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Spiteful Sweets (Quest)

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« Event - Tasty Treats Scenario Event banner KHUX.png
Spiteful Sweets
Wonderland Logo KH.png
Maps: Garden Maze, The Queen's Castle
AP Level
5 375
Power AttributeSpiteful Sweets
EN Objectives
Complete within 10 turns Magic Mirror 6★ KHUX.png1 Magic Mirror 6★
Complete without having to continue Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★ KHUX.png1 Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★
Complete within 150 seconds Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★ KHUX.png1 Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None None
JP Quest Rewards

Spiteful Sweets in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ is the tenth quest in the Tasty Treats Scenario Event series of Event Quests.


  • Playing Card: "How terrible!"
  • Playing Card: "The treats have turned into a...a monster!"
  • Afro Keyblade Wielder: "Let's go!"
After quest
  • Queen of Hearts: "Who dares to leave me behind!? Someone's head will roll for this!"
  • Queen of Hearts: "You banished that monstrosity?"
  • Queen of Hearts: "Well then, I shall grant you a reward. Have you any requests?"
  • Alice: "Our treats, please, Your Majesty."
  • Queen of Hearts: "You again! I thought I'd seen the last of you, child."
  • Queen of Hearts: "Very well. Take as much as you'd like."
  • Queen of Hearts: "Quickly, before I change my mind!"
  • Alice: "Well, that went rather better than I thought."
  • Keyblade Wielder "Mog": "You can say that again, kupo."
  • Afro Keyblade Wielder: "We got what we came for. Come on."
  • Alice: "Everything's always very interesting when you're here."
  • Alice: "Please do come visit again soon!"
  • Frog-hat Keyblade Wielder: "Finally!"
  • Bandanna Keyblade Wielder: "Thanks for all your help!"
  • Afro Keyblade Wielder: "Why did you drink from the bottle anyway? You knew what would happen."
  • Frog-hat Keyblade Wielder: "Well..."
  • Frog-hat Keyblade Wielder: "The smaller we are, the bigger the treats! ...We thought it was a great plan."
  • Keyblade Wielder "Mog": "THAT'S why, kupo?"
  • Frog-hat Keyblade Wielder: "We thought it was a good idea!"
  • Frog-hat Keyblade Wielder: "But we forgot one important thing."
  • Bandanna Keyblade Wielder: "One bite of a biscuit, and we're back to our original size."
  • Keyblade Wielder "Mog": "Does that mean you still have room for more?"
  • Frog-hat Keyblade Wielder: "Hm?"
  • Afro Keyblade Wielder: "We wanted to do something nice to thank you for the pies. There's a whole buffet waiting for you at the tea party."
  • Frog-hat Keyblade Wielder: "Really? Yay!"
  • Bandanna Keyblade Wielder: "Thanks, you two."
  • Chirithy: "Huh? You have something for me?"
  • Chirithy: "Wow, thanks!"
  • Chirithy: "I don't want you to watch me eat. Um, I'll eat it over there."
  • Chirithy: "Wait, where did you get this?"
  • Chirithy: "Uh oh..."



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Bitter Macaron KHX.png
Magic Attribute3 Bitter Macarons Garden Maze C
Mighty Macaron KHX.png
Power Attribute2 Mighty Macarons Garden Maze D
Mighty Macaron KHX.png
Power Attribute3 Mighty Macarons Garden Maze D
Mighty Macaron KHX.png
Power Attribute3 Mighty Macarons Garden Maze D
Dark Plant KHX.png
Magic Attribute1 Dark Plant Garden Maze E
White Chocolate Statue KHX.png
Magic Attribute1 White Chocolate Statue Garden Maze E
Chocolate Gargoyle KHX.png
Speed Attribute1 Chocolate Gargoyle Garden Maze E
Spiteful Sweets KHX.png
1 Spiteful Sweets The Queen's Castle Target enemy
Total Number of Enemies: 15

Enemy types[edit]



Icon Items found Locations Notes
Attack Prize 1 KHX.png
Attack Prize Garden Maze C
Item Prize 3 KHX.png
Item Prize Garden Maze E
Attack Prize 1 KHX.png
Attack Prize The Queen's Castle
HP Prize 1 KHX.png
HP Prize The Queen's Castle