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Quest 660: Helping Cinderella Pt. 6

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« Quest 660
Helping Cinderella Pt. 6
Castle of Dreams Logo KHBBS.png
Maps: The Chateau - Cinderella's Room
AP Level Raid Boss
10 159 Guard Armor
Magic AttributeMean Maiden
EN Objectives
Complete within 2 turns Avatar Coin KHUX.png6 Avatar Coin
Complete within 2 turns Avatar Coin KHUX.png4 Avatar Coin
Complete without having to continue Mythril Shard KHX.png1 Mythril Shard
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None None
JP Quest Rewards

Quest 660 takes place in the Castle of Dreams.

Story summary[edit]

The Player fights the Mean Maiden and two cat Heartless, the Heartless forms of Lady Tremaine and her daughters.


After quest
  • Grand Duke: "You are the only ladies of the household, I hope... I presume."
  • Lady Tremaine: "There's no one else, Your Grace."
  • Grand Duke: "Quite so. Good day."
  • Cinderella: "Your Grace?"
  • Cinderella: "Your Grace! Please, wait. May I try it on?"
  • Lady Tremaine: "Pay no attention to her. She's just an imaginative child."
  • Grand Duke: "Madam, my orders were "every maiden." Come, my child."
  • Grand Duke: "Oh, no! No, no, no! Oh, this is terrible! The King, what will he say!? What will he do!?"
  • Cinderella: "Perhaps, if it would help..."
  • Grand Duke: "No, no. Nothing can help now. Nothing."
  • Cinderella: "But you see, I have the other slipper."
  • Chirithy: "Dreams really can come true if you believe in them."
  • Chirithy: "I wish I could show you dreams that you would want to come true..."
  • Chirithy: "Oh, um, nothing. Let's believe so that our dreams come true, too!"



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Mean Maiden KHUX.png
Magic icon KHUX.png1 Mean Maiden
Power Attribute1 Sly Cat
Speed Attribute1 Wily Cat
Total Number of Enemies: 3

Enemy types[edit]



Icon Items found Locations Notes
Attack Prize 2 KHX.png
Attack Prize


  • The Mean Maiden starts with +63 HP bars, PSM Defense+2, and has a 7-attack countdown to an attack that also inflicts poison.
  • The yellow cat starts with +36 HP bars, and has a 30-hit countdown to a move that gives it and its allies PSM Attack+1 and PSM Defense+2.
  • The purple cat starts with +23 HP bars, and has a 25-hit countdown to a move that heals it and its allies by 8 HP bars.
  • Completing this quest always spawns a Guard Armor.