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Quest 536: Mission: The Underworld Pt. 6

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Mission: The Underworld Pt. 6 Underworld Caverns: Depths AP 25 Speed Invisible LV 140

2 Netherstone 3 Netherwater

Defeat all enemies within 1 turn: 6 Avatar Coins Inflict 15000 or more damage with 1 hit (excl. Nova): 4 Avatar Coins Complete without having to continue: 1 Mythril Shard

Depths A2 Invisible: 1 Target Invisible, 1 Invisible

Cutscene: Player opens Corridor of Light from Underworld Entrance to Fountain Court, puts away KEyblade and goes to sit at fountain, tired, Chirithy pops out behind him Chirithy: You did great out there, champ! hops up and down Chirithy: I know it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. Player makes motions with hands Chirithy: I know, I know. But if you give up now, the other Unions will get ahead. from offscreen ???: But why does that matter? corridor of light opens, Skuld walks out, Player gets up and turns to her ???: It's not a competition. Or at least it shouldn't be. [with eyes close:] Our goal of protecting the light is the same. [open:] There's no need for us to fight. Chirithy hops forward Chirithy: Who're you? Skuld puts away Keyblade and sits down Skuld: The name's Skuld! You're PLAYERNAME, right? Player nods, Skuld extends hand Skuld: Nice to meet you! Player shakes her hand, hops up to sit at fountain Skuld: Ephemer told me all about you. Player and Chirithy are surprised Skuld: Don't look so surprised! He used to be in my party, you know. Chirithy hops up to sit at fountain Skuld: We met not long after I became a Keyblade wielder. There was never a dull moment with him around! But then one day, he just quit. Player nods Skuld: I was really upset about it for a while...But then he showed up in my dream the other night and told me to find you! Player and Chirithy are surprised Chirithy: Why? Skuld: Good question. I was actually hoping you could tell me. See, I don't really understand why he was in my dream to begin with. But he asked me to go with you. So here I am. Player makes hand motions Skuld: He was in your dream, too? scoots closer Skuld: What'd he say? Player makes hand motions Skuld: Hmm... If he's waiting for you, then— Skuld hops down Skuld: Why don't we go to the place you're supposed to meet him? Player and Chirihty are surprised, Chirithy hops down Chirithy: No way! Master Ava told us to stay away from there! Player hops down Skuld: Well, there has to be a reason she said that. And I have a feeling it's the same reason Ephemer asked me to go with you. So let's ????? ????? Skuld: What was that!? Skuld walks forward, they all stare upward Chirithy: It came from nearby! Skuld: Let's go, PLAYERNAME! Skuld runs off, Player summons Keyblade and follows her Chirithy: H-hey! Where're you going!?