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Talk:Proud Mode

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Why do we need the table? There's not really anything informative about it in the assembly, other than the list of conditions that's already above it--at best, I can think of that it shows the escalation of target levels, which I figure we could probably just describe as a math equation or sequence (see below). The objective rewards are more of a coherent pattern than the targets, conditions, or keyblades, honestly. Definitely the icons are more than is needed.

  • 1-40: LV=Q/20+209 (rounded up)
  • 41-100: LV=Q/30+209.67 (rounded up, w/ anomalies at 51, 53, 54, please check)
  • 101-330: LV=Q/40+210.5 (rounded up)
  • 331-340: LV 218 (please check)
  • 341-370: LV=Q/10+183 (rounded up)
  • 371-400: LV=Q/5+146 (rounded up)
  • 401-424: LV=Q/6+159.33 (rounded up)
  • 425-449: LV=Q/4+124.5 (rounded down)
  • 450: LV 236 (please check)
  • 451-474: LV=Q/3+87 (rounded down)
  • 475-500: LV=Q/2+8 (rounded down)
  • 501-525: LV=Q-242
  • 525-650: LV=2Q-767
  • 651-675: LV=3Q-1417
  • 676-700: LV=4Q-2092
  • 701-728: LV=5Q-2792

(really, all that matters with these equations is the slope).KrytenKoro (talk) 12:15, 4 December 2019 (PST)

It was meant as a overview of the conditions and Keyblades of each quest. The target enemy is to show what attribute you want to focus on in the case of multi-color blades. I think the LV is the least useful stat in this case. TheSilentHero 09:33, 5 December 2019 (PST)
Sure, but it's the only thing that really works as a pattern -- something cohesive out of this data. Everything else is just a directory, and the reader is better served just by going to the appropriate story page (which will also give enemy placements, and ideally, strategy) -- for the same reason we don't cover enemy placements on the main Enemy page, for example, we link to other pages which cover it better. If we didn't have anywhere else to cover this data, a directory here would be fine, but as it is there's not much being communicated but redundancy, so simply having the story quest template (perhaps with some moving marker showing where NA proud and NA story are currently up to).KrytenKoro (talk) 13:32, 5 December 2019 (PST)