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Looking for Master Gula Pt. 4

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« Event - The Keyblade War banner KHUX.png
Looking for Master Gula Pt. 4
Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png
Maps: Seventh District
AP Level
5 2600
Power AttributeHammer Frame
EN Objectives
Complete within 1 turn for 5 gems Magic Gem KHX.png5 Magic Gem
Complete within 3 turns Chip 6★ KHUX.png1 Chip 6★
Complete without having to continue Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★ KHUX.png5 Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None None
JP Quest Rewards

Looking for Master Gula Pt. 4 in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ is the fifth quest in the The Keyblade War series of Event Quests.

Story summary[edit]


After quest
  • Skuld: "Is this the way?"
  • Chirithy: "It should be. I heard Master Gula is seen around here more than the tower."
[The Player, Skuld, and Chirithy walk up to the door of a building.]
  • Chirithy: "This is it, but I don't know if he's here."
  • Skuld: "Let's find out."
[The three enter the building.]
  • Skuld: "It's awfully quiet."
  • Voice: "Looking for someone?"
[Master Gula walks out of the shadows.]
  • Chirithy: "Master Gula!"
  • Master Gula: "A wielder who's not out collecting Lux. That must make you a Dandelion."
  • Skuld: "Yes, that's right."
  • Master Gula: "Are you looking for Ava?"
  • Skuld: "We are."
  • Master Gula: "Why?"
  • Master Gula: "To ask her if she can do something so we can avoid the war? Not even she has the power to do that. Or do you plan on asking her what's going on? Knowing won't change anything. There's nothing you can do."
  • Skuld: "But I can't just sit back and wait for the end to come. I need to warn people what's coming. That's my role as a Dandelion."
  • Master Gula: "I can see why she chose you."
  • Master Gula: "You're just like her. Always doing the right thing."
  • Master Gula: "But doing the right thing can't save the world. Only the Master has that kind of power."
  • Skuld: "The Master?"
  • Master Gula: "Chirithy must've told you about him. The five of us foretellers were disciples of the Master of Masters. If anyone has a shot at changing anything, it's him."
  • Skuld: "Where can we find him?"
  • Master Gula: "I knew you'd ask."
  • Master Gula: "But I don't know, he just disappeared one day. Me and Ava searched for him, but he vanished without a trace. There's only one person who might know where he is—"
  • Master Gula: "Luxu."
  • Chirithy: "Master Luxu?"
  • Skuld: "You know who that is?"
  • Chirithy: "The Master of Master's sixth disciple. After the Master disappeared, so did Master Luxu."
  • Skuld: "So you don't know where Master Luxu is either?"
  • Master Gula: "I knew that was coming too. You really are just like Ava."
  • Skuld: "Then, Master Ava is—"
  • Master Gula: "Looking for Luxu? Yeah. In order to find the Master."
[The scene moves to a hill outside Daybreak Town, where Ava walks up to a hooded figure.]
  • Master Ava: "There you are, Luxu."
  • Luxu: "Oh, it's you."
  • Master Ava: "What have you been doing all this time?"
  • Luxu: "Watching."
  • Master Ava: "What?"
  • Luxu: "That's my role."
  • Master Ava: "What did the Master ask you to do?"
  • Luxu: "Watch."
  • Master Ava: "?"
  • Luxu: "He asked me to watch."
  • Master Ava: "What do you mean?"
  • Luxu: "I wasn't given a copy of the Book like the five of you. Instead, I need to make my way to the future as written in that book. I'll witness the end of this world and go on to the next."
  • Master Ava: "What?"
  • Luxu: "You're searching for a way to avoid the war, right? That's why you were looking for me, hoping I could lead you to the Master."
  • Luxu: "Sorry, but I can't help you. This world is meant to end."
  • Master Ava: "Luxu, what do you know?"
  • Luxu: "What's written on the Lost Page... ...the page none of you have in your Books. The page on which the Master's intentions are inscribed."
  • Master Ava: "His intentions? Are you implying that he wanted this? This chaos...this war?"
  • Luxu: "My role is to carry the secret with me. And to do that, events need to play out just as they're written on that page. The Master isn't interested in this world and what's to come. He's observing, doing what it takes for me to fulfill my role."
  • Master Ava: "Tell me, what's written on that page?"
  • Master Ava: "Luxu, are you responsible for all of this? Are you...are you the traitor?"
[Luxu summons his Keyblade.]



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Hammer Frame KHX.png
Power icon KHUX.png1 Hammer Frame
Power Attribute1 Hammer Frame
Seventh District Target enemy
Total Number of Enemies: 2

Enemy types[edit]



Icon Items found Locations Notes
Attack Prize 1 KHX.png
Attack Prize Seventh District