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Status Effects for Beginners

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Curious Room A2 Aeroplane: 1 Aeroplane (Def 2) Hook Bat: 2 Hook Bat (1 P DEF) Yellow Gummi Copter: 2 Yellow Gummi Copter (2 S DEF) Nimble Bee: 1 Target Nimble Bee (1 STR), 1 Yellow Gummi Copter (2 S DEF), 1 Hook Bat (1 P DEF)

LV 15 Speed Defeat the target enemy within 1 turn: 1 5* DiZ Trigger the skill Poison: 1 Huey Dewey Louie Complete without having to continue: 1 6* Moogle 6 Broken Biscuit 2 Teardrops 30 Jewels