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#REDIRECT[[Quest 850: More Heartless in Daybreak Town Pt. 5]]
|jpdesc=Heartless Extermination in Daybreak Town
|kana=デイブレイクタウンでハートレス退治 5
|romaji=Deibureiku Taun de Hātoresu Taiji 5
|world=Daybreak Town
|room1=Waterfront Park
|target=Guard Armor Ω
|jpobj1=Inflict 80,000,000 or more damage with 1 hit (excl. Nova)
|jpobj2=Complete within 1 turn
|jpobjbonus2=Avatar Coin
|jpobj3=Complete without having to continue
|jpobjbonus3=Mythril Shard
'''Quest 850''' takes place in [[Daybreak Town]].
File:Waterfront Park KHX.png|[[Waterfront Park]]

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