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Script/Side Story

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Main story
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Side stories

Old Year Event: 108 Darknesses, Let's Beat the Rush Sheep Herd![edit]

Shadow Conquest![edit]

First Anniversary Quests[edit]

Colossal Creatures Pt. 1[edit]

Before quest
A shooting star falls over Daybreak Town.
Donald and Goofy fall from the sky in Waterfront Park.

Goofy Yikes!

Donald WAK!
Donald and Goofy get up.

Donald What happened!?

Goofy I'm not sure. All of a sudden, the gummi ship's controls stopped workin'.
Donald and Goofy walk to the crashed Gummi Ship.

Donald So it's Chip and Dale's fault!

Goofy I don't think so. None of the instruments said anything was broken...

Donald Then why did we crash!?
A Corridor of Darkness appears behind Donald.

Goofy Uh, Donald?

Donald What now!?
Donald turns around as a Darkside steps through the Corridor.

Donald Heartless!

Goofy Heartless!
The Player appears.

Goofy You're here! Well, hot dog!

Donald I knew we should've brought our weapons! NOW what are we gonna do?

Goofy Well...uh...we could ask our friend for help.

Goofy Say, do ya think you could handle this for us?
We'd be real grateful!
The Player nods and Donald and Goofy leave.
After quest

Donald Thanks, friend!

Goofy Yeah, we knew we could count of you.
Another Darkside steps through the Corridor. As it attacks, a burst of light appears and vanquishes the Heartless. Mickey appears from the light.

Donald Your Majesty!

Goofy Your Majesty!

Mickey Donald, Goofy! Looks like I got here just in time.
Donald and Goofy nod.

Mickey I sure am glad you were here to help them, pal.

Mickey Hmm... If the Heartless have gotten to this world too...

Donald King Mickey, what's going on?

Goofy Yeah, the gummi ship's controls stopped workin' all of a sudden.

Mickey I'm not quite sure, fellas, but...

Mickey Powerful Heartless have begun appearing in all the worlds.
They're scattering darkness everywhere.
I think that's what must've
affected the ship's controls.

Donald Then how are we gonna get home?

Goofy Hey, I know! What if we defeat the Heartless?

Mickey That ought to do it, Goofy.
But I can't handle all of the Heartless on my own.
Donald and Goofy look sad, but get an idea. They walk to The Player and put their arm around them.

Donald That's all right because you don't have to!

Goofy Nope. We've got all the help we need right here!

Mickey Of course! After all, The Player has helped us before.
Say, would you mind lending us a hand again?
The Player nods.
The Player summons a Corridor and steps through.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 2[edit]

During quest

Bashful Gosh, are you lookin' for somethin'?

Grumpy I tell you what, those doggone pests are everywhere!
But I haven't seen any bigguns.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 4[edit]

During quest

Snow White A large monster? Goodness, no!
I haven't seen anything like that around here.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 6[edit]

During quest

Doc Would you look at that!?
It's a biant gee...! I mean a giant bee!

Happy This isn't good. Ain't good at all.
After quest

You've saved this world! But another world needs your help.
The Player summons a Corridor and steps through.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 7[edit]

During quest

Alice Oh, I'm so glad you're here! A most frightening monster
has appeared near the White Rabbit's house.
Do you think you could make it go away?

Colossal Creatures Pt. 10[edit]

During quest

White Rabbit Oh, my fur and whiskers! Please don't let it destroy my house!
After quest

You've saved this world! But another world needs your help.
The Player opens a Corridor and steps through.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 11[edit]

During quest

Aladdin You're back!
Guess you're here about the monsters, huh?
Wish I could help you, but I'm still looking for Abu.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 13[edit]

During quest

Guard B A giant monster's made its way into town.
No one's ever seen anything like it!

Colossal Creatures Pt. 15[edit]

During quest

Guard A We can't let that thing reach the palace!
After quest

You've saved this world! But another world needs your help.
The Player summons a Portal and steps through.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 16[edit]

During quest

Phil A giant monster? Nah.
I ain't seen anythin' fittin' that description
in at least a couple days.

Hercules I'll stay and guard this area while you look.
After quest

There doesn't seem to be any more Heartless here. Make your way to the Underworld.
The Player summons a Corridor and steps through.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 20[edit]

After quest

You've saved this world! But another world needs your help.
The Player summons a Corridor and steps through.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 21[edit]

During quest

Chirithy I'm hearing strange noises from the castle.
I wonder what's going on in there.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 24[edit]

During quest

Belle Please come quickly! There's a giant spider in the ballroom!
I'm afraid it's going to hurt someone.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 25[edit]

After quest

Chirithy Good work, kiddo! Now let's skeddadle back to Daybreak Town.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 26[edit]

During quest

Mickey Thanks for coming back, pal!
There're still Heartless around, and I could use
your help defeating them.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 29[edit]

During quest

Donald Hurry! There's a giant Heartless over there!

Goofy And it doesn't look too happy neither.

Colossal Creatures Pt. 30[edit]

After quest
The Player, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy stand outside the Gummi Ship.

Mickey Gosh, thanks to you, pal, we've defeated all the Heartless! Goofy and Donald shouldn't have any problems flying the gummi ship now.

Goofy Then that means...

Donald We're going home!
Mickey turns to face them.

Mickey Yep! There's no darkness left to take over the ship.
Donald and Goofy smile, nod, and enter the Gummi Ship. The Player and Mickey step back from launch area.

Donald Thanks, The Player!

Goofy Thanks, The Player!

Mickey Have a safe trip, fellas!
The Gummi Ship starts to glow and lift off, then blasts away like a shooting star.

Mickey My friends wouldn't have been able to get home without you.
Thanks again for your help!
The Player waves their hand.

Mickey We can't let our guard down, though. Darkness can appear anywhere.
That's why we Keyblade wielders have to get rid of it for good. Are you with me, pal?
The Player nods, and Mickey and The Player shake hands.
Chirithy appears on railing behind The Player.

Chirithy Whatcha thinkin' about?
The Player turns to Chirithy, and holds up their Keyblade.

Chirithy You finally realized the responsibility you have as a Keyblade wielder?
The Player waves hand no.

Chirithy Then what?
The Player holds up their Keyblade towards the sky.

Chirithy Oh! You finally listened to your heart, didn't cha?
The Player nods.

Christmas Winter Party Event![edit]

Time Attack Event![edit]

Time Trial Challenge #1[edit]

Before quest
The Player and the Afro-hair Keyblade wielder meet the Frog Hat-wearing Keyblade wielder, who wears a Iago Doll.

Keyblade Wielder New accessory?

Keyblade Wielder That's right! Cute, isn't it?

Keyblade Wielder Jealous?

Keyblade Wielder Jealous!?

Keyblade Wielder Okay, okay, I'm jealous. Happy?

Keyblade Wielder And?

Keyblade Wielder ...

Keyblade Wielder *sigh* Where did you get it?

Keyblade Wielder From the latest time trial mission!

Keyblade Wielder Completed it already, huh?

Keyblade Wielder Of course! I wanted to be the first one to get the reward so I could show it off to everyone.

Keyblade Wielder Why am I surprised?

Keyblade Wielder Well, I'm off. Good luck, you two!

Keyblade Wielder She ran off to show the others, I presume.

Keyblade Wielder Interested in joining me? Not for the reward, mind you.

Time Trial Challenge #5[edit]

After quest
The Afro-hair Keyblade wielder wears the Iago Doll.

Keyblade Wielder Check it out!
The Bandanna-wearing Keyblade wielder joins them, with a Iago Doll of her own.

Keyblade Wielder I see you completed the challenge, too.

Keyblade Wielder We sure did. I wasn't too keen on the reward, but now that I have it, I kinda like it!

Keyblade Wielder I think it's cute, too!
The Bandanna-wearing Keyblade wielder leaves, and the Frog Hat-wearing Keyblade wielder appears, without doll.

Keyblade Wielder Hey, what happened to your doll?

Keyblade Wielder What, that old thing? That's so yesterday!

Keyblade Wielder I'm already thinking about the next reward. What could it be?
The Frog Hat-wearing Keyblade wielder leaves.

Keyblade Wielder But...but...
Elsewhere in Daybreak Town, Mog sees the Frog Hat-wearing Keyblade wielder without the doll.

Keyblade Wielder Kupo! Could it be she doesn't have the doll yet?

Keyblade Wielder I beat her for once! She'll be so jealous when I show her, kupo!

Valentine Event[edit]

White Day Event[edit]

Summer Adventure[edit]

A New Friend?[edit]

Rescue the Keyblade Wielders![edit]

Find the Keyblade Wielders #1[edit]

Before quest
[Scene cuts to Mysterious room. The Player enters the room, when suddenly, Chirithy appears.]
  • Chirithy: "It's scary in here. Is this where you're meeting the others?"
[The Player nods and Chirithy jumps.]
  • Chirithy: "Maybe they're hiding somewhere waiting to jump out and frighten you! It is Halloween, after all."
[The room gets darker. Chirithy jumps.]
  • ???: "Help..."
[The room regains its light. The Player and Chirithy go upstairs to see what is going on. The sound appears to be coming from one of the doors. The room gets darker again.]
  • ???: "Help..."
[The room regains its light again. The Player and Chirithy walk to the door.]
  • Chirithy: "See? They're trying to scare you."
[The door opens, scaring The Player and Chirithy, revealing a Corridor of Darkness.]
  • ???: "Help!"
[The door closes and another door opens, scaring The Player and Chirithy again, revealing another Corridor of Darkness.]
  • ???: "The Player, help me!"
[The door closes and two more doors open, scaring The Player and Chirithy again, revealing two more Corridors of Darkness. The Player heads toward the two doors.]
  • ???: "Run, The Player!"
  • ???: "I'm so scared!"
[The two doors close and Chirithy catches up to The Player.]
  • Chirithy: "...Maybe I was wrong."
[The Player turns toward Chirithy and nods.]

Find the Keyblade Wielders #2[edit]

After quest
[Scene cuts to background of Corridor of Darkness. The Player looks concerned. The chest moves back and forth, surprising The Player.]
  • ???: "It's dark in here! Help!"
  • Keyblade Wielder: "Pretenders came out of nowhere and trapped me inside this—this chest!"
[The Player calms down.]
  • Keyblade Wielder: "Let me out!"

Find the Keyblade Wielders #3[edit]

During quest
  • Keyblade Wielder: "Pretenders came out of nowhere and trapped me inside this—this chest!"

Find the Keyblade Wielders #5[edit]

After quest
  • ???: "You'd better let me out of here, or else!"
  • Keyblade Wielder: "Why are you doing this to us!?"
  • Keyblade Wielder: "Let me out now!"

Find the Keyblade Wielders #6[edit]

During quest
  • Keyblade Wielder: "You'd better let me out of here, or else!"

Find the Keyblade Wielders #8[edit]

After quest
  • ???: "Is that you, The Player?"
  • Keyblade Wielder: "The monster that trapped us is nearby."
  • Keyblade Wielder: "Be careful!"

Find the Keyblade Wielders #9[edit]

During quest
  • Keyblade Wielder: "The monster that trapped us is nearby. Be careful!"

Find the Keyblade Wielders #10[edit]

After quest
  • Bandana Keyblade Wielder: "Thanks for coming to our rescue, The Player."
  • Frog Hat Keyblade Wielder: "The whole thing was Moogle Head's fault! He invited you here to try to scare you. Who knew this place would really be haunted?"
  • Bandana Keyblade Wielder: "Where is he anyway?"
  • Afro Keyblade Wielder: "Let's wait outside. This place gives me the creeps."
  • Frog Hat Keyblade Wielder: "Okay!"
  • Frog Hat Keyblade Wielder: "Let's go outside and join in the Halloween fun!"
  • Keyblade Wielder "Mog": "Ha! Gotcha, kupo! Trick or Treat!"
  • Keyblade Wielder "Mog": "...Guys? Wait for me!"

Help the Seven Dwarfs[edit]

More Monsters in the Mine[edit]

More Monsters in the Mine/Script

Clash at the Cottage[edit]

Clash at the Cottage/Script

Where's Happy?[edit]

Where's Happy?/Script

Creatures of the Crag[edit]

Creatures of the Crag/Script

Hide-and-Seek with Alice[edit]

Hide-and-Seek with Alice: Beginner[edit]

During quest
[The Cheshire Cat rests on a stump. Alice stands nearby.]
  • Cheshire Cat (bust) KHX.png "Alice? Lately she's been searching for spots where she shan't be found. Now all she needs is someone to seek her."
  • Alice (bust) KHX.png "Hello there! Would you like to play hide-and-seek?"

Hide-and-Seek with Alice: Intermediate[edit]

During quest
[The Cheshire Cat looms over the shrunken The Player in the Mid Level.]
  • Cheshire Cat (bust) KHX.png "She's further into the forest, I'm afraid."
[Alice waits, hiding, at the end of the Fallen Tree.]
  • Alice (bust) KHX.png "Oh, that was over much too soon! Let's play again, shall we?"

Hide-and-Seek with Alice: Advanced[edit]

During quest
[The Cheshire Cat looms over the shrunken The Player in the Back Garden.]
  • Cheshire Cat (bust) KHX.png "If you're wondering, Alice hasn't wandered this way."

Hide-and-Seek with Alice: Legendary[edit]

During quest
[The Cheshire Cat rests on a stump. Alice stands nearby.]
  • Cheshire Cat (bust) KHX.png "Oh, dear. She dubiously dashed in that distant direction."
[Alice waits, hiding, under an archway in the Garden Maze.]
  • Alice (bust) KHX.png "Why, you're quite good at this! We should do this again. I'll be sure to find better spots to hide next time!"

Easter Event[edit]

Happy Egg Hunt: Beginner[edit]

Happy Egg Hunt: Beginner/Script

Happy Egg Hunt: Intermediate[edit]

Happy Egg Hunt: Intermediate/Script

Happy Egg Hunt: Advanced[edit]

Happy Egg Hunt: Advanced/Script

Happy Egg Hunt: Legendary[edit]

Happy Egg Hunt: Legendary/Script

Search for the Eggmaster[edit]

Search for the Eggmaster/Script

Can You Solve Wonderland's Mystery?[edit]

The Cat's Meow Pt. 1[edit]

The Cat's Meow Pt. 1/Script

The Cat's Meow Pt. 2[edit]

The Cat's Meow Pt. 2/Script

Cards Don't Lie[edit]

Cards Don't Lie/Script

Through the Maze Pt. 1[edit]

Through the Maze Pt. 1/Script

Through the Maze Pt. 2[edit]

Through the Maze Pt. 2/Script

Through the Maze Pt. 3[edit]

Through the Maze Pt. 3/Script

Through the Maze Pt. 4[edit]

Through the Maze Pt. 4/Script

Through the Maze Pt. 5[edit]

Through the Maze Pt. 5/Script

Children's Day! Festival Event[edit]

Tag Team Tournament![edit]

Tag Team ★: Round 1/7[edit]

Before quest
[Another tournament is about to begin. Head to Olympus Coliseum and talk to Phil.]
  • Phil: "Hey, kid! I see you got my message. Another tournament's startin' up. And this time it's tag-team style!"
  • Phil: "What...? Aw, no! You ain't pairin' up with me! I got other plans for ya."
  • Hercules: "I'm glad you're here! Hope I didn't keep you waiting. I asked Phil to invite you to the tournament because I think we'd make a pretty good team. What do you say?"
  • Hercules: "Great!"
  • Phil: "You to [sic] are gonna be unstoppable!"
  • Phil: "But remember, you haven't yet."
  • Phil: "Capiche?"

Tag Team ★★: Round 7/7[edit]

After quest
  • Hercules: "Any chance you learned your lesson, Hades?"
  • Hades: "Hmm... Let's see... What do you think?"
  • Hercules: "Come on, just spill it. You know you love to hear yourself talk. Why are you here?"
  • Hades: "Why not!? I've got as much right to compete as the next guy, or god—as it were. Besides, I'm in the mood for a few laughs, a couple of guffaws, maybe even a chuckle or two."
[Cut to Hades alone]
  • Hades: "All. According. To. Plan."
[Cut to the Player and Hercules]
  • Hercules: "I have a bad feeling about this."
  • Hercules: "Whatever he's planning, it can't be good."
  • Hercules: "I guess for now we should just focus on winning the tournament. Gotta keep our heads in the game."

Tag Team ★★★: Round 5/6[edit]

Before quest
  • Hercules: "Let's see, our next opponents are—"
  • Hades: "Well, yours truly, for one."
  • Hercules: "Hades! I knew you'd be back."
  • Hades: "Miss me?"
  • Hercules: "I don't know what you're up to, but whatever it is, we'll put a stop to it!"
  • Hades: "Maybe. Then again, maybe not."
[Cut to Phil]
  • Phil: "Figures. Hades is behind this whole thing. What a loser."
[Cut to Hercules and Hades]
  • Hercules: "And what's that supposed to mean?"
  • Hades: "It means, your little "we" is about to become just poor, pathetic "you"!"
  • Hades: "See, I needed a way to make sure your friend here's special key was out of the picture. So, I set up this little tag-team soiree knowing exactly who you'd choose as your partner. Bonus, as long as I've got the key kid, I know you won't give me so much as a papaper cut."
  • Hercules: "That's not fair!"
  • Hades: "Yeah, well, that's the way the filo crumbles."
  • Hades: "Now, let the games begin!"
[Cut to Player alone]
  • Chirithy: "You were supposed to stay on your guard, remember?"
  • Chirithy: "I'm doing this just once, okay? Now get out there!"
[Cut to Hercules and Hades]
  • Hades: "Order up! One toasted hero, ready to serve!"
  • Hades: "What!? How did you—?"
  • Hercules: "[Player]...? Wow! Thanks, that was close. You really came through for me. Now, come on, let's put an end to this once and for all!"
After quest
  • Hades: "I've just about had it with that little key brat!"
  • Hercules: "Sorry, Hades. But it looks like your plan to cheat didn't work. Again."
  • Hades: "You're right. You're right. THAT plan didn't work, but that doesn't mean THIS one won't!"
  • Hercules: "Hey! I thought this was supposed to be 2-on-2!?"
  • Hades: "My tournament, my rules! Time for the final round!"

Tag Team ★★★: Round 6/6[edit]

After quest
  • Hercules: "Looks like it's 2-on-1 now, Hades! Like you said: your tournament, your rules."
  • Hades: "Fine! I'll give you the win, but the next one's all mine."
  • Hercules: "Sorry. If I'd known Hades was behind this, I never would've invited you."
  • Hercules: "Hey, thanks again for having my back. I knew I chose the right partner."

Dark-Winged Warrior[edit]

Dark-Winged Warrior - 1/12[edit]

Before quest
  • Chirithy: "Time to show 'em what you got!"
  • Chirithy: "Hey, isn't that—?"
  • Cloud: "He's here. I knew it."
  • Chirithy: "I wonder what that was about. He looked awfully serious."
  • Chirithy: "I don't know what's going on, but be careful, okay?"

Dark-Winged Warrior - 6/12[edit]

Before quest
  • Cloud: "Guess something brought you here, too."
  • Cloud: "Don't take this personally. There's just something I need yo do."
After quest
  • Cloud: "This doesn't change my fate."
  • Cloud: "I'll face him some day."

Dark-Winged Warrior - 9/12[edit]

Before quest
  • Hades: "What's this? I grace the coliseum with my presence, and Blunderboy's nowhere in sight."
  • Hades: "Well, if isn't [sic] the brat with the key. I'm going to enjoy this!"
After quest
  • Hades: "Fine. Fine. You win that one. Seems I'm off my game thanks to that no-show Jerkules."
  • Hades: "But trust me, you and that toy key of yours won't be so lucky next time."

Dark-Winged Warrior - 12/12[edit]

Before Quest

Scene cuts to Coliseum. Player steps forward. The Coliseum suddenly gets darker. Player looks up in shock. A laser beam strikes the ground, and Player jumps back. The laser beam fades away revealing Sephiroth in a kneeling position. Sephiroth stands up and gets ready to fight. Player does the same.

After quest

Scene cuts to Coliseum. Player and Sephiroth continue to fight until they eventually stop.

  • Sephiroth: "I see you share a connection with him."

Sephiroth lowers his sword,

  • Sephiroth: "You'll find me here when the time comes."

Sephiroth leaps up into the air, and flies away. The Coliseum regains its light. Player looks up at the sky in shock.