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Munny Medals

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This article is about the Daily Quests.
You may be looking for the VIP Quest.
Special - Munny Medals banner KHUX.png
Special - Munny Medals JP banner KHUX.png

"Munny Medals" (モーグリメダル売却でマニー大量ゲット! Mōguri Medaru Baikyaku de Manī Tairyō Getto!?, lit. "Get a lot of Munny by Selling Moogle Medals") is a series of three quests in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ in which the Player can easily farm Moogle Medals. It was available on Monday through Friday.

Special - Munny Medals 2 banner KHUX.png

As of Version 2.6.0, only one quest is available, limited to just Friday.

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