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Completed Requests[edit]

;All pages that link to "Template:Set1", "Template:Set2", "Template:Set3", "Template:Set4", "Template:Set5", "Template:Set6", "Template:Set7", "Template:Set8", "Template:Set9", "Template:Set10"
  • "{{Set1}}", "{{Set2}}", "{{Set3}}", "{{Set4}}", "{{Set5}}", "{{Set6}}", "{{Set7}}", "{{Set8}}", "{{Set9}}", "{{Set10}}" > "{{JPSets}}"KrytenKoro (talk)
All pages that link to "Template:EnglishSet1", "Template:EnglishSet2"
Yes check.png Done
#can you set it to add <!-- to the beginning of these articles? and then replace the category with -->{{subst:StoryQuest}} for all articles in Category:Missions. this will fill out the untouched story articles with drafts for people to fill in, and keep the existing material commented out for use in notes
  1. once that's all done, we can have DChiuch do a mass-move for all the Quest ## and Quest ##: XXX articles, THEN we move the infomissionkhux template to infoquestkhux (and run AWB again) while simultaneously changing "Mission" to "Quest across the articles' texts
  2. afteward, we have to recreate a few categories to use "Quest" instead of "Mission", but that's going to be easy enough</nowiki>
Yes check.png Done
*Starts with Sleep. => {{sleep}}
  • Has a chance to appear / Has a chance to appear. / Has a chance of appearing, / Has a chance of appearing. / Sometimes spawns. / etc. => {{chance}}
  • CAUTION / attacks first / etc. => {{caution}}
Yes check.png Done
For all quest pages:
{|class="wikitable collapsible collapsed"
-> {{EG
-> }}
Some pages may have "File:" in front of these, or have the links like "[[Shadow]]". Those also need to be replaced.
Shadow KHX.png|{{e|Shadow}} -> |shadow=*
Flower Rider KHX.png|{{e|Flower Rider}} -> |flowerrider=*
Candy Apple KHX.png|{{e|Candy Apple}} -> candyapple=*
Poison Apple KHX.png|{{e|Poison Apple}} -> poisonapple=*
Soldier KHX.png|{{e|Soldier}} -> |soldier=*
Pumpkin Soldier KHX.png|{{e|Pumpkin Soldier}} -> |pumpkinsoldier=*
Air Soldier KHX.png|{{e|Air Soldier}} -> |airsoldier=*
Large Body KHX.png|{{e|Large Body}} -> |largebody=*
Fat Bandit KHX.png|{{e|Fat Bandit}} -> |fatbandit=*
Large Armor KHX.png|{{e|Large Armor}} -> |largearmor=*
Red Nocturne KHX.png|{{e|Red Nocturne}} -> |rednocturne=*
Blue Rhapsody KHX.png|{{e|Blue Rhapsody}} -> |bluerhapsody=*
Yellow Opera KHX.png|{{e|Yellow Opera}} -> |yellowopera=*
Violet Waltz KHX.png|{{e|Violet Waltz}} -> |violetwaltz=*
Jack-o'-lantern KHX.png|{{e|Jack-o'-lantern}} -> |jackolantern=*
Cheery Ape KHX.png|{{e|Cheery Ape}} -> |cheeryape=*
Bandit KHX.png|{{e|Bandit}} -> |bandit=*
Red Bandit KHX.png|{{e|Red Bandit}} -> |redbandit=*
Search Ghost KHX.png|{{e|Search Ghost}} -> |searchghost=*
Gargoyle KHX.png|{{e|Gargoyle}} -> |gargoyle=*
Darkball KHX.png|{{e|Darkball}} -> |darkball=*
Wyvern KHX.png|{{e|Wyvern}} -> |wyvern=*
Defender KHX.png|{{e|Defender}} -> |defender=*
Wizard KHX.png|{{e|Wizard}} -> |wizard=*
High Wizard KHX.png|{{e|High Wizard}} -> |highwizard=*
Invisible KHX.png|{{e|Invisible}} -> |invisible=*
Neoshadow KHX.png|{{e|Neoshadow}} -> |neoshadow=*
Creeper Plant KHX.png|{{e|Creeper Plant}} -> |creeperplant=*
White Rose KHX.png|{{e|White Rose}} -> |whiterose=*
Red Rose KHX.png|{{e|Red Rose}} -> |redrose=*
Loudmouth KHX.png|{{e|Loudmouth}} -> |loudmouth=*
Rainy Loudmouth KHX.png|{{e|Rainy Loudmouth}} -> |rainyloudmouth=*
Tornado Step KHX.png|{{e|Tornado Step}} -> |tornado step=*
Bad Dog KHX.png|{{e|Bad Dog}} -> |baddog=*
Hook Bat KHX.png|{{e|Hook Bat}} -> |hookbat=*
Growth Egg KHX.png|{{e|Growth Egg}} -> |growthegg=*
Munny Egg KHUX.png|{{e|Munny Egg}} -> |munnyegg=*
Prize Egg KHX.png|{{e|Prize Egg}} -> |prizeegg=*
Eggcognito KHX.png|{{e|Eggcognito}} -> |eggcognito=*
Cannon Gun KHX.png|{{e|Cannon Gun}} -> |cannongun=*
Red Gummi Copter KHX.png|{{e|Red Gummi Copter}} -> |redgummicopter=*
Blue Gummi Copter KHX.png|{{e|Blue Gummi Copter}} -> |bluegummicopter=*
Yellow Gummi Copter KHX.png|{{e|Yellow Gummi Copter}} -> |yellowgummicopter=*
Black Gummi Copter KHX.png|{{e|Black Gummi Copter}} -> |blackgummicopter=*
Morning Star KHX.png|{{e|Morning Star}} -> |morningstar=*
Gummi Hammer KHX.png|{{e|Gummi Hammer}} -> |gummihammer=*
Aerial Knocker KHX.png|{{e|Aerial Knocker}} -> |aerialknocker=*
Armored Knight KHX.png|{{e|Armored Knight}} -> |armoredknight=*
Possessor KHX.png|{{e|Possessor}} -> |possessor=*
Possessors KHX.png|{{e|Possessors}} -> |possessors=*
Dire Plant KHX.png|{{e|Dire Plant}} -> |direplant=*
Fire Plant KHX.png|{{e|Fire Plant}} -> |fireplant=*
Ice Plant KHX.png|{{e|Ice Plant}} -> |iceplant=*
Dark Plant KHX.png|{{e|Dark Plant}} -> |darkplant=*
Nosy Mole KHX.png|{{e|Nosy Mole}} -> |nosymole=*
Armored Archer KHX.png|{{e|Armored Archer}} -> |armoredarcher=*
Bag O' Coal KHX.png|{{e|Bag O' Coal}} -> |bagocoal=*
Bag O' Coins KHX.png|{{e|Bag O' Coins}} -> |bagocoins=*
Bag O' Jewels KHX.png|{{e|Bag O' Jewels}} -> |bagojewels=*
Chomper Egg KHX.png|{{e|Chomper Egg}} -> |chomperegg=*
Wibble Wobble KHX.png|{{e|Wibble Wobble}} -> |wibblewobble=*
Pretender KHX.png|{{e|Pretender}} -> |pretender=*
Great Pretender KHX.png|{{e|Great Pretender}} -> |greatpretender=*
King Pretender KHX.png|{{e|King Pretender}} -> |kingpretender=*
Wretched Witch KHX.png|{{e|Wretched Witch}} -> |wretchedwitch=*
Cloud KHX.png|{{e|Cloud}} -> |cloud=*
Cerberus KHX.png|{{e|Cerberus}} -> |cerberus=*
Hades KHX.png|{{e|Hades}} -> |hades=*
Master Ava KHX.png|{{e|Master Ava}} -> |masterava=*
Darkside KHX.png|{{e|Darkside}} -> |darkside=*
Yes check.png Done -00:48, 23 August 2016 (PDT)
All pages that link to File
Pretender KHX.png, File:Great Pretender KHX.png, File:King Pretender KHX.png:

{{EN|Pretender| -> {{EN|Item Prize 1| {{EN|Great Pretender| -> {{EN|Item Prize 2| {{EN|King Pretender| -> {{EN|Item Prize 3|