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Colossal Creatures Pt. 30

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« Event - First Anniversary Quests banner KHUX.png
Colossal Creatures Pt. 30
Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png
Maps: Fountain Square
AP Level Raid Boss
5 125 Behemoth
Power AttributeGummi Hound
EN Objectives
Defeat Gummi Hound Jewel KHUX.png1000 Jewels
Complete without having to continue Dewey 6★ KHUX.png1 Dewey 6★
Complete within 5 turns Title KHUX.png"of the Year" Title
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None Iron Ore KHX.png3 Iron Ore
JP Quest Rewards

Colossal Creatures Pt. 30 in Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ is the thirtieth quest of the First Anniversary Quests series of Event Quests.

Story summary[edit]


After quest
[Player, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy stand outside the Gummi Ship]
Mickey: "Gosh, thanks to you, pal, we've defeated all the Heartless! Goofy and Donald shouldn't have any problems flying the gummi ship now."
Goofy: "Then that means..."
Donald: "We're going home!"
[Mickey turns to face them]
Mickey: "Yep! There's no darkness left to take over the ship."
[Donald and Goofy smile, jump in the gummi ship, Player and Mickey step back from launch area]
Donald and Goofy: "Thanks, [Player]!"
Mickey: "Have a safe trip, fellas!"
[The gummi ship starts to glow and lift off, then blasts away like a shooting star]
Mickey: "My friends wouldn't have been able to get home without you. Thanks again for your help!"
[Player waves hand]
Mickey: "We can't let our guard down, though. Darkness can appear anywhere. That's why we Keyblade wielders have to get rid of it for good. Are you with me, pal?"
[Player nods, Mickey and player shake hands]
[Chirithy appears on railing behind player]
Chirithy: "Whatcha thinkin' about?"
[Player holds up keyblade]
Chirithy: "You finally realized the responsibility you have as a Keyblade wielder?"
[Player waves hand no]
Chirithy: "Then what?"
[Player holds up keyblade toward sky]
Chirithy: "Oh! You finally listened to your heart, didn't cha?"
[Player nods, camera zooms out]



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Gummi Hound KHX.png
Power icon KHUX.png1 Gummi Hound Fountain Square Target enemy; 35 hits
Total Number of Enemies: 1

Enemy types[edit]



Icon Items found Locations Notes
Attack Prize 2 KHX.png
Attack Prize Fountain Square

Quest walkthrough[edit]