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Script/Quest 301 - 400

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Side stories

Quest 301[edit]

Before quest

The tournament is starting!

Head to the Coliseum and talk to Phil.
The Player meets Phil at the Coliseum.

Phil Hey kid, you look different. Been workin' out?
Good, 'cause it's tournament time!
Show me what ya got.

Quest 302[edit]

After quest

Phil Not bad, kid! Keep up the good work!

Quest 303[edit]

Quest 303/Script

Quest 304[edit]

After quest

Phil Nice! Way to roll with the punches!

Quest 305[edit]

Quest 305/Script

Quest 306[edit]

Quest 306/Script

Quest 307[edit]

After quest
The Player exits the Coliseum, where Phil waits for them.

Phil That was some show, kid.
Who knows, you just might have what it takes to be the champ!
The Player looks surprised. Phil laughs.

Phil That's the spirit!

Phil But seriously, at this rate, you could go all the way.
Phil laughs.

Cloud Just give up.
Cloud walks out of the Coliseum, past The Player and Phil.

Cloud There's no reason for you to keep going.

Cloud No matter how hard you try, you're not going to win.

Phil Huh!?

Cloud I'm going to win this tournament.

Cloud I have to.
Phil gets angry.

Phil What oracle died and made you judge? Nothin's set in stone,
and this hero-in-training's not goin' down without a fight.
Cloud turns to face them.

Cloud Hero, huh?
Phil looks doubtful.

Phil Y-yeah.
Cloud turns away again and flicks his hair.

Cloud Not interested.
Cloud leaves.

Quest 308[edit]

Before quest

Phil You've learned a lot, kid.
Just find a way to smash through his guard and you'll breeze through to the quarterfinals!

Quest 309[edit]

After quest
The Player and Phil are talking outside the Coliseum.

Phil Way to go, kid!
That championship is as good as yours.

Phil Of course, it'd be a different story if Herc were around,
but he ain't.
So now's your chance.
The Player smiles. The crowd cheers, and they both turn towards the Coliseum.

Phil Ready to meet your opponent?
Cloud exits the Coliseum, walking past The Player and Phil.

Phil I shoulda known.
The Player nods and Phil lowers his head.

Phil Don't know what his deal is, but...
The Player comforts Phil.

Phil Never mind. It's nothin'.

Phil Just be careful, kid.
You never know what them dark,
broody types are thinkin'.
The Player nods.

Quest 310[edit]

After quest
The Player raises their Keyblade in victory. As Phil congratulations them, Cloud attempts to strike The Player from behind, but Hercules blocks the attack.

Hercules I don't think so.

Phil Herc!
Hercules turns to Phil.

Hercules We were tricked, Phil.
This whole tournament's a sham.

Phil Whaddaya mean, a sham!?

Hercules Look at the entry sheet.
Phil looks at a piece of paper.

Phil What?
...Hey, wait a second,

Phil there's somethin' written here real small...

Phil "The winner will receive
a free trip to the Underworld."
What kind of a prize is that!?

Hercules One only you-know-who would think up.
Hades appears.

Hades That's right, Wonderboy!
This tournament was a production of yours truly.

Hades Of course, I was expecting YOU to enter, but hey, I'm a flexible guy.

Hades And we'd all die of boredom if things always went according to plan—
not that that's a bad thing...

Hades So which of you is my champ?

Hercules Neither.
Nobody won,
so you can keep your "prize."

Hades What!?
Hades gets mad.

Cloud I'll go with you.
Hades calms down.

Hades Who're you?
Hades gets closer to Cloud to examine him.

Cloud ...
So are we going or not?

Hercules Wait!
You don't know what you're getting yourself into.

Phil The Underworld ain't just dark and scary.
It's the land of the dead!

Cloud I know.

Cloud The Underworld...
Seems like his kind of place.

Hades Well...
Gotta say, I was not expecting a volunteer, but...
I'll take what I can get.
Hades and Cloud disappear.

Hercules I don't like this. We have to go after him.
Hercules attempts to leave.

Phil Herc!

Hercules Don't try and stop me, Phil.

Phil I'm not. Just listen,
I got two words for you:
Make. Him. Pay!
Hercules nods and leaves. The Player asks Phil something.

Phil Don't know what to tell ya, kid.
But the tournament's definitely canceled.
Trust me, you don't wanna get involved with a guy like Hades.
So go home before it's too late.
Phil leaves. The Player looks sad. Chirithy appears.

Chirithy I'm with him, kiddo!
Let's skedaddle!
Your heart's still not strong enough to take on the darkness in the Underworld.
The Player says something.

Chirithy I had a feeling you'd say that.
That's why...
Chirithy summons a Corridor.

Chirithy I had a gate prepared for you.

Chirithy But be careful.
Beyond the gate
is a kingdom rules by darkness.
Don't let your guard down even for a second!
The Player nods.

Chirithy Bon voyage!
The Player steps through the Corridor.

Follow Cloud and Hades into the Underworld.

Quest 311[edit]

Before quest

Search for Cloud in the Underworld.

Quest 312[edit]

Quest 312/Script

Quest 313[edit]

Quest 313/Script

Quest 314[edit]

Before quest
The Player encounters Hades.

Hades Sheesh!
After all the trouble I go through to bring a champion here,
he has the gall to refuse my generous offer.

Hades When I get my hands on Mr. "I'm So Aloof,"
I swear I'll—!
Hades walks past The Player.

Hades Wait a second.
I don't remember inviting quests.
Hades walks up to The Player.

Hades You! What do you think you're doing here?

Hades Know what? I don't care.
Hades snaps his fingers, and Cerberus comes running to The Player, snarling.

Hades I'm done playing nice.
It's dinner time!

Hades Bon appétit!
Hades disappears, and The Player readies their Keyblade.

Hades I'll be watching from the best seat in the house.
After quest
Defeated, Cerberus falls down, then runs away. Hades reappears.

Hades That's right, run!
Tomorrow, I'm getting a real guard dog!
One with four heads, who breathes fire!

Hades Why is everyone against me today!?
Hades turns red in anger.

Hades I swear, I haven't had this much trouble
since the ferryman went on strike.
Hades calms down.

Hades No. No. I'm cool. I can fix this.
I just have to think... Think!

Hades Eureka! I am a genius!
All I gotta do is talk some sense into this kid...
Hades walks toward The Player.

Hades Hey, my friend. My buddy. My chum.
Who woulda though you'd defeat Cerberus?
Trust me, nobody woulda taken that bet.

Hades But hey, you know what they say?

Hades Don't judge a scroll by its roll.
Hades places his hand on The Player's shoulder.

Hades Now I'm thinkin' you wanna be stronger, right?
Well I know just the guy to help you.

Hades Come on, don't be shy.

Hades This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Hades You'll be mentored by the one and only lord of the dead. Waddaya say, pal?
The Player nods.

Hades Great, it's a deal!
Hades slaps The Player on the back.

Hades Well, long story short,
darkness is the only real power in the world.

Hades "Why?" you ask.

Hades Because everything was born from darkness. So if you can control the darkness, you can control everything.

Hades Take it from me, the expert on all things dark and deadly.

Hades Oh! Almost forgot.
I need proof that you can handle the darkness in the Underworld.
You know, like a little test.
Hades thinks.

Hades I got it.
Hades points behind The Player. The Player turns to look.

Hades Your first job as my underling
is to get to my office. Alive.
Hades disappears.

Hades Little advice:
don't keep me waiting.
The Player starts walking, but Chirithy appears.

Chirithy So you're really going...
The Player turns to Chirithy.

Chirithy Remember where you are: the Underworld.

Chirithy Wielding darkness may be the shortcut to power,
but you might not be able to turn back
once you head down that road...

Chirithy But in the end...
what you do is up to you.
Chirithy jumps and turns the other way.

Chirithy I'm here to watch over you.
That's all.
Chirithy disappears.
Traverse the Valley of the Dead and head to Hades' Chamber.

Quest 315[edit]

Quest 315/Script

Quest 316[edit]

After quest
The Player reaches Hades' Chamber, where Hades sits on his throne.

Hades Did I say there'd be a prize for speedy arrival?
The only prize you're getting is a lesson in the power of darkness.
As promised.
The Player asks a question.

Hades What's that?
You wanna know where Cloud is?
Hades stands up in anger.

Hades Does it look like I give two drachmas about that spiky-headed ingrate!?
Hades sits back down.

Hades But, sine you asked, I'll just say...
Humans don't last very long in the Underworld,
if you get my drift.
Hades points to The Player.

Hades Not you, though! You weren't crushed by the darkness.
No, you've got potential.
And yours truly is willing to help you turn that potential
into true power.
The Player looks down, upset.

Hades What?

Hades Don't look so down on yourself. It'll be a piece of cake.
Just do every little thing I tell you, and you'll be a mater of darkness in no time!
The Player nods.

Quest 317[edit]

Before quest

Hades All right, first thing's first:
there's some unwanted guests hanging out in the Cave of the Dead.
Get rid of 'em, will ya?
During quest

Hades Memo to you:
the Cave of the Dead's the other way.

Quest 318[edit]

Quest 318/Script

Quest 319[edit]

After quest
The Player returns to Hades.

Hades You're still alive? Will wonders never cease?
Well, don't get too comfortable, 'cause next up,
I need you to exterminate some pests at the entrance to the Underworld.
Defeat them and you'll be one step closer to mastering this whole darkness thing.

Quest 320[edit]

During quest

Hades Are you gonna get rid of those pests or what?

Quest 321[edit]

Quest 321/Script

Quest 322[edit]

Quest 322/Script

Quest 323[edit]

Quest 323/Script

Quest 324[edit]

Quest 324/Script

Quest 325[edit]

After quest
The Player returns to Hades.

Hades Whoo! I may have a winner on my hands!
Go on, you've earned yourself a break.

Quest 326[edit]

Quest 326/Script

Quest 327[edit]

Quest 327/Script

Quest 328[edit]

Quest 328/Script

Quest 329[edit]

Quest 329/Script

Quest 330[edit]

Quest 330/Script

Quest 331[edit]

Quest 331/Script

Quest 332[edit]

Quest 332/Script

Quest 333[edit]

Quest 333/Script

Quest 334[edit]

Quest 334/Script

Quest 335[edit]

Quest 335/Script

Quest 336[edit]

Quest 336/Script

Quest 337[edit]

Quest 337/Script

Quest 338[edit]

Quest 338/Script

Quest 339[edit]

Quest 339/Script

Quest 340[edit]

Quest 340/Script

Quest 341[edit]

Quest 341/Script

Quest 342[edit]

Quest 342/Script

Quest 343[edit]

Quest 343/Script

Quest 344[edit]

Quest 344/Script

Quest 345[edit]

Quest 345/Script

Quest 346[edit]

Quest 346/Script

Quest 347[edit]

Quest 347/Script

Quest 348[edit]

Quest 348/Script

Quest 349[edit]

Quest 349/Script

Quest 350[edit]

Quest 350/Script

Quest 351[edit]

Quest 351/Script

Quest 352[edit]

Quest 352/Script

Quest 353[edit]

Quest 353/Script

Quest 354[edit]

Quest 354/Script

Quest 355[edit]

Quest 355/Script

Quest 356[edit]

Quest 356/Script

Quest 357[edit]

Quest 357/Script

Quest 358[edit]

Quest 358/Script

Quest 359[edit]

Quest 359/Script

Quest 360[edit]

Quest 360/Script

Quest 361[edit]

Quest 361/Script

Quest 362[edit]

Quest 362/Script

Quest 363[edit]

Quest 363/Script

Quest 364[edit]

Quest 364/Script

Quest 365[edit]

Quest 365/Script

Quest 366[edit]

Quest 366/Script

Quest 367[edit]

Quest 367/Script

Quest 368[edit]

Quest 368/Script

Quest 369[edit]

Quest 369/Script

Quest 370[edit]

Quest 370/Script

Quest 371[edit]

Before quest
The Player and Ephemer walk down the stairs to the Waterway.

Ephemer Great minds think alike.

Ephemer Other than the entrance, this is the only place that connects outside.

Ephemer Be careful, there's a fair shair of Heartless around here.
The Player nods.

Quest 372[edit]

During quest

Ephemer What did I say? Heartless everywhere.

Ephemer Keep your guard up.

Quest 373[edit]

Quest 373/Script

Quest 374[edit]

Quest 374/Script

Quest 375[edit]

Quest 375/Script

Quest 376[edit]

Before quest

See what Alice and the White Rabbit are up to in Wonderland.
The White Rabbit is hopping up and down in front of his cottage.

White Rabbit Mary-Ann! Mary Ann!
The Player walks up to the White Rabbit.

White Rabbit Oh, thank goodness you're here.

White Rabbit Mary-Ann went in to get my gloves and she won't come out.

White Rabbit And now I've gone and lost my key, so I can't get in.
The Player raises their Keyblade.

White Rabbit Oh, that's a key! But I'm afraid that's the wrong kind.
The White rabbit moves out of the way as The Player begins to unlock the door.

White Rabbit What are you doing!? You stop that right now!

White Rabbit No, no, no! You'll wreck my poor house!

White Rabbit Oh my fur and whiskers! I remember now.

White Rabbit I dropped my key in that room with the small door.

White Rabbit Oh, please, do go and get it.
The White rabbit turns back towards his house and The Player raises their Keyblade again.

White Rabbit Don't just do something, stand there!

White Rabbit, no! Go, go!
The White rabbit hops toward The Player

White Rabbit Find my key!
The Player nods and walks away.

Quest 377[edit]

Quest 377/Script

Quest 378[edit]

Before quest

Doorknob The White Rabbit's key?

Doorknob I'm afraid I've neither seen hide nor HARE of it. Rather good one, eh?

Doorknob Oh, but I did hear something drop over there.
After quest

You found the White Rabbit's key.

Doorknob Splendid.

Doorknob That's sure to put an extra spring in his step.

Quest 379[edit]

Quest 379/Script

Quest 380[edit]

Quest 380/Script

Quest 381[edit]

Before quest

Cheshire Cat I say, how are you getting on? Still looking for Alice?

Cheshire Cat Well, if I were looking for her and she was looking for a white rabbit,

Cheshire Cat I'd ask the Mad Hatter, in a westerly direction.

Quest 382[edit]

Quest 382/Script

Quest 383[edit]

Quest 383/Script

Quest 384[edit]

Quest 384/Script

Quest 385[edit]

After quest

Doorknob Sugar?

Doorknob Why, on the table, naturally.

Return to the Mad Hatter with the two cups of sugar.

Quest 386[edit]

Quest 386/Script

Quest 387[edit]

Quest 387/Script

Quest 388[edit]

Before quest

Playing Card We planted white roses by mistake, so we're painting the roses red

Playing Card before we lose our heads.

Protect the playing cards from the Heartless while they paint the roses.

Quest 389[edit]

Before quest

Playing Card Help! The red roses are attacking!

Playing Card We'll lose our heads if the Queen finds out.

Quest 390[edit]

Quest 390/Script

Quest 391[edit]

Quest 391/Script

Quest 392[edit]

After quest

Doorknob A trial? How unfortunate.

Doorknob Well, you'd best take that bottle to the poor girl so she can clear her name.

Quest 393[edit]

Quest 393/Script

Quest 394[edit]

Quest 394/Script

Quest 395[edit]

Quest 395/Script

Quest 396[edit]

After quest

Cheshire Cat A witness? For a trial?

Cheshire Cat At the Queen's Castle?

Cheshire Cat Oh, that will be loads of fun.

Head back to the Queen's Castle.

Quest 397[edit]

Quest 397/Script

Quest 398[edit]

Quest 398/Script

Quest 399[edit]

Quest 399/Script

Quest 400[edit]

Quest 400/Script