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|★5||400||12200{{?}}||5210<br>5150 (Scrooge)||450<br>122000 (Moogle)
|★5||400||12200||5210<br>5150 (Scrooge)||450<br>122000 (Moogle)
|★6||15210||32000{{?}}||15210<br>15150 (Scrooge)<br>68445 (Triple)||800<br>32000 (Moogle)
|★6||15210||32000||15210<br>15150 (Scrooge)<br>68445 (Triple)||800<br>32000 (Moogle)
Are you planning to tab the medals that are different in the NA and JP version (only Nick and Judy so far). --[[User:ShardofTruth|ShardofTruth]] ([[User talk:ShardofTruth|talk]]) 07:24, 15 May 2016 (PDT)
Are you planning to tab the medals that are different in the NA and JP version (only Nick and Judy so far). --[[User:ShardofTruth|ShardofTruth]] ([[User talk:ShardofTruth|talk]]) 07:24, 15 May 2016 (PDT)

Revision as of 04:44, 12 July 2016


1 Moogle - 1000 3 Moogle - 3500 5 Moogle - 12200 6 Moogle - 32000

Moogle Book of Prophecies medals

Mission Template

Instead of lazily creating pages by copy pasting the text from the old mission pages, why don't you just use the mission template? Kikuhime (talk) 18:54, 9 May 2016 (PDT)Kikuhime

Medals Template

I was looking over this and still have some questions and/or suggestions regarding the stats.

  1. Calculating the attack/defense stats is a great idea, I'll try to get the values for each level with the JP version since leveling up only one level is quite costly and I don't have that munny in the NA version yet. Do you already have a spreadsheet for this? It seems that stat progression and exp consumption are different for each rarity range.
  2. Putting the damage/ability multiplier on the page for the attack itself and not in medal info box is fine I guess. What's clear is that once you can fuse duplicates with a medal you can get the ability multiplier for the higher rarities. You have to see it this way: Each rarity has an ability multiplier, at 3 stars you can fuse another medal which give the 4 star multiplier, at 4 stars you can fuse two medals which give the 5 star and 6 star multiplier, at 5 stars you can fuse three medals which give the 6 star, 6 star+1 and 6 star+2 multiplier and so on and so forth. The only abilities with different target modes (and therefor cost and ability multipliers) are currently "Reset", "Protect Down" and "Strength Boost" in the NA version.
  3. EXP from a medal with the same attribute is increased by 1.5, EXP from a duplicate medal with an additional 1.5 (meaning 2.25 in total, always rounded down). I don't know how experience from an already leveled medal is transferred exactly, it doesn't make much sense to me. The value seems to be depended on the medal's rarity and level but not the actual exp it already has. You should also check out this data here.
  4. The sell price is fixed for most medals, here is a small table. Every attack medal's level adds another 30 munny to the sell price, every filled ability multiplier slot sells for one Avatar Coin.
Attack Medals Attack Medals EXP medals Other
Rarity EXP Sell price EXP Sell price
★1 30 90 260 90
1000 (Moogle)
★2 40 120 N/A 120
★3 70 210 1400 210
3500 (Moogle)
★4 100 360 N/A 360
★5 400 12200 5210
5150 (Scrooge)
122000 (Moogle)
★6 15210 32000 15210
15150 (Scrooge)
68445 (Triple)
32000 (Moogle)

Are you planning to tab the medals that are different in the NA and JP version (only Nick and Judy so far). --ShardofTruth (talk) 07:24, 15 May 2016 (PDT)

I just noticed another thing about EXP. You don't necessarily have to use a duplicate to get the other 1.5 exp bonus, it will work on all medals that have the same ability. For example leveling up Pence with Olette (or vice versa) will give you a 1.5 bonus even though they don't have the same attribute.
If an ability is the same for different medals nothing seems to differ, not the multiplier, gauge cost or the description for the various levels.
As for the ability multiplier: It only changes when you evolve the medal to a higher rarity or fuse with a duplicate to fill a dot. It's heavily tied to the ability of the medal but I think it can be determined once you knoww at least two multipliers to get the increment. Here are five examples:
Rarity Blizzard Raid Thunder Raid Fire Raid Sonic Break min Sonic Break max Curaga
★1 1,35 1,54 1,75 1,89 2,93 N/A
★2 1,37 0,02 1,57 0,03 1,79 0,04 1,92 0,03 2,96 0,03 N/A
★3 1,39 0,02 1,6 0,03 1,83 0,04 1,95 0,03 2,99 0,03 1,39
★4 1,41 0,02 1,63 0,03 1,87 0,04 1,98 0,03 3,02 0,03 1,41 0,02
★5 1,43 0,02 1,66 0,03 1,91 0,04 2,01 0,03 3,05 0,03 1,43 0,02
★6 1,47 0,04 1,72 0,06 1,99 0,08 2,07 0,06 3,11 0,06 1,47 0,04
★6+1 1,51 0,04 1,78 0,06 2,07 0,08 2,13 0,06 3,17 0,06 1,51 0,04
★6+2 1,55 0,04 1,84 0,06 2,15 0,08 2,19 0,06 3,23 0,06 1,55 0,04
★6+3 1,59 0,04 1,9 0,06 2,23 0,08 2,25 0,06 3,29 0,06 1,59 0,04
★6+5 1,63 0,04 1,96 0,06 2,31 0,08 2,31 0,06 3,35 0,06 1,63 0,04
★6+6 1,67 0,04 2,02 0,06 2,39 0,08 2,37 0,06 3,41 0,06 1,67 0,04

As you can see the increment simply doubles from rarity 6 onwards. Some multipliers have a lower and an upper limit but the growth is the same. --ShardofTruth (talk) 02:49, 16 May 2016 (PDT)


So then the entire world category with it's sub-categories should be deleted, essentially. -Rikki21 16:02, 13 June 2016 (PDT)

How about the Category:Characters. Should we categorize the medals with those categories? Or should that get deleted as well? -Rikki21 16:18, 13 June 2016 (PDT)

Buff, Debuff, Healing

Even though the game doesn't differentiate, it seems like we should. Being able to look at a category and know 'these are all medals that buff' seems very helpful to me. I know we have special attack, but if I don't know the name of the buff/debuff/heal skill I won't know what medals do it, you know? -Rikki21 05:40, 14 June 2016 (PDT)

Shouldn't we organize Special Attack by that, then? It just seems weird to put non-stats into the statbox -- if it was a category outside the infobox, maybe, but it's all variations of Cure, Strength Boost, and Defense Boost anyway.KrytenKoro (talk) 05:50, 14 June 2016 (PDT)

Last Image Change

When you renamed the page and the image for , the medal image no longer shows up, fix it. Thank you. Kikuhime (talk) 06:48, 14 June 2016 (PDT)

It's because the image is a jpg, I believe. I need to use GIMP, which I don't have access to until after work.KrytenKoro (talk) 06:49, 14 June 2016 (PDT)
I uploaded a .png version, not sure if you saw it. Kikuhime (talk) 06:50, 14 June 2016 (PDT)

New Template Suggestion

I was looking at the new template, and i got an idea to add the maxed stats into it. I don't know if it can be possible, but maybe you can add a tab inside the info box when the medal is 6 stars that shows the maxed out stats of the medal. Maybe something like with the Mission template with the small arrow, or just a button that says "Max Stats" or something like that. I don't know how to code at all, but maybe you guys can give that idea a try and see if it fits properly and make it work. That could help out alot.

It would definitely be doable -- the main issue that Shard and I had been discussing is that there definitely seems to be a generic progression (meaning you should always be able to calculate max stats given the 6* stats), and so we could conceivably just cover the progression on the main Medal page. We're still playing with the numbers to find the best fit curve, but if it turns out we're wrong, we would agree to going back to having max stats.
That being said, I'm not in charge of anything -- if the community doesn't want to wait on Shard and me, let us know and we'll revise the template to have MAX coverage.KrytenKoro (talk) 11:35, 14 June 2016 (PDT)

For what it's worth, I think that MAX coverage would be convenient. I, too, see the patterns and think that it would be easy enough to run the formula once someone spelled it out algebraically, but it'd be nice for just anyone to see the maximums at a glance. They could use the info to validate my medal guide, too. 08:39, 17 June 2016 (PDT)

Out of curiosity, what would the stats be used for? The current template sorts all medals by strength, defense, and special attack damage, so as far as tier sorting by that, you'd get the same results with 6* LV 1 and 6* MAX. (Not asking to shoot down your request, but to make sure the template is properly serving needed utilities.)KrytenKoro (talk) 09:43, 17 June 2016 (PDT)
No harm in asking, mate. The idea is to have the exact math on how efficient each medal is in comparison to each other in each situation. While abstractions such as tiering can be managed mostly by looking at SAB level (which varies directly with base stats) and special multiplier, many users would like to be able to ask, "Exactly how good is this? Should I spend this 1 gauge using Master Form Sora or The Queen in this fight?" and actually get an answer.
I am finishing up a spreadsheet with this in mind. Because I was able to dredge up info from this site's history and the corpse site, I have been able to fill in every medal thus far except Timeless River Mickey (need his flat damage value when fully orbed, but not counting SAB; just what is written on the card). It would be nice for people to be able to check for any discrepancies, especially with the totally unannounced JP/NA version differences.
Once I get the TR Mickey info and enough volunteers to do the raid testing before the 1 AP campaign is over, I'll have three comprehensive documents to submit for public review that will revolutionize how the game is played for many. 11:40, 19 June 2016 (PDT)

Musketeer medals

What are the Musketeer medals? -Rikki21 20:40, 14 June 2016 (PDT) Figure it out. -Rikki21 21:09, 14 June 2016 (PDT)

Max Stat Images

I noticed some max stat images have {{delete}}. Are we planning to delete all of them? -Rikki21 21:23, 15 June 2016 (PDT)

I mean, we're not using them in articles anymore. If we make a note of all the depicted stats somewhere (like on Template talk:InfoMedal), we have no need for them.KrytenKoro (talk) 05:22, 16 June 2016 (PDT)

Template Problem

Is the normal Template under revisions? I noticed that the Cid and medals that shows US and JP differences on their stats are displayed without the tab that corresponds to that medal. Kikuhime (talk) 11:31, 16 June 2016 (PDT)

Everything looks fine to me. Can you imgur a screenshot?KrytenKoro (talk) 11:37, 16 June 2016 (PDT) Kikuhime (talk) 12:00, 16 June 2016 (PDT)
You probably want to empty your cache. Try holding shift when you click the refresh button, or look up on google how to make sure the most current css is showing up.KrytenKoro (talk) 12:07, 16 June 2016 (PDT)

I forgot to ask...

What does it cost to switch unions? N. Harmonik (talk) 10:21, 18 June 2016 (PDT)

100 Jewels.KrytenKoro (talk) 10:23, 18 June 2016 (PDT)
Thanks! N. Harmonik (talk) 10:44, 18 June 2016 (PDT)

NPC quotes

For Mission 82, the NPCs say this:

  • Alice: Now where could those numbers be?
  • White Rabbit: No, no, no, no, no! I'm in trouble! What shall I do?

Where do you want to put this in the articles? I'll get more later, but I've been doing a lot of Special and Event Quests today. TheSilentHero 10:50, 21 June 2016 (PDT)

See Mission 304: Coliseum Tournament: Round 4.KrytenKoro (talk) 10:51, 21 June 2016 (PDT)