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Script/Quest 401 - 500

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Side stories

Quest 401[edit]

Quest 401/Script

Quest 402[edit]

Quest 402/Script

Quest 403[edit]

Quest 403/Script

Quest 404[edit]

Quest 404/Script

Quest 405[edit]

Quest 405/Script

Quest 406[edit]

Quest 406/Script

Quest 407[edit]

Quest 407/Script

Quest 408[edit]

Before quest

Keyblade Wielder I heard something interesting.

Keyblade Wielder It seems one of the Masters is recruiting Keyblade wielders with potential.

Keyblade Wielder I believe it's Master Ava, the one in the fox mask.

Keyblade Wielder These days, I see her around the plaza all the time.

Quest 409[edit]

Quest 409/Script

Quest 410[edit]

Quest 410/Script

Quest 411[edit]

After quest

Keyblade Wielder Ephemer? The kid with the silver hair, right?

Keyblade Wielder I saw him talking to Master Ava the other day.

Keyblade Wielder I have a friend who knows the Master pretty well.

Keyblade Wielder Unfortunately, he's off completing a task in Agrabah.

Keyblade Wielder I don't know when he'll be back.

Keyblade Wielder Why don't you go and find him yourself?

Head to Agrabah to learn more about Master Ava.

Quest 412[edit]

Quest 412/Script

Quest 413[edit]

Quest 413/Script

Quest 414[edit]

Quest 414/Script

Quest 415[edit]

Quest 415/Script

Quest 416[edit]

Quest 416/Script

Quest 417[edit]

Quest 417/Script

Quest 418[edit]

Quest 418/Script

Quest 419[edit]

Quest 419/Script

Quest 420[edit]

After quest

Keyblade Wielder Hi! What brings you out here?
Huh? You were looking for me?

Keyblade Wielder So you want to know about Master Ava.
I can't tell you much, except that I see her around the tower a lot.
I don't know how to get inside, but there has to be a way, right?

Return to Daybreak Town and search around the tower for clues.

Quest 421[edit]

Quest 421/Script

Quest 422[edit]

Quest 422/Script

Quest 423[edit]

Quest 423/Script

Quest 424[edit]

Quest 424/Script

Quest 425[edit]

Before quest
[The Player and Chirithy run down the waterway and find Ava waiting for them.]
  • Chirithy (bust) KHX.png "Master Ava...!?"
[Ava walks forward.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "You're The Player."
[The Player nods.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Why are you here?"
[The Player asks about Ephemer.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Ephemer? Yes, I know him, but you still haven't answered my question."
[The Player explains that they believe Ava is a lead to Ephemer.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "You came to find me because of some rumor?"
[The Player shrugs.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "You had a dream?"
[The Player nods and explains.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "I see. Ephemer said he was waiting for you here in your dream, but this place is restricted."
[Ava walks past The Player, surprising them.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "So you thought that he may have gotten caught up in the problems that we foretellers have been having lately. And because someone saw us talking the other day,"
[Ava turns.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "you thought that maybe I had something to do with it."
[The Player shrugs.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "You're honest. I like you. You're not too far off base, but I can't tell you much else right now."
[Ava summons her Keyblade.]
  • Chirithy (bust) KHX.png "Master Ava!?"
[Ava moves into a battle stance as Chirithy hops behind The Player.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Show me what you can do."
After quest
[The Player is knocked to the ground and Ava sheathes her blade.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Not bad. I see a lot of potential in you. But I also see sadness in your heart. Hanging on to it will eventually lead to darkness. You need to somehow let it go."
[Ava walks over to The Player and gestures to Chirity.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "With this little one helping you, you'll be fine. Now, go home. And I'm sorry, but this area is strictly off-limits, all right?"
[The Player gets up and nods, then leaves with Chirithy as Ava watches them leave.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "So it's you. You're the friend he told me about..."

[The Player dreams of Ephemer investigating the waterway.]
  • Ephemer (bust) KHX.png "Sorry, The Player..."
[Ephemer turns to explore the waterway, but hears a noise and doubles back.]
  • Ephemer (bust) KHX.png "Who is it?"
[The Master of Masters steps forward, cloaked in shadows.]
  • Ephemer (bust) KHX.png "You...!?"

[The Player is sleeping in their bed as Chirithy watches from the windowsill.]
  • Chirithy (bust) KHX.png "That was one doozy of a day. Betcha didn't think you'd end up having to fight a foreteller."
[An unseen speaker is heard.]
  • Ava (bust-sil) KHX.png "I'm sorry. But it wasn't fun for me either, you know."
[Chirithy looks up and sees Ava, sitting on the next windowsill, and she hops down.]
  • Chirithy (bust) KHX.png "Master Ava! What are you doing here?"
[Ava shrugs.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Please, call me "Ava." Did you show him the dream of Ephemer?"
  • Chirithy (bust) KHX.png "No. That wasn't me."
[Ava tilts her head in thought.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Then perhaps it was Ephemer himself."
[Chirithy jumps.]
  • Chirithy (bust) KHX.png "Huh? How is that possible?"
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Ephemer's getting very close to the truth."
[Ava steps forward to look at The Player.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "He's fallen into an unchained state and now finds himself in a different realm. From that realm, I believe he tried reaching out to him."
[Ava leans over and touches The Player's forehead.
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "If they connected, even in a dream, that means he's getting closer to that realm too."
[Ava stands.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Whether he continues down that path is up to his own heart."
[Ava turns away.]
  • Ava (bust) KHX.png "Chirithy, you have to protect The Player from the nightmares, so the wind can carry him far away from here."
[Ava walks away and vanishes as Chirithy watches.]
  • Chirithy (bust) KHX.png "Me...?"

Quest 426[edit]

Before quest

Chirithy You look like you can use a change of scenery, kiddo.

Chirithy And what timing, because another world needs your help!

A new world has been unlocked: the enchanted Beast's Castle.
The Player opens a portal and walks into it.
The Player walks towards the castle. When they arrive, the camera pans up the castle and then down to show Chirithy.

Chirithy This place gives me the creeps!
Chirithy turns to face The Player

Chirithy But even if it's haunted, you can't turn back.
A Search Ghost Heartless appears behind Chirithy.

Chirithy As a Keyblade wielder, it's your duty to—
The Player points at the heartless with a worried expression on their face.

Chirithy Hm? What is it?
Chirithy turns around, but the Heartless disappears. It reappears when Chirithy turns toward The Player agian.

Chirithy It's just a statue, silly.
The Player points at the Heartless again.

Chirithy What?
Chirithy turns around, but the Heartless disappears again.

Chirithy Are you sure you're not seeing things?
The Player raises their Keyblade.

Chirithy I told you already there's nothing—
Chirithy turns around; this time the Heartless doesn't disappear.

Chirithy AHHH!
The Heartless is startled by Chirithy's scream.

Chirithy Oh wait, it's just a Heartless.
The Heartless runs into the castle.

Chirithy Well, don't just stand there! Go after it!
The Player runs into the castle after the Heartless, and Chirithy starts shaking.

Chirithy Wait for me!
Chirithy jumps down and runs after The Player

Defeat the Heartless in the entrance hall.

Quest 427[edit]

Quest 427/Script

Quest 428[edit]

Before quest

Belle His room is in the West Wing.
But the hallway is filled with monsters...
Do you think you could clear the way for us?
During quest

Belle I'm very worried about him. We really should hurry.

Quest 429[edit]

Quest 429/Script

Quest 430[edit]

Quest 430/Script

Quest 431[edit]

Quest 431/Script

Quest 432[edit]

Before quest

Cogsworth Just because they're monsters, that's no excuse for their ill manners.
Would you mind, ahem, disposing of them?

Quest 433[edit]

After quest

Cogsworth You have my deepest gratitude.

Cogsworth Now we must hasten to the master's room.

Quest 434[edit]

Quest 434/Script

Quest 435[edit]

Quest 435/Script

Quest 436[edit]

Quest 436/Script

Quest 437[edit]

Quest 437/Script

Quest 438[edit]

Quest 438/Script

Quest 439[edit]

Quest 439/Script

Quest 440[edit]

Quest 440/Script

Quest 441[edit]

Quest 441/Script

Quest 442[edit]

Quest 442/Script

Quest 443[edit]

Quest 443/Script

Quest 444[edit]

Quest 444/Script

Quest 445[edit]

Quest 445/Script

Quest 446[edit]

Quest 446/Script

Quest 447[edit]

Quest 447/Script

Quest 448[edit]

Quest 448/Script

Quest 449[edit]

Quest 449/Script

Quest 450[edit]

Quest 450/Script

Quest 451[edit]

Quest 451/Script

Quest 452[edit]

Quest 452/Script

Quest 453[edit]

Quest 453/Script

Quest 454[edit]

Quest 454/Script

Quest 455[edit]

Quest 455/Script

Quest 456[edit]

Quest 456/Script

Quest 457[edit]

Quest 457/Script

Quest 458[edit]

Quest 458/Script

Quest 459[edit]

Quest 459/Script

Quest 460[edit]

Quest 460/Script

Quest 461[edit]

Quest 461/Script

Quest 462[edit]

Quest 462/Script

Quest 463[edit]

Quest 463/Script

Quest 464[edit]

Quest 464/Script

Quest 465[edit]

Quest 465/Script

Quest 466[edit]

Quest 466/Script

Quest 467[edit]

Quest 467/Script

Quest 468[edit]

Quest 468/Script

Quest 469[edit]

Quest 469/Script

Quest 470[edit]

Quest 470/Script

Quest 471[edit]

Quest 471/Script

Quest 472[edit]

Quest 472/Script

Quest 473[edit]

Quest 473/Script

Quest 474[edit]

Quest 474/Script

Quest 475[edit]

Quest 475/Script

Quest 476[edit]

Quest 476/Script

Quest 477[edit]

Quest 477/Script

Quest 478[edit]

Quest 478/Script

Quest 479[edit]

Quest 479/Script

Quest 480[edit]

Quest 480/Script

Quest 481[edit]

Quest 481/Script

Quest 482[edit]

Quest 482/Script

Quest 483[edit]

Quest 483/Script

Quest 484[edit]

Quest 484/Script

Quest 485[edit]

Quest 485/Script

Quest 486[edit]

Quest 486/Script

Quest 487[edit]

Quest 487/Script

Quest 488[edit]

Quest 488/Script

Quest 489[edit]

Quest 489/Script

Quest 490[edit]

Quest 490/Script

Quest 491[edit]

Quest 491/Script

Quest 492[edit]

Quest 492/Script

Quest 493[edit]

Quest 493/Script

Quest 494[edit]

Quest 494/Script

Quest 495[edit]

Quest 495/Script

Quest 496[edit]

Quest 496/Script

Quest 497[edit]

Quest 497/Script

Quest 498[edit]

Quest 498/Script

Quest 499[edit]

Quest 499/Script

Quest 500[edit]

Quest 500/Script