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High Score Event: Illustrated DiZ

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Event - High Score Challenge 38 banner KHUX.png
High Score Event: Illustrated DiZ
Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png
Maps: Fountain Square, Market, Avenue, Boardwalk, Waterfront Park
AP Level Raid Boss
5 2500 Behemoth
Power AttributeQueen Bee Ω

EN Objectives
Defeat 35 or more enemies Jewel KHUX.png30 Jewels
Use 15 or more special attacks Chip 6★ KHUX.png1 Chip 6★
Collect 500 or more Lux Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★ KHUX.png1 Huey & Dewey & Louie 6★
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None Iron Ore KHX.png13 Iron Ore
Forest Mushrooms KHX.png6 Forest Mushrooms
JP Quest Rewards
Score Reward
100,000,000 6★ Magic Mirror x1
6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x1
110,000,000 5★ Chip x3
5★ Dale x3
120,000,000 6★ Chip x1
6★ Dale x1
130,000,000 6★ Magic Mirror x5
6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x2
140,000,000 6★ Magic Mirror x7
6★ Huey & Dewey & Louie x3
150,000,000 6★ Illustrated DiZ x2
6★ Cid x1
Ranking Reward
1~1000 6★ Illustrated DiZ (Boosted)
6★ Illustrated DiZ (••••

) x1
6★ Magic Mirror x5
Magic Gem x3
6★ Chip x3
6★ Dale x3

1001~2,000 6★ Illustrated DiZ (•••••

) x1
6★ Magic Mirror x5
Magic Gem x2
6★ Chip x1
6★ Dale x1

2,001~5,000 6★ Illustrated DiZ x1
6★ Magic Mirror x5
Magic Gem x1
6★ Chip x1
6★ Dale x1
5,001~10,000 6★ Magic Mirror x4
6★ Chip x1
6★ Dale x1
10,001~20,000 6★ Magic Mirror x3
5★ Chip x2
5★ Dale x2
20,001~40,000 6★ Magic Mirror x2
5★ Chip x2
5★ Dale x2
40,001~100,000 6★ Magic Mirror x1

High Score Event: Illustrated DiZ in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ is the only quest of the thirty-eighth High Score Challenge Event.



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Red Gummi Copter KHX.png
Power Attribute2 Red Gummi Copters
Speed Attribute2 Yellow Gummi Copters
Magic Attribute2 Blue Gummi Copters
Fountain Square LV 25
Wibble Wobble KHX.png
Speed Attribute6 Wibble Wobbles Fountain Square LV 100
Fire Plant KHX.png
Magic Attribute2 Fire Plants
Speed Attribute2 Creeper Plants
Market LV 300
Pink Possessor KHX.png
Magic Attribute5 Pink Possessors Market LV 500
Aeroplane KHX.png
Speed Attribute2 Aeroplanes
Speed Attribute1 Air Soldier
Speed Attribute1 Black Gummi Copter
Speed Attribute1 Paralysis Archer
Market LV 700
LV 700
LV 700
LV 700; 2-attack count
Emerald Sonata KHUX.png
Magic Attribute2 Emerald Sonatas
Magic Attribute1 Red Nocturne
Magic Attribute1 Blue Rhapsody
Magic Attribute1 Violet Waltz
Magic Attribute1 Green Requiem
Market LV 1000; 3-attack count
LV 1000
LV 1000
LV 1000
LV 1000; 2-attack count
Gigas Shadow KHX.png
Power Attribute1 Gigas Shadow
Power Attribute1 Mega-Shadow
Power Attribute4 Shadows
Speed Attribute1 Neoshadow
Avenue LV 1100
Yellow Copter Fleet KHX.png
Speed Attribute2 Yellow Copter Fleets
Speed Attribute2 Black Copter Fleets
Avenue LV 1200
Ringmaster KHX.png
Power Attribute2 Ringmasters Boardwalk LV 1300; 35-hit count
Cannon Gun KHX.png
Speed Attribute1 Cannon Gun
Speed Attribute1 Gargoyle
Speed Attribute1 Invisible
Boardwalk LV 1400
Blue Copter Fleet KHX.png
Magic Attribute1 Blue Copter Fleet
Power Attribute1 Red Copter Fleet
Speed Attribute1 Yellow Copter Fleet
Speed Attribute1 Black Copter Fleet
Boardwalk LV 1500
Wandering Spook KHX.png
Magic Attribute1 Wandering Spook
Magic Attribute1 Barrier Master
Magic Attribute1 Shadow Magician
Magic Attribute1 Fortuneteller
Waterfront Park LV 1700; 20-hit count
LV 1700; 1-attack count
LV 1700
LV 1700; 1-attack count
Upright Defender KHUX.png
Magic Attribute1 Upright Defender Waterfront Park LV 1900
Chill Ripper KHUX.png
Magic Attribute1 Chill Ripper
Power Attribute1 Heat Saber
Speed Attribute1 Paralysis Archer
Waterfront Park LV 2000
LV 2000; 100-hit count
LV 2000; 2-attack count
Icy Beast KHUX.png
Magic Attribute1 Icy Beast Waterfront Park LV 2200
Queen Bee Ω KHX.png
Power icon KHUX.png1 Queen Bee Ω Waterfront Park Target enemy
Total Number of Enemies: 62

Enemy types[edit]




Quest walkthrough[edit]

Score Bonus Medals
Stained Glass 1 (EX+) 6★ KHUX.png Stained Glass 2 (EX+) 6★ KHUX.png Stained Glass 3 (EX+) 6★ KHUX.png Stained Glass 4 (EX+) 6★ KHUX.png Stained Glass 5 (EX+) 6★ KHUX.png
14% 14% 14% 14% 14%
Stained Glass 6 (EX+) 6★ KHUX.png Master Xehanort (EX+) 6★ KHUX.png
14% 7%

Notes and references[edit]