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Cheshire Cat

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Brilliant Gem KHX.png 242: Cheshire Cat
230: Cheshire Cat
Upright Attribute
Cheshire Cat
Alice in Wonderland (1951)
A mysterious cat who talks in riddles and appears at will.

Kana チェシャ猫
Romaji Chesha Neko
JP Set 1
EN Set 1
Class Type Attributes
Common Evolve Support Upright
A Medal necessary to evolve a ★ Medal.

Cheshire Cat is a Common Evolve Medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.

One Cheshire Cat Medal is used to evolve a ★ Medal to 2★.

You can obtain Cheshire Cat Medals by completing the ★ Evolve Medals quest in the ★-3★ Evolve Medals series of Special Quests on Fridays.

Cheshire Cat Medals can also be obtained by defeating Pretenders in Quest 63, Quest 80, Quest 82 and Quest 97.