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Daybreak Town

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Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png

Daybreak Town is the first world visited by The Player in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ.


The Fountain Square (噴水広場 Funsui Hiroba?) is the first area in the world and also acts the the party's hub.

During seasonal events the hub version of the Fountain Square changes its appearance.

The door in the center leads to the Moogle Shop (モーグリの店 Mōguri no Mise?).

Up the stairs is the Attic (屋根裏部屋 Yaneuraheya?).

Beyond the window lies the Rooftop (噴水広場・上層 Funsui Hiroba Jōsō?, lit. "Fountain Square: Upper Level").

The stairs in the lower left corner of the Fountain Square lead to the 1st District (1番街 1-Ban Machi?, lit. "1st Avenue").

Following the stairs on the right side of the Fountain Square the 2nd District (2番街 2-Ban Machi?, lit. "2nd Avenue") can be reached.

Somewhere beyond the 2nd District lies the Clock Tower Area (時計塔・周辺 Tokei-tō Shūhen?, lit. "Clock Tower and Surroundings").

Leaving through the large left gate of the Clock Tower Area leads to the Seventh District (7番街 7-Ban Machi?, lit. "7th Avenue").

On the left side of the Seventh District is a door to the Seventh District: Vacant House (7番街・空家 7-Ban Machi Akiya?, lit. "7th Avenue: Vacant House").

Leaving the Fountain Square through the large gate on the left leads to Market (中央市場 Chūōshijō?, lit. "Central Market").

In the middle of the Market a door to the Warehouse (中央市場・倉庫 Chūōshijō Sōko?, lit. "Central Market: Warehouse") can be found.

The gate on the left side of the Market connects to the Avenue (郊外へ続く橋 Kōgai e Tsudzuku Hashi?, lit. "Bridge to the Suburbs").

Crossing the bridge to the left leads to the Boardwalk (海沿いの遊歩道 Umizoi no Yūhodō?, lit. "Boardwalk along the Sea").

The Boardwalk has two exits to the Waterfront Park (臨海公園 Rinkai Kōen?): on the upper left over the bridge, and the lower left through the park.

The Waterfront Park: Office (臨海公園・管理人室 Rinkai Kōen Kanrininshitsu?, lit. "Waterfront Park: Manager's Office") can be found by entering the lighthouse in the Waterfront Park.

The bottom left door of the Waterfront Park: Office leads to the Waterfront Park: Dock (臨海公園・船着き場 Rinkai Kōen Funatsukiba?).

Taking the ferry from the Waterfront Park: Dock, the Beach (島のビーチ Shima no Bīchi?, lit. "Island Beach") can be reached, which consists of four areas. A dusk and night version of Beach can be visited during the Summer Adventure event.

During the Summer Adventure event, taking a different ferry from the Beach would take you to a reef with shipwrecks.

Entering the sewers in the 2nd District or going down the steps in the Waterfront Park: Office leads to the Underground Waterway Entrance (地下水路・入口 Chika Suiro Iriguchi?), and subsequentially to the Underground Waterway (地下水路 Chika Suiro?), which connects both areas and the Clock Tower: Underground Entrance (時計塔・地下入口 Tokei-tō Chika Iriguchi?). Counting entries and exits, the Underground Waterway consists of ten areas.

Draining the water during the Shark Hunt creates a lower passage that connects the first four areas of the Underground Waterway.
During the Christmas Winter Party Event!, three areas are frozen.

Going up the stairs in the Clock Tower: Underground Entrance leads to the Clock Tower: Level (時計塔内部 Tokei-tō Naibu?, lit. "Clock Tower Interior"), which consists of a labyrinth of five different areas.

In some quests, exterior areas can be reached through some Clock Tower: Level exits.

Some areas of the the Clock Tower: Level C variant contain the Clock Tower: Elevator (時計塔・エレベーター Tokei-tō Erebētā?).

Moving up with the elevator leads to the Foretellers' Chambers (予知者の部屋 Yochi-sha no Heya?).

Another elevator moves up to the Clock Tower: Control Room Hall (時計塔・管理室前 Tokei-tō Kanri Shitsumae?, lit. "Clock Tower: In Front of the Control Room").

At the bottom of the Clock Tower lies The Basement (箱舟の間 Hakobune no Ma?, lit. "Ark Room"), which contains the lifeboat.

Somewhere in Daybreak Town a hall with fourteen adjoining rooms can be found.

There is a graveyard somewhere beyond the city area of Daybreak Town.

The Corridor of Darkness (闇の回廊 Yami no Kairō?) can be accessed at the Fountain Square during the Dark Corridor Trials, the Warehouse when visiting Enchanted Dominion for the first time, and Shipwreck Shore during the Summer Adventure event.

Cutscene maps[edit]