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Quest (KHDR)

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Quests are the main gameplay feature in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

Main Quests

Main Quest icon KHDR.png

Main Quests (メインクエスト Mein Kuesuto?) are the quests following the story of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road. Main Quests are divided into Episodes. One Main Quest is available at a time and once cleared, cannot be played again. Some Main Quests play a cutscene before or after the battle segment.

Main Missions (メインミッション Mein Misshon?) are tasks that need to be cleared before being able to proceed with the Main Quests. Main Missions occur after certain Main Quests, and involve collecting a certain amount of BP or defeating a certain amount of enemies.


World Battles

World Battles (フリーバトル Furī Batoru?, lit. "Free Battle") are battles against an endless number of enemies. Players can select a World and Rank to fight in. Worlds change the enemies that appear, while Rank decides to strength of the enemies. Both Worlds and Ranks are unlocked by clearing Main Quests and Main Missions.

Enemies in ★★ World Battles are 10 levels higher and drop 7 times as much BP as in ★ World Battles. Enemies in ★★★ World Battles are 20 levels higher and drop 4 times as much BP as in ★★ World Battles. An exception is made for the Eggcognito, which only gets a x4 and x2 increase in BP.


Event icon KHDR.png

Events (イベント Ibento?) are more challenging quests that have special rewards. Most Events are only available for a limited time.

Permanent Events

Limited-Time Events