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My name is TheSilentHero. I'm an admin on both this wiki and the KHWiki. If you have any questions, leave them on my talk page.


User pages Abilities PvP/Rankings Quest navs Enemy templates
SN++ - Illustrated Zexion 7★ KHUX.png

Lux KHX.pngNotices
BP KHDR.pngNotices
Lux KHX.pngSandbox (Special Attack navs)
Lux KHX.pngAvatar Parts
Lux KHX.pngEnemy Order

Brilliant Gem KHX.pngBP KHDR.pngAbilities
Lux KHX.pngSpecial Attack

Lux KHX.pngPvP (Main Page)
Lux KHX.pngPvP
Lux KHX.pngWeekly Rankings

Lux KHX.pngEvent Quest nav
Lux KHX.pngSpecial Quest nav
Lux KHX.pngStory Quest nav
BP KHDR.pngQuest nav

Lux KHX.pngEnemy template
Lux KHX.pngTarget enemy template
Lux KHX.pngEnemy Gallery template
BP KHDR.pngEnemy Data

Shop Set navs Titles Albums Board navs

Lux KHX.pngShop
Lux KHX.pngMoogle Shop
BP KHDR.pngShop

Brilliant Gem KHX.pngKHX Card nav
Lux KHX.pngEnglish Sets
Lux KHX.pngJapanese Sets
BP KHDR.pngDark Road Sets

Lux KHX.pngTitle page
Lux KHX.pngTitle images

Brilliant Gem KHX.pngCard Album (KHX)
Lux KHX.pngAlbum
BP KHDR.pngCard Album
BP KHDR.pngEnemy Album

Lux KHX.pngAvatar Board nav
BP KHDR.pngMission board nav

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    My (Severely Outdated) Pages[edit]

    Axel KHUX.png
    Boards (WIP)
    Luxord KHUX.png
    NPC Chat (Discontinued; might be useful for reference)