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KH II Sora & Moogle

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This article is about the "KH II Sora & Moogle" Medal.
You may be looking for other uses of Sora or other uses of Moogle.

Brilliant Gem KHX.png 1541: KH II Sora & Moogle
1620: Moogle & Sora KHII Ver
Upright Attribute
KH II Sora & Moogle
The Keyblade-wielding hero, and a member of the cute and mysterious moogle race.

Kana モーグリ&ソラ KHII Ver
Romaji Mōguri & Sora KHII Ver
JP Set 37
EN Set 29
Class Type Attributes
Super Rare Evolve Support Upright
Gigantic Gifts campaign Medal! Check Notices for details.

KH II Sora & Moogle is a Super Rare Evolve Medal in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.

In both versions, from September 1 to 30, 2018, players could get a KH II Sora & Moogle in the "Thank You Draw" (BIGプレゼントキャンペーン BIG Purezento Kyanpēn?, lit. "BIG Present Campaign") Deal. The deal was free, but only available once per day, and guaranteed a KH II Sora & Moogle when buying 10 times. At the end of the campaign, players would receive 1000 Jewels x the number of KH II Sora & Moogle Medals in their possession.[1]

In the Japanese version, players could enter a lottery, with one entry for each KH II Sora & Moogle in their possession. Prizes included a PS4 Pro, Chirithy Plush, and Shadow Plush.[2]

Notes and references[edit]