoxasSRJudy & NickEFlashEJafarEJafar-GenieE

Medal Set 13
(Sep. 2016)

Key Art #1SRKey Art #2BIllustrated Sora BSRYoung King Mickey AEThe King & Donald & GoofyEDemyx BESora & Donald & Goofy BEKey Art #3SRIllustrated Riku BSRChip & DaleEMinnie & DaisyVKH CoM Sora & RikuBHalloween Goofy BIagoMonstroIllustrated Halloween SoraSR

Medal Set 14
(Oct. 2016)

Maleficent BELock & Shock & BarrelEBoogieELuxord BEThe SharkFlotsam & JetsamHalloween Donald BHD UrsulaSRZeroEJack & SallyESora HT Ver BEKH II Black Coat Riku BNeoshadowMysterious FigureHD RoxasL

Medal Set 15
(Nov. 2016)

Key Art #4SRMeowjestyEFlowbermeow NM VerEMeow Wow NM VerECinderella & JaqESP CinderellaEIllustrated LeonSRMarluxia BEXehanort & VanitasSRPluto BEMickey & Minnie MouseEIllustrated KH II KairiSR

Medal Set 16
(Dec. 2016)

Illustrated KH II SoraSRAladdin & AbuEAladdin & GenieEKey Art #5BDark RikuSRLarxene BEAnsemLuciferLady TremaineLady Tremaine & DaughtersWorld of ChaosSRSanta ClausEJack Santa VerEDonald CT VerEIllustrated Santa SoraVHD NaminéSRKey Art #6SR

Medal Set 17
(Jan. 2017)

Key Art #7SRDonald & DaisyEIllustrated Donald AEIllustrated RoxasSRWORLD OF FF CloudLWORLD OF FF SquallLWORLD OF FF LightningLWORLD OF FF SephirothLWORLD OF FF YunaLTamaLWORLD OF FF SoraL-SRSora & Riku KH3D VerEPuppyPongoPerdita101 DalmatiansNekuShikiJoshuaKH 0.2 AquaSRDevil's TowerEDevil's WaveEKH 0.2 Terra & VentusEXemnas BEKH 0.2 King Mickey ASRKey Art #8SRSP Donald & GoofyESP SoraEKey Art #9V

Medal Set 18
(Feb. 2017)

KH II Cloud [EX]L-SRMaleficent (Dragon)SRTerra-Xehanort ASRMan in BlackEXigbar BEIllustrated Terra BSRNecho CatESP VanitasSRAxel Art [EX]L-SRVanitas Remnant AEIllustrated ViviV

Medal Set 19
(Mar. 2017)

Key Art "Sky"L-SRKey Art "Bonds"L-SRKey Art "Beginning"L-SRHD Wisdom Form SoraSRHD VentusSRArmored VentusEOrchestra SoraEMoanaVMauiVXaldin BESP AnsemSRChernabogESora & RoxasEKH 0.2 RikuSRSora Art [EX]L-SRKey Art #10VKH 0.2 KairiSRKH 0.2 Donald & GoofyE

Medal Set 20
(Apr. 2017)

Lord of the DeadSRVexen BEVentus-VanitasSRTsum Tsum Pooh & PalsLTsum Tsum Mickey & MinnieLTsum Tsum Mickey & PalsLTsum Tsum Sora & RikuL-SRWardrobeLumière BMrs. Potts & ChipBelle BCogsworth BHD BeastSRLingering WillSRSephiroth [EX]L-SRSora & BeastE

Medal Set 21
(May 2017)

Illustrated Belle & BeastVWORLD OF FF LannL-SRWORLD OF FF ReynnL-SRTifa & AerithSRLexaeus BEHD XionSRKey Art #11V

Medal Set 22
(June 2017)

KH 0.2 TerraSRRoxas Art [EX]L-SRIllustrated GoofyEIllustrated Donald BEKH 0.2 SoraSRKH 0.2 King Mickey BBZexion BEThe King KHBbS Illustrated VerSRIllustrated Pride Lands SoraVKing's RoarSRFinal Boss XionSRHD Xion [EX]L-SRAqua & StitchV

Medal Set 23
(July 2017)

HD Valor Form SoraSRHD Master Form SoraSRHD Limit Form SoraSRHD Antiform SoraSRTrickmasterEArielEPence BEHayner BEOlette BESea-Salt Ice CreamEHayner & Pence & OletteESaïx BEIllustrated Aqua BSRKH III Sora [EX]L-SRIllustrated NekuSRRiku Art [EX]L-SRWinnie the Pooh BETiggerERabbitEPooh & Tigger & RabbitEThe World Ends with You ArtV

Medal Set 24
(Aug. 2017)

Sora & NekuEToon KH II King MickeySRToon VentusSRToon AquaSRToon RikuSRToon RoxasSRToon XionSRToon SoraSRTwilight ThornEIllustrated Atlantica SoraEIllustrated AuronSRAxel BEHD LarxeneSRIllustrated Marluxia [EX]L-SRKey Art #12V

Medal Set 25
(Sep. 2017)

HD Ava [EX]L-SRIllustrated KH II Sora & Riku [EX]L-SRRiku 2nd Anniversary EV VerEGoofy 2nd Anniversary EV VerESora 2nd Anniversary EV VerEKairi 2nd Anniversary EV VerEDonald 2nd Anniversary EV VerESora & Friends 2nd Anniversary EV VerEIllustrated MoogleL-SRDestroyer BehemothEKey Art #13VHD Aced [EX]L-SRHD Gula [EX]L-SRValor GenieEHD VanitasSRIllustrated Kairi [EX]L-SRHercules BEHD Ira [EX]L-SRHD Invi [EX]L-SRRoxas BE

Medal Set 26
(Oct. 2017)

Jack Skellington LM VerL-SRXion BEHD ZexionSRHalloween Goofy CEHalloween Sora CEHalloween Donald CESora & Donald & Goofy CEHD Final Form SoraSRIllustrated Halloween DonaldEBoogie LM VerL-SRKey Art #14V358/2 Days Black Coat RikuSRDual Wield Roxas [EX]L-SRIllustrated Halloween GoofyEChicken LittleV

Medal Set 27
(Nov. 2017)

HD KH II LeonSRHD PeteSRHD King Mickey [EX]L-SRIllustrated Xion [EX]L-SRAladdin & Magic CarpetEToon Sora & PalsV

Medal Set 28
(Dec. 2017)

Sora & MoogleL-SRMaster Xehanort [EX]L-SRKing TritonEToon Santa RoxasVHD Axel [EX]L-SRHD Sora & Kairi [EX]L-SRKH II NaminéSR

Medal Set 29
(Jan. 2018)

HD Terra [EX]L-SRHD Ventus [EX]L-SRHD Aqua [EX]L-SRIllustrated DiZEThe World Ends with You Art 2SRHD Armor of EraqusSRIllustrated KH Riku [EX]L-SRScarEKey Art #15V

Medal Set 30
(Feb. 2018)

Yuna & Rikku & PaineSRKH III King Mickey [EX]VChocolate ValentineEHD ZackSRTyroL-SRDr. MogL-SRElarraL-SRFFRK TerraL-SRFFRK Warrior of LightE

Medal Set 31
(Mar. 2018)

Sephiroth [EX+]L-SRKH II Cloud [EX+]L-SRSetzerEXaldin [+]L-SRHD Vanitas [EX+]L-SRJudy & Nick BE

Medal Set 32
(Apr. 2018)

Master Xehanort [EX+]L-SRHD Riku ReplicaSRVexen [+]L-SRKey Art #16 [EX+]L-SRYoung King Mickey BEToon MoogleL-SRStained Glass #1 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #2 [EX+]L-SRToon Axel & PlutoV

Medal Set 33
(May 2018)

Stained Glass #3 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #4 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #5 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #6 [EX+]L-SRMusketeer PeteELexaeus [+]L-SRBlue FairyShan-YuEToon Sora & GoofyV

Medal Set 34 (June 2018)

Prime - Illustrated AxelL-SRBeagle BoysL-SRLion PeteL-SRZexion [+]L-SRPrime - Key Art #17L-SRKH II Kairi [EX+]L-SRCloud & LeonEIllustrated InvisibleV

Medal Set 35 (July 2018)

Xion [EX+]L-SRPrime - KH II Riku & MickeyL-SRSaïx [+]L-SRMiguel & DanteVMiguelEMiguel & HéctorEPhantomL-SRPrime - Lea & IsaL-SRSora & SimbaEPrime - Young XehanortL-SRWhite Mushroom AVPrime - Illustrated RoxasL-SR

Medal Set 36 (Aug. 2018)

Prime - Mr. IncredibleL-SRPrime - Mrs. IncredibleL-SRPrime - VioletL-SRPrime - DashL-SRBob & Jack-JackEThe Incredbles 2VPrime - Roxas & XionL-SRAxel [+]L-SRPrime - Riku VS RoxasL-SRNaminé [EX+]L-SRIllustrated DuskL-SRToon Roxas & PalsV

Medal Set 37 (Sep. 2018)

KH III Riku [EX+]L-SRHD Ava [EX+]L-SRKH II Sora & MoogleL-SRKey Art #18VHD Ira [EX+]L-SRHD Invi [EX+]L-SRHD Aced [EX+]L-SRHD Gula [EX+]L-SRBoss XemnasEDemyx [+]L-SRStained Glass #7 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #8 [EX+]L-SRStained Glass #9 [EX+]L-SRVanitas Remnant BVPrime - KH CloudL-SRSupernova - SephirothL-SR

Medal Set 38 (Oct. 2018)

<Pr> Jack & ZeroL-SRThe World Ends with You Art 3VZack BELuxord [+]L-SRPrime - Neku & JoshuaL-SRPrime - MaleficentL-SRSupernova - Key Art #19L-SRIllustrated Timeless River SoraETerra-Xehanort BV

Medal Set 39 (Nov. 2018)

Toon NaminéL-SRMarluxia [+]L-SRPrime - HD King MickeyL-SRRiku & MoogleL-SRPrime - KH II YuffieL-SRSupernova - Riku ReplicaL-SRVivi BENo HeartV

Medal Set 40 (Dec. 2018)

SN - KH III Kairi AL-SRToon Kairi & XionVPrime - KristoffL-SRPrime - AnnaL-SRPrime - OlafL-SRSupernova - ElsaL-SRAnna & ElsaBLarxene [+]L-SRPrime - ChernabogL-SRSupernova - KH III StarlightL-SRSupernova - HD XionL-SRMoogle & Riku KHII VerL-SRCaptain JusticeVCaptain DarkV

Medal Set 41 (Jan. 2019)

Supernova - HD TerraL-SRSupernova - HD VentusL-SRSupernova - HD AquaL-SRSupernova - Terra, Ven, AquaL-SRIllustrated RaiL-SRIllustrated SeiferL-SRIllustrated FuuL-SRXemnas [+]L-SRDual Meow WowSRSupernova - KH III RikuSRSupernova - KH III SoraSRSN - KH III Young XehanortSRKH III GoofySRKH III DonaldSRKH III Buzz LightyearSRKH III WoodySRKH III PeteSRKH III MaleficentSRKH III HerculesSRKH III PhilSRKH III MegaraSRKH III HaynerSRKH III PenceSRKH III OletteSRKH III ShadowSRKH III SoldierSRKH III Marine RumbaSRIllustrated TidusV

Medal Set 42 (Feb. 2019)

KH III IenzoSRSupernova - KH III VanitasSRSora & Peter PanEXigbar [+]L-SRSN - KH III Monster SoraSRKH III MikeSRKH III SulleySRSupernova - FFRK LightningL-SRFFRK CloudL-SRFFRK ExdeathL-SRFFRK GilgameshL-SRSupernova - FFRK SephirothL-SRAnsem the Wise BVSupernova - KH III AnsemV

Medal Set 43 (Mar. 2019)

FFRK KefkaESupernova - KH III Lea (Axel)SRKH III King MickeySRRoxas [+]L-SRKH III BaymaxSRKH III HiroSRKH III Go GoSRKH III PascalV

Medal Set 44 (Apr. 2019)

KH III MinnieVSP Chip & DaleVSupernova - Key Art #20SRSN - KH III Master XehanortSRSupernova - KH III MarluxiaSRKH III RapunzelSRKH III GothelSRSora & Chip & DaleEKH III MoogleL-SRSN - Guardian Form SoraSRSupernova - KH III ZeusSRSupernova - KH III HadesSRKH III PegasusSRKH III Rock TitanSRSN - KH III Anti-AquaSRKH III DarksideV

Medal Set 45 (May 2019)

SN - KH III Youth in WhiteSRSN - KH III Youth in BlackSRSN - Blitz Form SoraSRSN - Angelic AmberSRKH III NeoshadowSRKH III High SoldierSRKH III Flame CoreSRSN - Illustrated GoofyV

Medal Set 46 (June 2019)

Supernova - KH III RoxasSRSora & StitchESN - KH III XigbarL-SRSN - KH III Saïx AL-SRSN - KH III DemyxL-SRSN - KH III Pirate SoraL-SRSN - KH III Kairi BL-SR

Medal Set 47 (July 2019)


Medal Set 48 (Aug. 2019)

SN - Ultimate Form SoraL-SRSN - KH III XemnasVSpirit Lord KyrooESpirit Chef KyrooESpirit Sir KyrooENM Lord KyrooENM Chef KyrooENM Sir KyrooESN - KH III Dark RikuL-SRSN - KH III Dark BaymaxL-SR

Medal Set 49 (Sep. 2019)

Supernova+ - AvaL-SRSupernova+ - IraL-SRSupernova+ - InviL-SRSupernova+ - AcedL-SRSupernova+ - GulaL-SRWhite Mushroom BESN - KH III LichVSupernova+ - Key Art #21L-SRSN+ - KH Cloud DissidiaL-SRSN+ - KH Leon DissidiaL-SR

Medal Set 50 (Oct. 2019)

SN+ - KH III LarxeneL-SRSN+ - KH III Xion BL-SRSN - GraveyardESN+ - KH III Saïx BL-SRSN+ - KH III LuxordL-SRSN+ - KH III VexenL-SRSN+ - Second Form SoraL-SRSN+ - Trick GhostV

Medal Set 51 (Nov. 2019)

SN+ - KH III NaminéL-SRSN++ - KH CoM SoraL-SRSN++ - KH III Terra-XehanortL-SRSN++ - KH Sephiroth DissidiaL-SRSN+ - KH III DuskV

Medal Set 52 (Dec. 2019)

SN++ - KH III ElsaL-SRSN+ - KH III AnnaESN++ - FiendL-SRSN++ - Rock TrollL-SRSN+ - MarionetteL-SRSN+ - Patchwork AnimalsL-SRSN+ - FloodL-SRSN+ - Parasol BeautyL-SRSN++ - Key Art #22L-SRSN++ - Peter PanV

Medal Set 53 (Jan. 2020)

SN++ - KH III TerraL-SRSN++ - KH III VentusL-SRSN++ - KH III AquaL-SRSN++ - Terra, Ven, AquaESN++ - KH III Yen SidL-SRSN++ - Rage Form SoraL-SRSN++ - Hostile ProgramV

Medal Set 54 (Feb. 2020)

SN++ - KH III XionL-SRSN++ - KH III Lea (Axel)L-SRSN++ - KH III PoohL-SRSN++ - KH III PigletL-SRSN++ - KH III RabbitL-SRSN++ - KH III TiggerV

Medal Set 55 (Mar. 2020)

SN++ - KH III AerithL-SRSN++ - KH III YuffieL-SRSN++ - Lingering WillL-SRSN++ - KH III LeonL-SRSN++ - Mickey & PlutoV

Medal Set 56 (Apr. 2020)

SN++ - KH III RoxasL-SRSN++ - TR MickeyESN++ - FF7R AerithESN++ - FF7R CloudL-SRSN++ - FF7R SephirothL-SRSN++ - FF7R TifaL-SRSN++ - KH III ReaperL-SRSN++ - KH III SorcererL-SRSN++ - KH III Sora & RikuL-SRSN++ - IenzoV

Medal Set 57 (May 2020)

SN++ - KH III Dark RikuL-SRSN++ - KH III GamblerL-SRSN++ - KH III BerserkerL-SRSN++ - XemnasL-SRSN++ - Illustrated SoraL-SRSN++ - KH III GoofyV