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*[ 08/05 <nowiki>[WJE]</nowiki> Berlioz Snuggly, SN+ - KH III Xemnas, & More!]
*[ 08/05 <nowiki>[WJE]</nowiki> Berlioz Snuggly, SN+ - KH III Xemnas, & More!]
*[ 08/05 Damage Contest Returns!]
*[ 08/05 Damage Contest Returns!]
*[ 08/08 Upgrade SP Xion to Supernova+!]
*[ 08/08 Upgrade SP Axel to Supernova+!]
*[ 08/08 Upgrade SP Roxas to Supernova+!]
*[ 08/08 More Proud Mode Quests! (08/08)]
*[ 08/12 Supernova Deal! (08/12)]
*[ 08/12 Deluxe Lux Ranking Rewards! (08/12)]
*[ 08/12 <nowiki>[WJE]</nowiki> Balloon Bambi, SN+ - KH III Xemnas, & More!]
*[ 08/13 Radiant Reward Raid Event! (08/12)]

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