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Dark-Winged Warrior - 12/12

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« Event - Dark-Winged Warrior banner KHUX.png
Dark-Winged Warrior - 12/12
Olympus Coliseum Logo KH.png
Maps: Coliseum
AP Level Raid Boss
5 1500 Trident Tail
Power AttributeSephiroth
EN Objectives
Defeat all enemies within 1 turn Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★ KHUX.png1 Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★
Complete without having to continue Louie 5★ KHUX.png1 Louie 5★
Complete without having to continue Title KHUX.png"One-Winged" Title
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None None
JP Quest Rewards

Dark-Winged Warrior - 12/12 in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ is the twelfth quest in the Dark-Winged Warrior series of Event Quests.


Before Quest

Scene cuts to Coliseum. Player steps forward. The Coliseum suddenly gets darker. Player looks up in shock. A laser beam strikes the ground, and Player jumps back. The laser beam fades away revealing Sephiroth in a kneeling position. Sephiroth stands up and gets ready to fight. Player does the same.

After quest

Scene cuts to Coliseum. Player and Sephiroth continue to fight until they eventually stop.

  • Sephiroth: "I see you share a connection with him."

Sephiroth lowers his sword,

  • Sephiroth: "You'll find me here when the time comes."

Sephiroth leaps up into the air, and flies away. The Coliseum regains its light. Player looks up at the sky in shock.



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Sephiroth KHUX.png
Power icon KHUX.png Sephiroth Coliseum Target enemy; 20-hit count
Total Number of Enemies: 1

Enemy types[edit]