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Mission 10[edit]

  • Target Nosy Mole: Jiminy Cricket 1★
  • Treasure Chest:Dewey 1★/Moogle 1★

Mission 34[edit]

  • Target Enemy: Sora KH Ver. A 2★

Mission 57[edit]

  • Prize Egg: Mythril Stone/Mythril Gem
  • Treasure Chest: Huey 3★/Moogle 3★/Mythril Stone
  • Group of 5 Violet Waltz next to the light house: Tidus 2★ / Goofy 1★
  • Great Pretender: Merlin
  • Target Enemy: Yuna 1★
  • Violet Waltz5(first from the second area: Young Hercules 1★
  • Yellow Gummi Copter: Yuna★
  • Unknown match:

Sora KH Ver. A 1★
Violet Waltz4(by Treasure Chest)

Mission 201[edit]

  • Treasure Chest: Moogle 1★/Huey 1★/Mythril Stone
  • Flower Ride (3) (Upper Center): Ollete 1★/Pence ★
  • Target Flower Ride: Wakka 1★

Mission 270[edit]

  • Prize Egg: Mythril Gem
  • Pretender: Fairy Godmother/Mythril Stone/Moogle 1★
  • Target King Pretender: Fantasia Mickey Ver A

Mission 323[edit]

  • Munny Egg: Moogle 3★
  • Great Pretender: Yen Sid/Moogle 3★
  • Target King Pretender: Fantasia Mickey Ver A.
  • Unknown match:

Stitch 2★
Hayner 1★
Gummi Copter (2)(Second group of two from the starting point)
Gummi Copter (4)