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Script/Quest 501 - 600

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Main story
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Side stories

Quest 501[edit]

Quest 501/Script

Quest 502[edit]

Quest 502/Script

Quest 503[edit]

Quest 503/Script

Quest 504[edit]

Quest 504/Script

Quest 505[edit]

Quest 505/Script

Quest 506[edit]

Quest 506/Script

Quest 507[edit]

Quest 507/Script

Quest 508[edit]

Quest 508/Script

Quest 509[edit]

Quest 509/Script

Quest 510[edit]

Quest 510/Script

Quest 511[edit]

Quest 511/Script

Quest 512[edit]

Quest 512/Script

Quest 513[edit]

Quest 513/Script

Quest 514[edit]

Quest 514/Script

Quest 515[edit]

Quest 515/Script

Quest 516[edit]

Quest 516/Script

Quest 517[edit]

Quest 517/Script

Quest 518[edit]

Quest 518/Script

Quest 519[edit]

Quest 519/Script

Quest 520[edit]

Before quest

Keyblade Wielder You just don't give up, do you?
Go home before you get hurt. Just like him...

Keyblade Wielder I saw a monster and rushed in without thinking.
Then he jumped in and...
Well, he's back in Daybreak Town now.
Keyblade Wielder looks angry.

Keyblade Wielder But I can't go back yet. Not until I make things right!

Chirithy Whoa, whoa! Not so fast!

Chirithy Being angry's not going to help anyone, kiddo.
Take a deep breath. That's it, in and out!
Now, are you ready?

Quest 521[edit]

Quest 521/Script

Quest 522[edit]

Quest 522/Script

Quest 523[edit]

Quest 523/Script

Quest 524[edit]

Quest 524/Script

Quest 525[edit]

Before quest
A snowman Heartless runs through.

Keyblade Wielder Get back here!
After quest

Keyblade Wielder Thank you, but... I don't understand.
Why did you help me? After all the things I said...
The Player looks surprised and the other Keyblade wielder turns away.

Keyblade Wielder "That's what friends do," huh...
Sorry, but I need some time alone.
The other Keyblade wielder leaves and Chirithy arrives.

Chirithy Let's give him a minute.
Why don't we head back to Daybreak Town for now?
In Daybreak Town.

Keyblade Wielder Hey! I'm glad I ran into you.
I owe you an explanation for what happened.
The Player looks surprised and the other Keyblade wielder closes his eyes.

Keyblade Wielder As you can tell, I get a little reckless sometimes.
But my friends always had my back... At least until recently.
You see, I was tired of them getting hurt for my sake, so I decided to push them away.

Keyblade Wielder I figured they wouldn't try to save me if they didn't like me anymore.
The other Keyblade wielder smiles.

Keyblade Wielder But I was wrong.
Some of them still stuck around, like that guy.
You two helped me see that there's only so much I can do alone.
I guess you were right. Our friends are our true power.
the other Keyblade wielder closes his eyes.

Keyblade Wielder And I'll show everyone how powerful of a friend I can be!
The other Keyblade wielder smiles.

Keyblade Wielder Well, see ya around...
The other Keyblade wielder grins.

Keyblade Wielder Friend.
The other Keyblade wielder leaves and Chirithy arrives.

Chirithy Anger is another path to darkness.
But you didn't let it get the best of you, or him.
And you know what? He really was a nice guy after all!

Quest 526[edit]

Quest 526/Script

Quest 527[edit]

Quest 527/Script

Quest 528[edit]

Quest 528/Script

Quest 529[edit]

Quest 529/Script

Quest 530[edit]

Quest 530/Script

Quest 531[edit]

Quest 531/Script

Quest 532[edit]

Quest 532/Script

Quest 533[edit]

Quest 533/Script

Quest 534[edit]

Quest 534/Script

Quest 535[edit]

Quest 535/Script

Quest 536[edit]

Quest 536/Script

Quest 537[edit]

Quest 537/Script

Quest 538[edit]

Quest 538/Script

Quest 539[edit]

Quest 539/Script

Quest 540[edit]

Quest 540/Script

Quest 541[edit]

Quest 541/Script

Quest 542[edit]

Quest 542/Script

Quest 543[edit]

Quest 543/Script

Quest 544[edit]

Quest 544/Script

Quest 545[edit]

Quest 545/Script

Quest 546[edit]

Quest 546/Script

Quest 547[edit]

Quest 547/Script

Quest 548[edit]

Quest 548/Script

Quest 549[edit]

Quest 549/Script

Quest 550[edit]

Quest 550/Script

Quest 551[edit]

Quest 551/Script

Quest 552[edit]

Quest 552/Script

Quest 553[edit]

Quest 553/Script

Quest 554[edit]

Quest 554/Script

Quest 555[edit]

Quest 555/Script

Quest 556[edit]

Quest 556/Script

Quest 557[edit]

Quest 557/Script

Quest 558[edit]

Quest 558/Script

Quest 559[edit]

Quest 559/Script

Quest 560[edit]

Quest 560/Script

Quest 561[edit]

After quest

Guard B Nice timing, kid. We just got a new post.

Reports received of monkeys in the Old Oasis.
Immediate investigation required.
- Desert Sands Patrol Squad

Guard B The Old Oasis is just beyond Treacherous Terrain.
But nobody's been there in ages. Who knows what you'll find?
Good luck!

Aladdin Monkeys? I bet Abu's with them.
Follow me!

Quest 562[edit]

Quest 562/Script

Quest 563[edit]

Quest 563/Script

Quest 564[edit]

Quest 564/Script

Quest 565[edit]

Quest 565/Script

Quest 566[edit]

Quest 566/Script

Quest 567[edit]

Quest 567/Script

Quest 568[edit]

Quest 568/Script

Quest 569[edit]

Quest 569/Script

Quest 570[edit]

Quest 570/Script

Quest 571[edit]

Quest 571/Script

Quest 572[edit]

Quest 572/Script

Quest 573[edit]

Quest 573/Script

Quest 574[edit]

Quest 574/Script

Quest 575[edit]

Quest 575/Script

Quest 576[edit]

Quest 576/Script

Quest 577[edit]

Quest 577/Script

Quest 578[edit]

Quest 578/Script

Quest 579[edit]

Quest 579/Script

Quest 580[edit]

Quest 580/Script

Quest 581[edit]

Quest 581/Script

Quest 582[edit]

Quest 582/Script

Quest 583[edit]

Quest 583/Script

Quest 584[edit]

Quest 584/Script

Quest 585[edit]

Quest 585/Script

Quest 586[edit]

Quest 586/Script

Quest 587[edit]

Quest 587/Script

Quest 588[edit]

Quest 588/Script

Quest 589[edit]

Quest 589/Script

Quest 590[edit]

Quest 590/Script

Quest 591[edit]

Quest 591/Script

Quest 592[edit]

Quest 592/Script

Quest 593[edit]

Quest 593/Script

Quest 594[edit]

Quest 594/Script

Quest 595[edit]

Quest 595/Script

Quest 596[edit]

Quest 596/Script

Quest 597[edit]

Quest 597/Script

Quest 598[edit]

Quest 598/Script

Quest 599[edit]

Quest 599/Script

Quest 600[edit]

Quest 600/Script