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Quest 555: Inside the Clock Tower Pt. 10

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  • Inside the Clock Tower Pt. 10
  • Foretellers' Chambers
Quest complete
  • Orichalcum x1
  • Jewel x250
Script (Vulpes ver.)
Before quest
  • Skuld: "What is this place?"
  • Chirithy: "This is the final room—the foretellers' chamber."
  • Skuld: "Do you think Ephemer was here?"
  • Chirithy: "I don't know. But there's no one here now and nothing to see. Can we go now?"
  • Skuld: "I guess. I was just expecting...more. It's kind of a letdown, really. I wonder what's so important about this place."
  • Master Ira: "What are you doing here?"
  • Skuld, Player, and Chirithy: "!"
  • Chirithy: "Master Ira!"
  • Skuld: "W-we're so sorry! We were just looking for someone."
  • Master Ira: "Chirithy, I expected more from you. You know this area is off-limits."
  • Chirithy: "I-I'm sorry..."
  • Master Ira: "I caught another wielder in here just the other day. A friend of yours?"
  • Player: "Yes, he is."
  • Skuld: "So he WAS here. Did you talk to him?"
  • Master Ira: "Yes. But you must know his Union gathers Lux for a reason that contradicts ours."
  • Master Ira: "He befriended you to get his hands on information, nothing more. But he is a threat no longer."
  • Skuld: "Did you—? Is Ephemer—"
  • Master Ira: "He's gone."
  • Chirithy: "[Player]..."
  • Skuld: "How could you!?"
  • Master Ira: "What are you going to do?"
  • Chirithy: "Nothing!"
  • Chirithy: "Master Ira, this is my fault! All of it! They didn't do anything wrong."
  • Chirithy: "[Player]..."
  • Player: "This whole thing was my idea. I was the one who wanted to look for Ephemer, and for good reason. You see, I've gone to different worlds to gather Lux; a lot of effort has gone into the contributions to my Union. I've even had to fight those I consider my friends. I've done everything that was expected of me without a second thought."
  • Player: "And then I met Ephemer. We didn't know each other for very long, but he left a lasting impression. Not all of our memories are good ones; in fact, he even broke one of our promises. No matter what happened, I knew we were still friends. But you took him away from me."
  • Player: "I feel sad, I feel angry, I feel hurt. Maybe that means I have darkness in my heart; I don't care."
  • Player: "But I can't let you get away with what you did to my friend. Even if I have to fight you, even if I don't stand a chance, even if I may disappear... I will because I know in my heart that Ephemer would do the same if he were here."
  • Player: "Master Ira, I mean no disrespect, but this is something I must do."
  • Master Ira: "So be it."
  • Chirithy: "[Player]!"
After quest
  • Master Ira: "Congratulations. You fought admirably."
  • Chirithy: "Master Ava...?"
  • Master Ava: "[Player], Skuld. Thank you for showing me the strength of your hearts. I hope you'll forgive me for deceiving you, but the foreteller you fought, the room you were in, were both merely projections."
  • Skuld: "But why? What was the point?"
  • Master Ava: "It's as Ephemer stated in your dream. The world will soon end."
  • Master Ava: "But if all wielders disappear along with it, there will be no one left to drive away the ensuing darkness. So we must prevent this at all costs."
  • Master Ava: "My role in all of this is to gather wielders with great potential, regardless of their Unions. They must survive for the world after."
  • Chirithy: "The world after...?"
  • Skuld: "This is all so— I-I don't understand."
  • Skuld: "So what happened to Ephemer?"
  • Master Ava: "Ephemer must've caught wind of the fact that there was more to everything than what he'd been taught, so he started questioning things."
  • Master Ava: "He went looking for the truth because he knew there was one to be found. That's how I knew he was the one, the one I could count on to lead the Dandelions in my stead."
  • Chirithy: "Dandelions?"
  • Master Ava: "They're a special group of Keyblade wielders that will remain after the rest of us are gone."
  • Master Ava: "It was my role to put the Dandelions together. But I have to be there when the inevitable events unfold, so I need someone to replace me when I'm gone. And I chose Ephemer. He accepted, and now he's far away from here, waiting."
  • Skuld: "So then... he's all right?"
  • Master Ava: "Yes, he's fine. However, this world is not. There is a wielder who has been corrupted, and the Chirithy you saw earlier is proof of that."
  • Master Ava: "But I want the world to come to be filled with light. That's why only wielders with a strong resistance to darkness are chosen as Dandelions. So I ask both of you: will you join us?"
  • Skuld: "Of course, Master Ava. Thank you."
  • Skuld: "[Player]?"
  • [Player]: "What'll happen to the others? The ones who aren't chosen?"
  • Master Ava: "They will have no choice but to fight in the Keyblade War."
  • Skuld: "The Keyblade War...?"
  • Master Ava: "I'm afraid it's inevitable."
  • [Player]: "May I take some time to think about my decision?"
  • Skuld: "[Player]!"
  • Master Ava: "Of course, take all the time you need. This decision is yours to make, and you should do what feels right. I just ask that you keep this to yourselves. I'm afraid the future is a very...sensitive subject."
[Cut to Fountain Square]
  • Chirithy: "[Player], what's holding you back from joining the Dandelions? You'd get to see Ephemer again!"
  • [Player]: "Ephemer's my friend, and he's important to me. But so is everyone else, and I can't just abandon them."
  • Chirithy: "I understand."
  • Skuld: "Can I share a story?"
  • Skuld: "When I became a Keyblade wielder, I was so excited. I even made my own party, but no one wanted to join it. Finally, after what seemed like ages, Ephemer did. For a long time, it was just the two of us."
  • Skuld: "But as time passed, others joined us, and we spent all our time gathering as much Lux as possible. With our busy schedule, Ephemer and I spoke less and less, until one day he turned to me and said, "Skuld, you'll be all right on your own now." And then he left."
  • Skuld: "I continued to collect Lux with my party members, but I guess people started to lose interest. One by one they left, until one day, it was just me again. And you know what? Ephemer was right. I WAS fine on my own."
  • Skuld: "I never forgot about him, though. And I know he never forgot about me either because he led me to you."
  • Skuld: "You helped me see so much. Thanks, [Player]. Now I just have to thank Ephemer, and the only way to do that is to join the Dandelions."
  • Skuld: "Thanks. For everything.
[Cut to later]
  • Master Ava: "Today you're here—to continue with your training for our mission. This session may seem like it's familiar to you, but in a world that is different, one made of dreams..."
  • Master Ava: "You are our hope."
  • Master Ava: "A war will soon wage. Those who strive to protect the light will turn their weapons on their allies for the sake of loyalty to their own Unions."
  • Master Ava: "To be honest, I don't know how far I can guide all of you. What you must remember is that anyone can lose themselves to the darkness. However, there will be no winners; everything will be lost."
  • Master Ava: "Except all of you who are the seeds of hope. When the time comes, and there is war, you mustn't fight but instead you must fly away from here to the world outside."
  • Master Ava: "This training is to help you fulfill this crucial task. The future is in all your hands—as is the world's light. May your heart be your guiding key."

  • Defeat the target enemy within 2 turns - Avatar Coin x 6
  • Defeat the target enemy within 2 turns - Title
  • Complete without having to continue - Mythril Shard x1
Enemies (LV 143)
  • Opposing Foreteller