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Quest 259: Out of Stock Pt. 1

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« Quest 259
Out of Stock Pt. 1
Agrabah Logo KH.png
Maps: Bazaar

Kana ???
Rōmaji ???
AP Level Raid Boss
0[1] 84 Behemoth
Speed AttributeCreeper Plant
EN Objectives
Defeat all enemies within 1 turn Avatar Coin KHUX.png6 Avatar Coin
Defeat 15 or more enemies Avatar Coin KHUX.png4 Avatar Coin
Defeat the Wibble Wobble within 1 turn Mythril Shard KHX.png1 Mythril Shard
JP Objectives
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
??? ??? ???
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None Scorching Sand KHX.png4 Scorching Sand
Starry Sand KHX.png7 Starry Sand
Strange Leaf KHX.png2 Strange Leaf
Strange Bulb KHX.png1 Strange Bulb
Topaz Earring KHX.png6 Topaz Earring
Agate Ring KHX.png2 Agate Ring
Scarab Brooch KHX.png3 Scarab Brooch
JP Quest Rewards

Quest 259 takes place in Agrabah.

Story summary[edit]


Before quest

[Scene cuts to background of Guard Station.]

  • Guard B: "Looks like there's another post."
  • "My precious goods! I was crossing the sands when a big gust of wind scattered my belongings! Can someone retrieve my wares from the desert?" - Courtyard Merchant

[Guard B looks worried.]

  • Guard B: "I'll take this one— Oh. You want to come with me?

[Guard B puts his tough game face back on.]

  • Guard B: "Fine. I can always use another good soldier."

[Protect the guard from the Heartless while he searches for the lost wares.]

During quest
  • Aladdin: "I heard you're helping out the palace guards. They're lucky to have you around."



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Bandit KHX.png
Speed Attribute2 Bandits
Magic Attribute1 Violet Waltz
Tornado Step KHX.png
Speed Attribute2 Tornado Steps Bazaar
Soldier KHX.png
Speed Attribute4 Soldiers Bazaar
Item Prize 1 KHX.png
Power Attribute1 Pretender Bazaar
Possessor KHX.png
Magic Attribute2 Possessors
Speed Attribute2 Soldiers
Tornado Step KHX.png
Speed Attribute1 Tornado Step
Speed Attribute1 Soldier
Speed Attribute1 Loudmouth
Wibble Wobble KHX.png
Speed Attribute1 Wibble Wobble
Magic Attribute1 Blue Rhapsody
Creeper Plant KHX.png
Speed icon KHUX.png1 Creeper Plant
Speed Attribute1 Creeper Plant
Power Attribute1 Dire Plant
Bazaar Target enemy

Total Number of Enemies: 22

Enemy types[edit]



Icon Items found Locations Notes
Item Prize 1 KHX.png
Item Prize Bazaar

Quest walkthrough[edit]

  1. This quest coincided with a 0 AP event