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Quest 665: Target: Blitz Spear Pt. 5

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« Quest 665
Target: Blitz Spear Pt. 5
Find Blitz Spear: 5
Daybreak Town Logo KHX.png
Maps: Underground Waterway, Clock Tower: Level

Kana ブリッツスピアを探そう5
Rōmaji Burittsu Supia o Sagasou 5
AP Level Raid Boss
25 160 ???
Speed AttributeBlitz Spear
EN Objectives
Complete within 1 turn Avatar Coin KHUX.png6 Avatar Coin
Complete within 1 turn Avatar Coin KHUX.png4 Avatar Coin
Complete without having to continue Mythril Shard KHX.png1 Mythril Shard
JP Objectives
Complete within 1 turn Avatar Coin KHUX.png5 Avatar Coin
Complete within 1 turn Avatar Coin KHUX.png5 Avatar Coin
Complete without having to continue Mythril Shard KHX.png1 Mythril Shard
EN Quest Rewards Materials
None None
JP Quest Rewards

Quest 665 takes place in Daybreak Town.

Story summary[edit]

The Player finds and defeats the Blitz Spear. On a field filled with Keyblades, Ephemer and Skuld meet. In a flashback, the Master of Masters tells Ava to create a separate group of Keyblade wielders that will survive the destruction of the world, and gives her a list with five names of the people that will become the new Union leaders. Ephemer and Skuld meet the third Union leader, Ventus.


During quest
  • Bandana Keyblade Wielder: "We have to abide by the foretellers' rules."
  • Afro Keyblade Wielder: "You're asking for trouble."
  • Hippo-hat Keyblade Wielder: "It's quick! Take it down ASAP before you get seriously hurt!"
After quest
  • [This secret must stay with the five of you. When all is said and done, you must come to the fated land.]
[Ephemer walks unto a field filled with Keyblades.]
  • [You'll be joined by four others.]
  • ???: "Am I the second to arrive?"
  • Ephemer: "Skuld? Well, this is a surprise!"
  • Skuld: "Disappointed? I, on the other hand, had a feeling you might be here."
  • Ephemer: "Of course not! We came here once right after the war, remember? I just never thought I'd see you here again."
  • Skuld: "This whole thing is a big secret. We weren't supposed to tell anybody."
  • Ephemer: "I suppose you're right."
  • Skuld: "I wonder who the others are."
  • Ephemer: "I dunno."
  • Ephemer: "I wasn't sure I believed Master Ava when she said others would come. But now that you're here..."
  • Skuld: "Look! Someone's coming."
[The screen shifts to a flashback of the Master of Masters and Ava in the Foretellers' Chamber.]
  • Master of Masters: "What's written in the last page of the Book is gonna happen."
  • Master of Masters: "The entire world will be lost to darkness."
  • Ava: "But Master, isn't there anything we can do?"
  • Master of Masters: "Well, that's what brings me to your role. You might just be the only hope of keeping light from expiring."
  • Ava: "Hope...? Master, what is it that you need me to do?"
  • Master of Masters: "Don't get involved in any battles, forget the notions of Unions, find Keyblade wielders with potential. And create an entirely separate organization."
  • Master of Masters: "Then, like the seeds of a dandelion, let them fly to another world."
  • Master of Masters: "They will keep the light alive."
  • Ava: "You really think that I'm the right person for this?"
  • Master of Masters: "Ava, you're the ONLY person for this."
  • Ava: "I understand."
  • Master of Masters: "And then, after all of that..."
[The screen shifts to a grassy hill just outside of Daybreak Town, where Ava and Ephemer meet.]
  • Ava: "I will select four others from the Dandelions. The five of you will each lead a Union, as the five of us have. You won't be alone in this."
  • Ava: "The five of you can work together."
  • Ephemer: "The five of us..."
[The screen shifts back to the Foretellers' Chamber.]
  • Ava: "Union leaders?"
  • Master of Masters: "When all's said and done and only the Dandelions are left, they'll need to lead the Unions."
  • Ava: "Is there a need to maintain the Unions?"
  • Master of Masters: "Of course!"
  • Master of Masters: "Getting rid of them would be like pooh-poohing all your hard work! Besides, other than the five new Union leaders, no one else is going to know that the world...well, you know."
  • Ava: "What?"
  • Master of Masters: "There's no point for anyone to carry around knowledge of such a catastrophic event. I want everyone to start over in a different world with a clean slate—well, to their knowledge, of course."
  • Ava: "You can do that?"
  • Master of Masters: "Apparently so. Here, take a look at these five names."
[The Master of Masters hands Ava a piece of paper.]
  • Master of Masters: "They're your new recruits. Make them all Dandelions, and when the time comes, teach them their roles."
  • Ava: "Why is this one circled in red?"
  • Master of Masters: "Jackpot! That lucky wielder gets their own free copy of the Book of Prophecies!"
  • Ava: "The Book?"
  • Master of Masters: "Yeah, it's a great read, don't you think? Oh, and it's also needed to shape the world into what it's supposed to be."
  • Ava: "That sounds awfully risky."
  • Master of Masters: "Only if the other four get their hands on it. Ava, this book needs to be handed to its owner in secret. No one else can know."
  • Ava: "All right."
[The screen shifts back to Ephemer and Skuld.]
  • Skuld: "Welcome! You're number three. I'm Skuld. Nice to meet you."
  • ???: "Oh, uh, thanks. You too."
  • Ephemer: "So, Master Ava talked to you too, huh?"
  • ???: "Yeah, she said I should come here when everything was over, and that I was one of the five."
  • Ephemer: "I got the same speech."
  • Ephemer: "I'm Ephemer, by the way."
  • Ventus: "I'm Ventus. Call me Ven."



Icon Enemies Locations Notes
Blitz Spear KHUX.png
Speed icon KHUX.png1 Blitz Spear Clock Tower: Level Target enemy
Total Number of Enemies: 1

Enemy types[edit]



Icon Items found Locations Notes
Attack Prize 3 KHX.png
Attack Prize Clock Tower: Level