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Quest 871: The Control Room[edit]

  • Defeat all enemies within 1 turn - Avatar Coin x5
  • Collect 50000 or more Lux - Avatar Coin x5
  • Complete without having to continue - Mythril Shard x1
Enemies (LV 1200)
  • Red Gearbit x2
  • Blue Gearbit x2
  • Red Gummi Saucer (reflect P) (t)
  • a1
  • none

Before quest[edit]

  • Ephemer: (offscreen) "Brain!"
  • Ventus: (offscreen, simultaneously) "Brain!"
  • Brain: "Ephemer, Ven."
  • Brain: "And you are?"
  • Ephemer: "This is The Player, the friend I mentioned before."
  • Ephemer: "Brain, what's going on? Some strange things are happening outside."
  • Brain: "I've managed to stop the infestation. For now."
  • Brain: "Let me explain what's going on as simply as I can."
  • Brain: "Before the Keyblade War, in the world we call Daybreak Town, we were able to visit worlds from the future via the Book of Prophecies. It was like a pop-up book of sorts."
  • Brain: "It projected the future of worlds— worlds that currently existed."
  • Brain: "Technically, you didn't have to rely on the Book to get to these worlds, since they were all connected to Daybreak Town by land. You could've visited the present versions of these worlds if you'd wanted to."
  • Ventus: "We could've gone to all those places?"
  • Brain: "Well, it wouldn't have been that easy."
  • Brain: "The world is a big place after all."
  • Brain: "Now, after the Keyblade War, the worlds all broke apart from each other; they were no longer connected."
  • Brain: "It was written in the Book that that would happen, so all the worlds had been recreated as data in preparation to ensure that even without the Book, the worlds and their futures would still be accessible through a virtual setting. With me so far?"
  • Ephemer: "Yes."
  • Brain: "Much like before the war, we Dandelions have continued to visit these worlds by way of the virtual Daybreak Town. From the real Daybreak Town, we make our way to the virtual one, and from there, the world of our choice. Still with me?"
  • Ephemer: "I-I think so. Please, keep going."
  • Brain: "Question:"
  • Brain: "Is the Daybreak Town we're in right now... ...real or virtual?"
  • Ephemer: "Hmm. It would make the most sense for this to be the real world."
  • Brain: "Right? But there are things happening here that shouldn't be."
  • Ventus: "So we're in the virtual world?"
  • Brain: "I wish it were that clear. Like Ephemer said, this should be the real world... ...and yet those glitches are obviously a phenomenon that belongs to the virtual one."
  • Ephemer: "Then what's going on?"
  • Brain: "Remember at the beginning I explained that this world is like a portal connecting to the future of worlds that already exist? That was the case until now. Somehow, it's connected to a place that doesn't exist in this world or time."
  • Ephemer: "What? How!?"
  • Brain: "Your guess is as good as mine. I don't know if this is all part of the plan or what. All I know is that we know practically nothing about this new location."
  • Ephemer: "I see."
  • Brain: "I also know that the glitches started appearing once we connected to this place. It's impossible to completely sever the connection, but I did manage to stabilize it. We'll have to poke around to get some answers."
  • Ventus: "You want us to go there?"
  • Brain: "It's the best way to find out what's going on."
  • Ephemer: "All right. I'm in."
  • Ventus: "What!?"
  • Brain: "I thought you might say that, and while I appreciate the gesture, the leader should stay in case something happens. I think we should send a Dandelion. After all, it's just like any other mission."
  • Player: "!?"
  • Chirithy: "But it[cut off]"
  • Ephemer: (simultaneously, overlapping) "But it's too dangerous!"
  • Brain: "What do you think?"
  • Player: "I'll go."
  • Chirithy: "The Player!"
  • Ephemer: (simultaneously) "What!?"
  • Brain: "It'll be fine. All you need to do is secure the route, and I should be able to stabilize it so we can come and go as we please from this end. That way, the others will be able to join you later."
  • Ephemer: "I should go too."
  • Ephemer: "But, The Player..."
  • Brain: "Fine. Better two heads than one anyway."
  • Brain: "Friendship's a beautiful thing. Just remember: come back immediately if you sense any danger."
  • Brain: "It's still unstable. Hurry."
  • Ephemer: "This sure doesn't look like the others."
  • Chirithy: "Maybe we're already there."
  • Chirithy: "Ack! Where'd they come from!?"
  • Ephemer: "We need to get past them!"