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Quest 977: Darkness Looms

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« Quest 977
Darkness Looms
Looming Darkness
Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png
Maps: Foretellers' Chambers
Kana 立ちはだかる闇
Rōmaji Tachihadakaru Yami
AP Level
0 5500
Speed AttributeDarkness
EN Objectives
Complete within 1 turn Title KHUX.png"Gathered Lights" Title
Complete within 3 turns for 1,000 Jewels Jewel KHUX.png1000 Jewels
Complete without having to continue Chip 6★ KHUX.png1 Chip 6★
JP Objectives
Complete within 1 turn Title KHUX.png"集いし光" Title
Complete within 3 turns for 1,000 Jewels Jewel KHUX.png1000 Jewels
Complete without having to continue Chip 6★ KHUX.png1 Chip 6★
EN Quest Rewards Materials
Chip 6★ KHUX.png 5 Chip 6★
JP Quest Rewards
Chip 6★ KHUX.png 5 Chip 6★
« Quest 977
Darkness Looms
Looming Darkness
Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png
Maps: Foretellers' Chambers
Kana 立ちはだかる闇
Rōmaji Tachihadakaru Yami
AP Level
0 7000
Target Keyblade
Speed AttributeDarkness Power, Speed & Magic icon KHUX.pngFairy Stars
Only special attacks requiring 4 or fewer gauges allowed.
EN Objectives
Complete within 3 turns Power Gem KHX.png1 Power Gem
Complete without having to continue Speed Gem KHX.png1 Speed Gem
Complete without having to continue Magic Gem KHX.png1 Magic Gem
JP Objectives
Complete within 3 turns Power Gem KHX.png1 Power Gem
Complete without having to continue Speed Gem KHX.png1 Speed Gem
Complete without having to continue Magic Gem KHX.png1 Magic Gem
EN Quest Rewards Materials
Jewel KHUX.png600 Jewels
JP Quest Rewards
Jewel KHUX.png600 Jewels

Quest 977 takes place in Daybreak Town.

Story summary[edit]

The Master of Masters gives Luxu a black box to take care of.

The Union leaders fight Darkness with the help of The Player. Darklings are after Ventus, but Ventus dispels them with light, and tries to reform Darkness.

Luxu places "the true Dandelion" in the lifeboat.

The Master of Masters explains to Darkness how the world works, and how he traveled through time.


Before quest

[Luxu stands on a hill outside Daybreak Town, looking at the glitches affecting the world.]

  • Luxu: "Time's almost up, Dandelions..."
  • Master of Masters: "...And this box need to stay out of sight. Just watch with your own eyes—and my eye, of course—as things unfold between the others. Then, when the time is right, go off and do your thing."
  • Luxu: "What's in it?"

[Luxu and the Master of Masters stand in the Foretellers' Chambers next to a black box.]

  • Master of Masters: "It's a secret! And, well, you see...the thing is..."
  • Master of Masters: " can never, ever open it."
  • Luxu: "Great, now I really wanna know..."
  • Master of Masters: "Ah, all right. I'll indulge you. But this secret stays between the two of us, and you have to promise never to open the box."
  • Luxu: "I promise."

[The Master of Masters motions Luxu to come closer, and whispers in his ear.]

  • Luxu: "But why?"
  • Master of Masters: "You'll see."
  • Luxu: "Can't you just tell me now?"
  • Master of Masters: "And ruin the surprise?"
  • Master of Masters: "Well, I'd hate for anything to happen to you, so I will give you one little hint."
  • Luxu: "I'm listening."
  • Master of Masters: "When darkness strikes at dawn and the lifeboat departs, this world will have fulfilled its purpose."
  • Master of Masters: "If that happens, you have to see it through to the end, and take a corridor to a new world as fast as you can."
  • Luxu: "The world is going to end?"
  • Master of Masters: "Haven't I told you? There's no way for us to win against the darkness. That's why we needed to use the time we had to get all those Keyblade wielders... ...ready to pass the torch to the next generation."
  • Master of Masters: "This world exists to nurture the Dandelions, our little seeds of light, so they can be sown into the future, where they CAN stop the darkness. Then, the sun will finally set on this duskless dawn."
  • Master of Masters: "And our plan will have succeeded at last."

[Darkness and the Union leaders are fighting, with Darkness having the upper hand.]

[Ephemer looks behind him, and sees the others knocked out.]

  • Ephemer: "Yeah..."
  • Ephemer: "I can't take you down alone. I'm not even sure I can wear you down."
  • Brain: "Fair point."
  • Darkness: "Shall we call it done, then?"
  • Ephemer: "Oh? So you surrender?"
  • Brain: "*chuckle*"
  • Brain: "You claimed you aren't after anything, but I'm not buying it."
  • Darkness: "What?"
  • Brain: "You seem pretty desperate to get in our way, showing up like this. I don't know if it's pride or fear, but there's a reason you're still here."
  • Darkness: "...Infection."
  • Brain: "Meaning?"
  • Darkness: "Data transfer requires a signal."
  • Darkness: "The same goes for the hearts and minds of you humans."
  • Darkness: "You underestimate how easily the darkness rides on those signals... ...and spreads through this place."
  • Brain: "Is that why you wormed your way into the data world? But then why hide inside Ven?"
  • Darkness: "I told you. Because it was decided."
  • Skuld: "That's enough."
  • Ephemer: "Skuld! You're all right!"
  • Skuld: "You're saying because it was written in the Book of Prophecies, it was meant to be? Well, I don't care. You hijacked Ven and attacked Lauriam's sister. And now you're gonna pay for it!"
  • Brain: "That's right."
  • Darkness: "We are many, and we are one. But to be one requires will."
  • Darkness: "Through him, we could divide into pure darkness and light... ...willfull and distinct."
  • Darkness: "It was a sacrifice that needed to be made."
  • Lauriam: "So...Ven didn't attack Strelitzia. You did. Is that right?"
  • Brain: "Lauriam!"
  • Lauriam: "I figured you guys could use some help."
  • Darkness: "One more ally will make no difference."
  • The Player: "Then how about two?"

[A portal opens, and The Player and Chirithy jump out.]

  • Ephemer: "The Player!"
  • Darkness: "It's useless. Even if you do manage to defeat us, you will still lose."
  • Lauriam: "I don't think so. We're taking you down and going back to the real world."
  • Darkness: "And how do you plan on doing that? With the lifeboat?"
  • Lauriam: "Yeah. Just like the evil fairy, right?"
  • Darkness: "You know nothing."
  • Brain: "How do you figure?"
  • Darkness: "If you return, Daybreak Town will still succumb to darkness."
  • Ephemer: "What have you done to the real world?"
  • Darkness: "Nothing. It was decided long ago. When the lifeboat is activated, this world falls to darkness. It is already in motion. The beginning of the end."
  • Brain: "But why?"
  • Darkness: "The lifeboat is the last line of defense—to be relied upon in the event we cannot be defeated. Its use initiates the process to seal this world, and us along with it."
  • Darkness: "The evil fairy's departure was the trigger. It cannot be stopped."
  • Skuld: "But... ...that means..."
  • Lauriam: "We're just a bunch of pawns?"
  • Ephemer: "No. I don't believe it. Master Ava is the one who brought us together."

[A flashback of Ephemer meeting Master Ava is shown.]

  • Ephemer: "I don't know about the other Masters, but I know for sure that Master Ava wouldn't just throw us away like that!"
  • Brain: "Besides, it doesn't matter what the Masters may have planned for us. We believe in our leader!"
  • Ephemer: "Let's do this."
After quest
  • Ephemer: "Did we win?"

[Darkness appears behind them.]

  • Darkness: "I am formless. You cannot destroy me."

[A group of Darklings appear around Ventus.]

  • Everyone: "!!!"
  • Darkling #1: "You..."
  • Darling #2 and #3: "You..."
  • The Player: "The Darklings... They're after Ven?"
  • Ephemer: "But why?"

[Ven stands up and radiates a bright light that dispels Darkness and the Darklings.]

  • Skuld: "Ven..."

[Ven, still glowing, walks to the other side of the room where Darkness reforms.]

  • Ventus: "If you're pure darkness, then that makes me pure light. If you used me to reshape yourself, then I can reshape you again."
  • Ventus: "I'll give you a new form... ...that we can defeat!"
  • Ephemer and Skuld: "Ven!"

[Lauriam grabs Ventus's arm.]

  • Ventus: "Lauriam..."
  • Lauriam: "I can't lose you too."
  • Ventus: "Everything's going to be all right."

[Ventus frees himself from Lauriam's grasp and attacks Darkness.]

  • Lauriam: "Ven!"

[Darkness looks at the computer screen in the room with the lifeboat.]

  • Darkness: "Now to check on the data..."
  • Luxu: "Aren't you supposed to be a part of the whole?"
  • Darkness: "What?"

[Luxu walks in carrying a body in a white cloth.]

  • Luxu: "Or are you acting on your own right now? Is that it?"
  • Darkness: "Who are you? There shouldn't be any Keyblade Masters left in this world."
  • Luxu: "I stayed."
  • Darkness: "...Luxu."
  • Luxu: "Figures you wouldn't know what's going on, seeing you didn't take a very good look at the Book."

[Luxu approaches the computer.]

  • Darkness: "Why are you here? You're only meant to observe."
  • Luxu: "I'm here because your friend—the Master of Masters—told me to be. Said I could watch what happens, but not to act."
  • Luxu: ""Look, but don't touch." He always said the strangest things. But I've thought about it for a long time, and I think I know what he meant now."
  • Darkness: "If you use that, your plan is as good as ruined."
  • Luxu: "It's not for me."

[Luxu walks to the lifeboat, and places the body in it.]

  • Darkness: "What is that?"
  • Luxu: "A seed of light to be planted in the future. The true Dandelion."

[The Master of Masters and Darkness stand on the hill outside Daybreak Town.]

  • Darkness: "What do you plan to do with this world?"
  • Master of Masters: "When twilight ends, a new day begins. You see, this world exists in three stages."

[A flashback is shown of The Player and a bunch of Keyblade wielders fighting a Darkside under Ira's watch.]

  • Master of Masters: "First, countless Keyblade wielders are brought together."

[A flashback is shown of two Keyblade wielders fighting each other, with The Player intercepting their attacks.]

  • Master of Masters: "Then, as they fight through fear and see their leaders fall, their numbers dwindle, while others learn to stand on their own."

[A flashback is shown of the Union leaders, with Ephemer and Lauriam fighting, and Darkness appearing from Ventus.]

  • Master of Masters: "Finally, those left must decide what to do when faced with darkness in a sealed-off world."

[A flashback is shown of the lifeboat.]

  • Master of Masters: "And when all seven of the lifeboat's pods depart, this world will end—and a new day will dawn."

[The scene returns to Luxu and Darkness.]

  • Darkness: "So you came to this world just to end it?"
  • Master of Masters: "Well, that wasn't my express purpose."
  • Darkness: "You have the Book of Prophecies, and therefore knowledge of all things."
  • Darkness: "Strange that you would knowingly waste your time and efforts."
  • Master of Masters: "Whoa, you think the Book tells us EVERYTHING? Yeah, right! No way I'd have let you peek at something that important!"
  • Master of Masters: "No, the Book doesn't cover much at all. Just what the Keyblade I gave to Luxu sees, and even then, only the bits important enough to jot down. But to be honest, it doesn't matter what the Book does or doesn't contain. What matters is the point at which it was written, and how to get there."
  • Darkness: "What do you mean?"
  • Master of Masters: "Anyone who tries to travel through time on the lifeboat will lose their body. To become whole again, they'll require two things at their destination: a medium to rebuild their body and someone with memories of them. The Book contains a waypoint."
  • Darkness: "All this was for a waypoint?"
  • Master of Masters: "Sure was."

[Images of Luxu and the No Name Keyblade are shown.]

  • Master of Masters: "Luxu has the memories, and my eye is the medium. I've got a direct line from A to B."
  • Darkness: "You used the Book and your apprentice to travel into the future?"
  • Master of Masters: "I mean, that's not my final goal, but it is an important step. One that I won't be taking alone."
  • Darkness: "The seven pods, and the seven crowns..."
  • Master of Masters: "For the seven lights."
  • Darkness: "Including your apprentice?"
  • Master of Masters: "Who knows? Anyone could wind up using them."
  • Darkness: "You're even more clever than I thought."
  • Master of Masters: "I could say the same about you. What are you all up to, anyway?"
  • Darkness: "What indeed?"
  • Master of Masters: "In any case, I'm tired of watching you duke it out. Although, I did see something interesting in the future."
  • Darkness: "What might that be?"
  • Master of Masters: "A world I can't even conceive."



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Darkness KHUX.png
Speed icon KHUX.png1 Darkness Foretellers' Chambers Target enemy; Absorb R KHUX.png Absorbs Reversed attacks; Slot 3 counter
Total Number of Enemies: 1

Enemy types[edit]